Everton need just two more wins

As the Premiership season gets nearer to its conclusion, all three teams chasing fourth place dropped points today – but Liverpool dropped the most. Everton and Bolton both drew 1-1 (getting late equalisers) – Liverpool also went behind but couldn’t recover and lost 1-0.

With three games to go for Liverpool and Bolton, and four remaining for Everton, it now looks certain that the final place in the Champions League will go to Everton.

The maximum points available to Bolton or Liverpool is 63 – meaning two wins out of their remaining four games is all Everton need to get fourth place.

Remaining fixtures:

 30 April
Fulham v Everton,

Liverpool v Middlesbrough, Bolton v Chelsea

07 May

v Newcastle, Portsmouth v Bolton

08 May

Arsenal v Liverpool

11 May

Arsenal v Everton

15 May

v EvertonLiverpool v Aston Villa