CL Result: LFC 3 Bordeaux 0 – Reds through to last 16

Champions League Result.


 3 – 0


Garcia 23, 76
Gerrard 72
HT: 1-0
 25 Reina
3 Finnan
23 Carragher
4 Hyypia
6 Riise
8 Gerrard
14 Alonso (Zenden, 57)
22 Sissoko yellow card
10 Luis Garcia (Fowler, 78)
18 Kuyt
15 Crouch (Pennant, 72)
  16 Rame
18 Faubert
13 Jemmali
25 Cid
23 Marange
5 Menegazzo red card
19 Ducasse
14 Micoud (Mavuba, 74)
17 Wendell
29 Chamakh (Perea, 11)
9 Darcheville (Obertan, 59)
1 Dudek
5 Agger
9 Fowler
12 Aurelio
16 Pennant
28 Warnock
32 Zenden
30 Valverde
3 Henrique
8 Alonso
10 Francia
12 Perea
24 Mavuba
26 Obertan
22 Sissoko Bookings
  Sent Off
5 Menegazzo
54% Possession
9 Shots on target
9 Shots off target
2 Corners 2
13 Fouls 18
Ref: Markus Merk   Att: 41978

Group C Table:

 1  Liverpool     4 3 1 0 7 2 5 10
 2  PSV     4 3 1 0 5 1 4 10
 3  Galatasaray     4 0 1 3 3  7  -4  1
 4  Bordeaux     4 0 1 3 0  5  -5  1

Liverpool and PSV both qualify for last 16 / knockout phase.

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CL: Reds v Bordeaux – Unchanged side for Liverpool

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has upset the headline writers tonight by naming an unchanged team for tonight's Champions League match against Bordeaux.

Former Liverpool player Vladimir Smicer's slim hopes of getting a chance to play again at Anfield for his new side Bordeaux haven't been realised.

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 3 Finnan, 23 Carragher, 4 Hyypia, 6 Riise, 8 Gerrard, 14 Alonso, 22 Sissoko, 10 Luis Garcia, 18 Kuyt, 15 Crouch
Subs: 1 Dudek, 5 Agger, 9 Fowler, 12 Aurelio, 16 Pennant, 28 Warnock, 32 Zenden

Bordeaux: 16 Rame, 18 Faubert, 13 Jemmali, 25 Cid, 23 Marange, 5 Menegazzo, 19 Ducasse, 14 Micoud, 17 Wendell, 29 Chamakh, 9 Darcheville
Subs: 30 Valverde, 3 Henrique, 8 Alonso, 10 Francia, 12 Perea, 24 Mavuba, 26 Obertan

Referee: Markus Merk

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Noel White resigns

Liverpool Football Club released a statement this evening which confirmed the worst-kept secret of recent times – in Liverpool circles at least.

It was widely hinted at that the anonymous director behind those ridiculous quotes criticising Rafael Benitez in Friday's Daily Mirror was Noel White. Well tonight Mr White has resigned after clearly overstepping the mark.

The statement in full reads:

Liverpool Football Club announce that Mr Noel White has resigned from the Board of the Club with immediate effect. The move follows Mr White's confirmation that he was the Director quoted in an article which appeared in a national newspaper last week.

The Club's Chairman Mr David Moores said: "This is very sad for both the Club and Mr White who has been a valuable member of the Board for 21 years.
“However, the Board considers that the statements made do not reflect its own views and that this is not the Liverpool way of doing business. The proper place for debate is around the boardroom table.
“It is vital that we pull together at all times whether on the field or off it.
"It has to be said that at the first available opportunity on the day the article appeared Mr White was completely honest in telling me that he was responsible for it. He recognised that this made his position on the Board quite untenable and he did the honourable thing by resigning.”
Mr White said: "It is with great regret that I have tendered my resignation as a Director of the Club.
“For the 21 years I have had the privilege of being a Director of this great institution my guiding principle has been to act in the best interests of the Club.
“In view of the controversy caused by comments in a national newspaper, attributed to an anonymous director, and the effect this has had on the Chairman, my fellow Directors, the Manager and many supporters, I feel the honourable course is to resign. Indeed, my guiding principle dictates that this is the only course.
"It was never my intention to cause such controversy, nor did I envisage that my remarks would receive such widespread coverage. I recognise, however, that I must take responsibility for my actions even though the outcome was not what I intended.
“I have always received a great deal of support and friendship from the Chairman, the Board, the Club and staff and I hope and believe I have reciprocated. I continue to wish them, the Manager, the Players and all associated with Liverpool Football Club every possible success.”
Both the Club and Mr White now regard the matter as closed and will be making no further comment.

