Smicer talks about his future

Rafa Benitez told the press a few weeks ago that Czech Vladimir Smicer wouldn’t be offered a new contract this summer. Smicer is one of a host of Reds players that see their contracts end this summer – some will be offered new deals, some won’t.

Smicer was still asked the question about his future by journalists from his own country, and confirmed what had already been reported: "I talked with the coach recently and he told me squarely he doesn’t want me to extend my contract. I am used to living and playing here so I will be sad. On the other hand, after six years at one club, the change will be useful."

Smicer had been hoping for an offer from another Premiership club, but with none forthcoming he had to reconsider his options. He now says he would consider a move back to his former club Lens in France, after saying previously he didn’t want to play there again.

Smicer said, "The behaviour of the Liverpool management was absolutely okay. They do not count on me but they act right. I do not feel such worth if I play for example only one minute in the semi-final against Chelsea."

Patric Berger, Smicer’s countryman and former Anfield team-mate has enjoyed an extended stay in the UK since his own Anfield days came to and end. He’s played at Portsmouth since then, and is set to move to Aston Villa in the summer. Some reports today were saying that Villa boss David O’Leary was interested in Smicer’s other countryman team-mate Milan Baros. Baros has been complaining to the press this week about his time at Anfield, jeapordising his Champions League final chances. Smicer said they’ve talked about the matter: "He told me he doesn’t remember a match in which he played the whole 90 minutes. He doesn’t feel tired and yet Benitez takes him off. But it’s up to them, they have to clear the air. The coach has some concepts and, if Milan doesn’t fulfil them, he takes him off."

Smicer hopes that Milan gets to play against Milan though, "Hopefully, he won’t be on the bench against Milan. Milan have rather old defenders so Baros would be useful with his speed."

Smicer also hopes his interview reaches the desks of some managers that will give him a little more time to play in England.