Mirror: Didi has signed a new deal

The Mirror’s David Maddock today claims that Dietmar Hamann has signed a one year contract for Liverpool.

Didi’s existing deal comes to and end this summer, and Hamann hadn’t yet signed a new deal. Hamann had been hoping for the chance to stay in England, where his family are very much settled, and for a long time a move to nearby Bolton Wanderers looked the most likely option for the World Cup Winner.

According to the article, Hamann has accepted a shorter contract, for less money, in return for continuing his career at the European Champions.

According to the article, "The German international midfielder yesterday signed a one-year contract with Liverpool, despite being promised a much better deal to join Premiership Bolton."

Hamann is 31, and the offer from Bolton was said by the Mirror to be for two years with an option for a third year. The Liverpool deal is said by the paper to be a one-year deal worth in the region of £35,000 a week. There’s also an option to extend if Didi plays enough games in the new season.

The article claims that Rafa Benitez had been wanting Hamann to stay, but due to concerns over the age of the player he felt he could not match the length of contract offered by Bolton. The average age of the Bolton squad is higher than Liverpool’s.

The same reporter also claims that Milan Baros was all set to move to Valencia for £6million – until Valencia appointed a new sporting director. Gavier Subirats is the new man and he wants the fee reduced – if not the Mirror claims the deal is off. The Mirror also says that this won’t mean Baros stays at Anfield – he’s on his way out regardless.

Liverpool’s alleged interest in Owen Hargreaves was given encouragement when the player was publically criticised by his current club Bayern Munich for talking in the press about a possible move to Anfield.