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Rafa determined to succeed

Liverpool’s board have apologised to manager Rafael Benítez about the anonymous comments from a cowardly board member on Friday, comments which many feared would drive Rafa out.

For now at least, Rafa isn’t going to let this single idiot get to him. How much of an idiot he is has a little more proof applied when you realise that despite it being clear to all who he is, he’s still not had the guts to admit it. A cowardly idiot.

Rafa says that he’s not considering a future elsewhere, he wants to succeed at Anfield: “People asked me if I was thinking about my future, but when I decided to come here and renew my contract when other clubs were asking about me, it was the same situation as now. My determination remains to win lots of trophies here and build a strong team for the future. When you hear people talk about the value of my squad, it's triple what it was when we arrived. It's clear we have a better team and I'm really happy here. When you hear the support on Saturday, it means I'm in the right place.”

The Liverpool supporters were determined to show the man that brought them the Champions League in his first season and the FA Cup in his second that they supported him. He knows he’s got the same levels of support from the majority of the board too: “I didn't speak to the chairman on Saturday, but I know he is supporting me and I say to the chairman, Rick Parry and the board thank you because it's good to hear things like this. I know they were really worried about what happened, but I know I have their support. They are happy with the way we are working.”

The comments on Friday came at a point when the press were already having a field day at Rafa’s expense, following that defeat at Old Trafford and the poor form away from home all season. Stats are always available to support a theory and the rotation one hits a century tonight if he does – as expected – make changes. The midweek win against Reading was important for morale, but the league win even more so. It meant critics had to spend a weekend away from criticism and had to either shut up or make stories up. Rafa says the win on Saturday was sweeter in the wake of all of this criticism: “It was one of our best performances of the season, but in this case it was satisfying because people have been talking and talking. If you play well, score goals and see that kind of commitment you must be happy. We already had a good record at home, which people have forgotten because of our form away.”

The irony about all of this criticism over rotation is that in many games Rafa’s rotation has been forced on him. Not always, but often. Where it’s not been enforced it’s often been part of a move to get some of the new signings used to life in the English game. Tonight’s match against Bordeaux might mean a return for Craig Bellamy, Fabio Aurelio or  Mark Gonzalez who’ve all been out injured, but there are slight doubts about the fitness of Steven Gerrard and Momo Sissoko who both have minor ankle knocks which were sustained on Saturday in that game against Villa.

Those are the injury worries, Rafa also likes to make sure that his players are fit enough to take the field and so soon after that league game could well prove to be too soon for some. The reasons for rotation tonight are all good ones – but that won’t stop the TV pundits from having a dig, safe in their studios and TV gantries immune from criticism about their performances.

Rafa will be as worried about Momo’s fitness as he is about Gerrard’s. He said of the hard-working midfielder: “Momo is as important as Steven, because he can play in the middle and work and cover when Steven is attacking from different avenues. Momo can stop players and that is the balance we are looking for. Look at our left-back, for example. If Gerrard is in front of him on the left and then goes inside that means the opposing full-back has to decide whether to go with him or to stay out wide. Whatever he does he has a problem. Steven is then attacking or if he goes with him, it leaves space for our full-back to attack.”

He went on: “Momo provides the opportunity for Steven to attack with confidence that there is cover. It is a balance that a big team needs. Momo was always trying to improve when he was with me at Valencia. He has done so well, he arrived as a very young man in Spain speaking only French and had to learn the language, then a couple of seasons later he has arrived at Liverpool and has to learn English. This is not easy for anyone, certainly not someone so young.”

Clearly one of Rafa’s best signings – and still only 21 – the Malian international got more praise from Rafa: “I am very pleased with him because he has been an impressive person on and off the pitch. He has become so important for us. He gives us a physical power that is vital in top-class football these days.”

Many of Sunday’s papers carried a story about a rift between Rafa and Gerrard. The story was, it seems, put about by a former Manchester United player with a reputation he’s probably not proud of. That the newspapers fell for it was bad enough, but as long as people keep buying their lies they’ll never stop. Gerrard’s response when asked about them was something you wouldn’t normally hear in these days of diplomatic answers. At last, Gerrard has said what he thinks: “I've never read so much bo**ocks,” he said.

Rafa explained his feelings about Gerrard and how wrong the press were on Sunday and he continued to talk about how important Steven was to the team: “Steve was trying to be always closer to the ball and looked happier. When the team is playing well people like to play football. I’m sure Steve will score a good number of goals this season and it’s important that we have a number of players who can score as we have lots of options. If Gerrard, Xabi, Carra, Hyypia and Pepe play well then all the others play well.”

