RBS ready to call time on Hicks and Gillett

George Gillett and Tom Hicks were given the clearest sign yet that the Royal Bank of Scotland has run out patience with them after the bank moved their debts to its Global Restructuring Group.

Gillett Hicks RBSWith less than a month to go until the deadline for the massive debt to be refinanced or paid off the decision is seen as evidence that from RBS’s point of view refinance is not an option. The club’s current owners need to find hundreds of millions of pounds in less than four weeks or they face losing the club.

It was also claimed tonight that RBS CEO Stephen Hester was personally overseeing the high-profile account.

The RBS website describes the unit as playing “an important part in managing major corporate clients across the globe who find themselves in financial distress.”

Liverpool fans have been in agreement for some time that their club is in financial distress, now RBS are reported to have made this official. The restructuring group also has responsibility for “the management of any problem lending portfolios” and “returning those accounts to the originating Group Business Unit / Subsidiary in a satisfactory condition.”

With the group also responsible for “maximising debt recoveries” and “obtaining levels of reward proportionate with risks undertaken” (and that means reward for the bank, not the current owners) it seems more unlikely that Hicks and Gillett will still be Liverpool owners by the time next month’s Goodison derby kicks off.
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Have you still got your 80s LFC kits?

The transfer window has closed and the international stars are on their way back to Melwood as Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson finally gets to see exactly what he’ll be working with for – for the next few months at least. Perhaps his first task is to work out what the expectations are and whether they are achievable.

At Anfield the expectations aren’t always set by what’s in front of the manager, but by what went before. “18 league titles and 5 European Cups” – it’s a phrase that’s built into the design of the club’s official website but it’s not meant to be set in stone, virtual or otherwise. The numbers in the phrase are supposed to increase. And they were also meant to always be higher numbers than some other team down the East Lancs might use on their website.

The second of the two numbers can’t possibly increase this season; nobody really expects the first one to either. But that won’t be the case for long – Liverpool fans have tasted success and whether that’s limited mainly to Istanbul and Cardiff for the younger fans or the sustained years of glory for the older fans they all want more of it.

There’s always a worry that one day the success will dry up completely, that there won’t be any more great memories of games that get referred to by the city they took place in. But for Liverpool fans, despite the best efforts of Hicks and Gillett, there’s always hope in those hearts.

The toffee-eating neighbours might disagree (they usually do), and some music aficionados might have a lot to say about it, but for many people Liverpool Football Club is what the city of Liverpool is most famous for.  Fans are fighting as hard as they can to keep it that way, to keep pushing their club through these difficult times and help it get back to where it should be (Beatles pun deliberately avoided).

Whatever happens in the future this club will always have a strong history, and this is to be recognised in a film currently being worked on for the Museum of Liverpool. The new museum is nearing completion and is expected to open next year. It won’t be the first construction project in the city to overtake Liverpool’s still to be started new stadium.
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FC Utrecht v Liverpool – Travel Information

FC Utrecht v Liverpool – Travel Information

One of Liverpool’s opponents in the Europa League group stage is FC Utrecht of Holland on September 30, and fortunately it’s not as hard to get to as Trabzon, so we have compiled the following on how to get there; including train times to and from Utrecht.

Flying from Liverpool to Amsterdam seems the easiest option; however EasyJet have gotten wind of everyone looking to book cheap flights on the dates around the game and bumped up their prices accordingly, so flying from Manchester with KLM is the cheapest option.

Utrecht is only 30 minutes by train from both Amsterdam Central and Amsterdam Schipol, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem.

For those flying from London, there are a couple of flights from Luton, Gatwick and Stanstead listed below.

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LFC submit threadbare squad to Premier League

Liverpool have submitted their 25-man squad to the Premier League as required by the new rules that came in force from today – except in Liverpool’s case they only managed to scrape 21 players together for the squad.

The rules only apply to players over 21, so Ngog and Pacheco do not need to be named.

For those players who are over 21, the club can name a maximum of 25 players, of whom a maximum of 17 can be “non-homegrown”.

There’s no requirement to name a minimum number of homegrown players, but any less than 8 means a squad will contain less than its permitted 25 total players.

Liverpool’s transfer policy this summer seems to have been based around the need to cut the wage bill and raise funds to pay the wages of the players that couldn’t be forced out or offloaded.

LFC Squad:

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