Radio 1’s Murray shows his colours

Radio 1 DJ Colin Murray is another famous Liverpool supporter, and he was as delighted as the rest of us when the Reds completed their famous victory over Milan to become Champions of Europe.

Murray had already promised to get a tattoo done if the Reds got the victory, and his co-presenter Edith Bowman wasn’t going to let him wriggle out of it.

Not sure what Colin’s drinking in this photo, but you can be sure he’s wishing it was something a lot stronger.

On his other hand though you’ll notice he’s wearing two red wristbands. These are the two versions of the bands that were produced to raise awareness for the fight for Justice for the Ninety Six.

One version is sold on behalf of the Hillsborough Family Support Group (HFSG), the other is sold on behalf of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC).  For more information on the work of the HJC, and the reasons why you should consider wearing one of those bands, visit their website:

Getting one of these bands is a great way of not only supporting an important cause, but showing the world who you support.

Getting a tattoo done is your own personal choice – and probably painful.

More pictures of Colin’s tattoo being done are available on the Radio 1 website.