LFC war gets a little bloodier

We always knew that October was going to be interesting.

An embarrassing defeat to Blackpool, a guaranteed stay of at least two weeks in the relegation zone, a viral video “Dear Mr Hicks” telling the co-owner where to go and the re-emergence from hiding of Pizza man Yahya Kirdi before early evening on the fifth day of the month.

Claims had been made earlier in the day that at least two of the club’s English board members were en route to America for a meeting or meetings on Wednesday.
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Dear Mr Hicks

Many words have been written about what’s happened to Liverpool Football Club over the past three years.

Now it’s time for the spoken word.

“Dear Mr Hicks,”

With thanks to Mike Jefferies and everyone else who worked so hard to make this video.

Please, please spread the video far and wide.

We’re getting our club back.