Can Liverpool go through tonight?

Can Liverpool win in the Champions League Quarter Final tonight?

Chelsea’s Joe Cole hopes so, saying, "We’d love to see Liverpool getting through. It would be great for English football and we’ve all got a lot of friends in the Liverpool team."

Phil Neal thinks they can. Neal used to be Liverpool captain. We won’t actually publish what he said, as he likes to be paid to speak about Liverpool, according to the Observer 10 days ago. Read his article on the official Liverpool site.

Rafa Benitez thinks they can win – and is planning to let his team attack to do so. He said, "We think about winning, nothing else, which means we need to go out there and try to score. If you look to win, then maybe you end up with a draw. We have two results open to us, while they must triumph."

Steven Gerrard will be cheering them on from home, and thinks they can win.

If Liverpool perform as well as they did at the start of last week’s first leg, they’ve every chance of winning. One goal for Liverpool would see Juve needing to score three to go through.

The bookies aren’t sharing all of this confidence for Liverpool though. They’re expecting Liverpool to lose.

William Hill are offering odds of 6 to 1 for Liverpool to win tonight in Turin. Even a draw is 5 to 2. A Juve win is what  they’re banking on, and they’ll give you odds of 9 to 4 on for that to happen.

Meanwhile, Coral
have their odds set against Liverpool being victorious too. For Juventus to win they reckon that 8/15 are good odds. Liverpool to win is 5/1. A draw (which of course would also see
Liverpool go through) is offered at 9/4. (If you want to get a free £10
bet, use the link above and follow the instructions on screen – you’ll need to enter a short code).

Odds on the first goalscorer from William Hill –

4/1 – Z Ibrahimovic, D Trezeguet

11/2 – M Zalayeta, A Del Piero

6/1 – R Olivera

7/1 – P Nedved, D Cisse

15/2 – M Baros

8/1 – L Garcia

10/1 – A Le Tallec

11/1 – M Camoranesi

16/1 – Emerson, Blasi, X Alonso, V Smicer, J A Riise

On paper Liverpool are the underdogs – but in knockout football anything can happen. Add the extra power of away goals and this is all the more so.