So, it was too much to ask then.

Just under a month ago Anfield Road asked the question: “Is it too much to ask?

The article referred to what Rafa was asking for from the club’s new chairman; a guarantee that he could re-use any income from any sales this summer. With strong hints that some of the big-name and more valuable players were fed-up with life at Anfield – for various reasons – Benítez wanted to ensure any cash from their sales would be in addition to whatever else might find its way into the ‘player account’ this summer.

Surely it wasn’t too much to ask.

Well we now know it was too much to ask.

Rafael Benítez is on his way out, just as soon as this dysfunctional club’s hierarchy can persuade him to let them off the hook when it comes to paying him what they agreed to pay him 15 months ago.

Is it any surprise that they are trying to renege on a deal involving the outlay of money? Continue reading So, it was too much to ask then.