Didi wants a night to remember

Liverpool’s 32-year-old German midfielder Dietmar Hamann could play his last game in a Liverpool shirt on Wednesday night. Liverpool’s last game of the season is the Champions League final – and with Hamann’s contract about to end he may be playing elsewhere by the start of the new season.

Didi already has a World Cup winner’s medal, and would love to add a Champions League winners to his collection.

Bolton have been linked most strongly with Didi – it’s believed that they are offering him a three-year deal, more than Liverpool are considering.

For now though Hamann is focused on Wednesday’s game, and if it is his last, thinks it will be a great way to end his six-year stint at the club: “Yes, it would be the perfect way to go out of Anfield if that’s what happens. It’s still undecided what I’m doing next year but it’s a great occasion. You don’t often have the chance to play in the Champions League final and actually lift the trophy. We’ve got a chance to do that, just one more game to win, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that happens."

Didi continued: “It would be a great way to go out, but that is to be decided after the final. I’m still not certain what I will do next season, and there’s still a chance I’ll stay here. If I do leave, this would be the best possible game for me to end my Liverpool career in. I couldn’t have a better final game.”

Like another Liverpool midfielder – captain Steven Gerrard – Didi wants to stay away from talks of future contracts until the game is over. He said: “We’ll sit down after the final and then I’ll make my mind up.  I don’t need to rush because I’ve got time. I don’t want to be disturbed with any contract talks in the build-up to this match. I’d rather focus on the game.”

Didi has always been popular at Anfield – he’s always put his full effort into every game he’s played in a Red shirt. Whatever happens to him in the future, he’ll always have Anfield and the Reds fans in his heart: "It’s a special place on European nights. If they let me be half a Scouser – an honorary Scouser maybe – I’d take it.”