Gerrard now seems to be on his way out

Although the stories are changing direction by the minute, the latest twist in the soap opera that is Steven Gerrard is that he is leaving Liverpool. At least that’s what we’ve now heard from more than one source.

Liverpool don’t want to lose Gerrard, but Gerrard seemingly doesn’t want to stay.

Gerrard has not been able to make his mind up. After his last minute change of heart last season Gerrard gave Liverpool another season to prove to him that they intended to become successful once again. Unfortunately over this period of time Gerrard has fallen out of love with the club more and more. He knows all about the criticism he’s received from many Reds fans and feels that it’s time for something new.

The latest stories seem to have eminated from at least one of Gerrard’s team-mates – Gerrard confirming to his team-mates that he’s not going to accept Liverpool’s offer – despite it matching his demands.

Gerrard is believed to have been pleased with Liverpool’s attitude yesterday, with the informal talks leading to him seriously being ready to sign. After that meeting the player’s agent had talks with Liverpool’s management. Somewhere between leaving Melwood early yesterday evening and leaving Melwood again this afternoon Gerrard has seemingly had a change of heart.

None of the sources seem to know why Gerrard has had a change of heart, although there could be a clue in the local press. According to Liverpool newspaper the Echo, Gerrard is concerned that Liverpool haven’t got the funds to pay his contract and attract the type of player Liverpool need to push for the league title. This story comes from a journalist with very close ties to the club – but those ties require the reporter to be careful what he reports, he’ll not report certain things he’s privy to if the club ask him not to.

It’s unlikely that the reporter in question would tell lies about Reds players – he’s on a different agenda to national journalists, and can’t afford to be found reporting inaccurate information. This means that there is almost certainly something in the claims that Gerrard remains unconvinced that Liverpool are ablet to push for more honours to add to their European Cup from last season. This in turn flies in the face of what had been stressed by Benitez and Parry though – that these talks had not broken down because of financial reasons.

Before taking anything in this article as being true, remember that it is still not confirmed by anyone at Anfield or anyone involved with Steven Gerrard. If a decision has been made by Gerrard how many people would know? Has Gerrard made a decision? Our take on things is that he’s not completely sure yet. He does seem to be torn over which way to turn and the club and the agents are both trying to pressure him into turning their way. Liverpool are under no obligation to accept a bid from any club. Liverpool may be waiting for Gerrard to formally request a transfer, but they may just be waiting for a bid that matches their valuation for the player.

One thing is certain though. If Gerrard had made a decision to stay, and the contract terms met exactly what he’d requested, he’d have signed the deal already and we’d already have been informed officially.  Gerrard and his agent have gone to ground this afternoon and they are likely to stay there now until a decision can be announced.