Oasis delay gig for the Reds

Liverpool have been congratulated by royalty and the government today, last night they were joined in their celebrations by Manchester City fans Oasis. The following story is from The Rock Radio.

Oasis hail Liverpool FC
Manchester-born Oasis paid homage to Liverpool FC’s amazing Champions League win against AC Milan on Wednesday night at their intimate London gig at the Coronet.

The band did not take to the stage at the expected time of 8pm because a giant screen was showing the football game to the crowd of fans, refusing to go on until after 10.30pm when penalties had finished. Instead of kicking-off the performance with their traditional intro the band came on to Liverpool’s anthem "You’ll Never Walk Alone" lighting up the stage with red lights – Liverpool’s colours.

Noel Gallagher spoke recently about the anticipated performance saying, "The gig was sold out and I said instead of getting a support band, why don’t we get a big screen and stick it in the middle of the stage so everyone can watch the game. Then we’ll play after the game and get a late curfew. They all went for it, so we hired a big cinema thing".

Liam Gallagher dedicated "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" to the Italian Milan fans.