Rafa also had some kind words for new signing Dirk Kuyt. He scored in front of his father at Anfield, Mr Kuyt senior’s first visit to Anfield since the transfer. He’s been unwell after being diagnosed with cancer and only three weeks ago had surgery to save his life. Everyone was delighted for Dirk to score in those circumstances, including the manager: “It was great for Dirk to score and it was really important for his dad to be here. He’s his hero. It’s difficult to be in that situation and be as strong as he is.”

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Rafa will rotate again to keep players fresh

Rafa Benitez looked back on yesterday’s win over Villa with pride, but refused to say if he’d put out his best team: “I knew it was a good team because we had balance. My best team? Maybe, but I am careful saying that because of the headlines.” The headlines include those caused by the director who sold his soul to the Mirror on Friday in an anonymous attack on the manager that could so easily have cost us dear. It may well do so yet because Rafa won’t stand for that kind of thing for ever – only time will tell.

Rafa always wants to be able to put out a good side full of players who are fit to play, and always looks for balance. This team managed that he says: “It was a good team because we had balance, we had Xabi and Momo in the middle, and Stevie who has such power. Luis is clever and Peter can hold the ball. It means you can win the ball, you can win it in the air and we have the skills to play 'between the lines'. We are looking for the balance, this was close. We played well.”

So would he keep the same team for the next match, which is three days after this one? No, he’ll be making more changes, but that’s his choice: “The question is to have different possibilities. Is it possible to keep the same team next time, I don't know. We play next only on Tuesday, it is impossible to have all the players fit. Will there be changes again, sure, you must do it because the problems are clear.”

Some critics have spoken about how rotating his players might work in Spain but won’t work here, but he says that the fact he’s having to find players for two games a week means he has to allow players time off: “If I put the same team out every game it would only be possible if we were playing one game a week. It would be the same as when I was coaching the youth teams at Real Madrid, you could use the same team then, but that was only one game a week. This is so different with two games a week for so long.”

He continued: “You cannot use the same players two games a week. I might be able to use the same team for a month, but after that the players will be tired and injured. You must protect your players, to make sure they are in the best condition to play a match.”

One thing for sure is that most Reds and the influential members of the board  think Rafa is the right man for the job, and if he says rotation is necessary they’ve no reason to disbelieve him. It was a rotated team that won 3-1 yesterday.

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Rafa speaks out again: Stevie is not going anywhere

Nonsense in the press about Steven Gerrard seemed to be all over and done with in the summer of 2005 when the Liverpool captain signed a new deal and snubbed Chelsea for a second time. He put in a great season which was rounded off with his match winning performance and goal of the season in the FA Cup final.

Over the summer he was a part of the England team that were knocked out earlier than they expected to be in the World Cup finals, before starting another season with the Reds, one which promised so much given the progress that had seemed to have been made.

Liverpool didn’t start as well as they could away from home and before too long Sky had decided that Liverpool couldn’t win the league. They decided it again a few weeks later when we lost to Manchester United, and that was probably right. Their chief pundit and presenter Richard Keys and Andy Gray have enjoyed a campaign criticising Steven Gerrard being played on the right and Rafael Benítez’s rotation policy. And they aren’t the only ones, with a nameless director adding his piece in Friday’s Mirror and the Sunday versions making up more ridiculous tales. Once again we are hearing tales that Gerrard is unhappy and on his way out of the club.

Nonsense. Especially the ones that have Gerrard going to Real Madrid a few months in advance of Benítez. Yes, some idiots say Gerrard will leave for Real after falling out with Rafa, but that Rafa is also going to be going to Real after falling out with the board!

Liverpool boss Benítez decided to speak out today about the tall tales, and said Gerrard is not going anywhere: “It is clear. I will not be selling my captain. It is always a surprise to see such things that are not true. Especially for Steven because he had played such a good game. Against Villa he worked really hard, so to see this the following day is a surprise, disappointing that this is all that people can think of.”

Gerrard has had worries over his six-month-old daughter Lexie since last weekend after she came down with an illness that was feared to be meningitis. After Steven and fiancée Alex spent a night at Lexie’s hospital bedside it was confirmed as an allergic reaction but it was obviously quite some scare. Rafa says that was one of his main concerns about his captain: “This week we have been talking with Steven, and last week. He was OK, we were talking about his daughter and how she is, as well as team issues and how we can give the team more confidence. I feel he is really focused on the club, and our idea for sure is to keep him and to see him scoring goals this season and for many years for Liverpool.”

Before anyone assumes he had to pull Stevie in to have a chat with him over the rumours, that wasn’t the case – they are always talking: “I have not had just 'a word' with Steven, we talk many times, every day. He is my captain and we talk all the time, sometimes for long times. To say anything else is crazy. I do not have any intention of selling my captain.”

