Final score – Leverkusen 1 Liverpool 3 (Agg: 2-6)

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  • 90:00 +2:16 It’s all over. Final Score Leverkusen 1 Liverpool 3 (agg 2-6). Liverpool
    leave the pitch to the strains of You’ll Never Walk alone – played over
    the German speaker system. Nice touch from the beaten team.
  • 90:00 +0:30 A mistake by Gerrard forces Dudek into making an excellent save. Corner Leverkusen.
  • 90:00 2 minutes of stoppage time to be played.
  • 88:45 Baros misses an opportunity to set Riise up, unmarked
    in acres of space, by trying to set up the less-well positioned Smicer.
  • 86:58 GOAL!!! Krysnowek. Leverkusen pull one back to
    make the score the same as it was at Anfield. 3-1 Liverpool, 6-2 on
  • 85:10 Excellent play from Warnock keeps Liverpool’s
    clean-sheet intact. Warnock slid in at speed and took the ball off his
    opponents foot. Corner for Leverkusen, cleared.
  • 83:30 Chance for Bayer, cleared by Hyypia.
  • 80:40 Dudek gets another touch of the ball with another
    relatively easy save. Latest scores in the other Champions League
    matches: Arsenal 1 Bayern 0 (Agg 2-3); Juventus 1 Real Madrid 0 (Agg
    1-1); Monaco 0 PSV 2 (Agg 0-3).
  • 78:00 Liverpool have now taken their foot off the pedal to
    some extent, but to their credit it’s the first time they’ve done so
    this evening.

  • 75:20 Leverkusen hit a poor shot straight at Dudek.
  • 74:00 Steve Finnan leaves the field to be replaced by Antonio Nunez. All Liverpool’s available changes have now been made.
  • 72:50 Baros inches short of beating the keeper to a through
    ball from Smicer as Liverpool show form they’ve struggled to show this
  • 72:00 Leverkusen have a shot at goal, but the shot blazes high over the bar.
  • 69:30 John Welsh comes on for Jamie Carragher, as Benitez gives one of the stars of the season for Liverpool a rest.
  • 69:00 Leverkusen make their third and final change of the evening.
  • 68:00 Liverpool continue to attack.
  • 66:30 GOAL!!! Baros. Excellent performance from Baros this evening, capped off with a good goal.
  • 65:00 Liverpool continue to look for the third goal on the
    night, but Leverkusen have kept them out for these first 20 minutes of
    the second half.
  • 62:20 Thundering Steven Gerrard shot saved, Baros miskicks a chance that came from the rebound.
  • 61:10 Didi Hamman exits a Liverpool Champions League
    fixture at Leverkusen for the second time in three years. Replaced by
    Smicer, but this time circumstances are very different. Hamman has just
    returned from injury.
  • 59:50 Dudek makes the first save he’s needed to in the match so far, after Liverpool failed to clear a Leverkusen attack.
  • 58:00 Another Leverkusen attack breaks down in the box, Liverpool break but Baros caught offside.
  • 56:00 Baros not quite able to get full control of the ball inside the box, and Placente disposses him.
  • 55:00 Leverkusen have a shot, on the volley, but hit into the ground and goes narrowly over the bar.
  • 53:45 Liverpool’s confidence is at a level rarely seen this
    season. Possession lost though due to a lack of communication between
    Warnock and Hamman at a free kick. No harm done.
  • 52:30 Leverkusen make their second substitution of the evening.
  • 51:45 "You’ll never walk alone" rings out around the German
    stadium as Liverpool go close twice, with Gerrard cross just short of
    reaching Baros and Garcia shooting wide in his quest for a hat-trick.
  • 49:00 Hyypia heads clear a cross from the six-yard-line.
  • 47:30 Scrappy start to the second-half.
  • 45:00 Second-half kicks off.
  • Teams back out for the second-half.
  • Other half-times: Arsenal 0-0 Bayern Munich (agg. 1-3) /
    Juventus 0-0 Real Madrid (agg. 0-1) / Monaco 0-1 PSV Eindhoven (agg.
  • HALF-TIME: Bayer Leverkusen 0-2 Liverpool (agg. 1-5)
  • 45:00 +0:45 Some worry in the Liverpool area but ball goes out for goal-kick.
  • 45:00 1 minute to be played.
  • 43:30 Yellow card Bierofka.
  • 42:00 Baros receives an elbow in the face from a Leverkusen
    player. Baros has nose-bleed as result. Linesman seems to be afraid to
    help the referee as once again this incident took place yards away from
  • 41:00 Liverpool free kick by Gerrard aimed at Hyypia who seemed to be pushed over in the box for another turned-down penalty appeal.
  • 40:10 Leverkusen penalty appeal turned down. Good tackle by Warnock.
  • 37:50 Luis Garcia denied a hat-trick by excellent work from Leverkusen keeper. Liverpool corner.
  • Extra time is not now possible in this game. Leverkusen must
    score 5 goals to go through. Liverpool now have 2 away goals to
    Leverkusen’s 1.
  • 34:00 Luis Garcia fouled, Liverpool free-kick.
  • 32:30 Leverkusen narrowly head wide.
  • 31:40 GOAL!!! Luis Garcia scores a second from Biscan’s knock-down from the corner.
  • 31:10 Gerrard forces corner.
  • 30:00 Garcia shoots wide.
  • 27:05 GOAL!!! Luis Garcia scores from a cross from Gerrard
    after earlier corner was cleared. 1-0 on the night, 4-1 on aggregate to
    Liverpool. Leverkusen now need 3 goals to force extra-time, or 4 to win.
  • 26:20 Excellent shot from Gerrard saved by Leverkusen keeper. Wonderful play between Baros and Gerrard. Corner Liverpool.
  • 24:00 Franza fluffs glorious chance for Leverkusen by
    mishitting his shot. Let-off for Liverpool. Another shot from
    Leverkusen on-target but saved comfortably.
  • 23:00 Leverkusen have chance in box but miskicked by Leverkusen.
    Baros bursts into box and almost finds Gerrard with cut-back.
    End-to-end stuff.
  • 22:30 Quarter of the game gone, Liverpool slightly ahead of
    Leverkusen in terms of control of the game and chances, but still a
    close contest so far on the night. Still no score, 3-1 aggregate to
  • 20:45 Gerrard bursts through midfield to put Baros through.
    Baros falls in the box but no penalty given. Less clear than last
    penalty claim.
  • 18:15 Corner cleared, Liverpool back on the attack.
  • 17:30 Hyppia fouls opponent on byline just outside the box. Free kick turned behind for a corner to Leverkusen.
  • 16:00 Corner wasted.
  • 15:30 Hyypia forced to boot into touch from a good cross into the box. Corner Leverkusen.
  • 10:55 Penalty appeal turned down. Baros brought down in box – replays clearly show Leverkusen failed to get the ball.
  • 9:40 Backpass to Dudek causes concern briefly
  • 7:15 Baros runs into box but dispossesed.
  • 6:45 Promising run to edge of box by Riise, but dispossed.
  • 3:50 Baros has shot on target but too weak to beat ‘keeper.