Rafa said that the whole team improved yesterday, including the captain, for Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Villa: “Against Villa all the team was playing better, not just Steven. If you have more possession and passing is better then Steven will play better. If some of the key players are performing better, then that helps the new players. Things looked much better against Villa.”

Rafa says these tall tales weren’t tales of the unexpected: “It was a surprise, no? Some people never rest, they are always trying to find something like this. But you could see how much better Steven was, his commitment and performance. We are experienced now in things like this. We are just determined to focus on our next game, against Bordeaux.”

Liverpool play the French side on Tuesday in the Champions League, and Rafa will no doubt get the usual comments about rotation from the ITV crew covering that game. In the meantime all the nonsense is aimed at his relationship with Gerrard and how angry his captain is supposed to be at being played “out of position”. Rafa says Steven’s more than happy: “You need only to see him yesterday to know the truth. During the game he was happy, and afterward too, everyone enjoyed the day.”

And with that Rafa put the whole issue to one side again, and got back to what he does best – planning for each game as it comes: “We are only thinking of Bordeaux and qualifying for the next stage of the Champions League.”

Actions speak louder than words but it is good to hear Rafa’s words backing up the actions of the manager, the team and the fans yesterday.

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More Red attacks from the Mirror family

A quick look at the internet versions of today’s papers confirmed to me
that there was no point whatsoever in going out and paying for them.
Sunday’s papers always seem to bring out the worst in the journalists
in this country, I really don’t see why. Liverpool aren’t the only
victims of the clamour to […]
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Kirkland leaves as Kewell looks forward to Spring return

Another one of Gerard Houllier’s signings left Anfield yesterday when Wigan Athletic turned their loan deal for Chris Kirkland into a permanent deal. The player signed a contract that runs until 2009 after the two clubs agreed a fee.

Kirkland struggled to make an impact at Anfield thanks to injury after injury – usually unrelated – bringing each of his spells in the side to an early end. He never got a chance to show Rafa Benítez what he could do, even succumbing to injuries last season when on loan to West Brom. A lot of Houllier’s big money, big contract signings were failures due to a lack of ability or dodgy temperament, but Kirks just struggled because of so many injuries.

Former Liverpool reserve and now Latics boss Paul Jewell was delighted to have got a player who – if he stays injury free – could go on to become a first choice keeper for England one day. Jewell said: “Chris is a world class keeper and a smashing pro. It was always our intention to make the deal permanent and its great news that we’ve got it all sorted so quickly. His calibre has never been in question and he’s been brilliant for us since he’s arrived. I’m blessed with three excellent keepers, in Kirky, Mike Pollitt and John Filan, who’s currently on loan at Doncaster. The competition is fierce and that’s how I like it.”

Kirkland himself spoke about how happy he was to know he’s now got some certainty to look forward to about his future career: “I’m really pleased that my future is now sorted. It’s been great since joining Wigan, we have a tremendous set of lads and the Gaffer has been different class. This is an ambitious club that is going places and I’m delighted that I’ll be part of that. I’ve been made to feel so welcome by everyone and the permanent move was always my intention. I’m enjoying my football at the moment and not setting any goals other than playing well for Wigan, staying in the team and doing my best for the Gaffer and the lads. If I do that everything else will look after itself.”

Kirkland might have had more chances at Anfield if he’d been in a position where players are rotated, in other words anywhere but in goal. Harry Kewell has also had a very injury prone career since he became a Red, and he’s now looking like being out again until the latter stages of the season.

Nomis Boots - Harry KewellWhat Kewell has done to try and prolong his career and reduce future chances of injury is to walk out on his sponsorship deal with Adidas. He now wears Nomis boots, a manufacturer from Australia, and he doesn’t get paid to do so.

The new boots are custom-made, and are the work of an Australian designer, Simon Skirrow. Kewell recalls meeting Skirrow in Liverpool earlier this year: “It was close to the end of last season and obviously I had been having problems with my feet. Simon had given the boots to my manager who gave them to me to train with.” That manager of course is Bernie Mandic, the man infamous for getting Kewell’s transfer fee to be so low from Leeds. Kewell says he was surprised at how comfortable they felt when he put them on: “The first time I put them on I thought they felt like a pair of slippers.”

Kewell had been with Adidas for some time and had got quite a lucrative deal with them. He actually wore the boots – with the labels cut off – in the FA Cup final last season, but they didn’t help him in that match as he had to face the bitter disappointment of leaving the field early in a final for the second year running. He had to wear the Adidas ones again in the World Cup finals, since which he’s been out of action and had to go for surgery. “Obviously there were some things to sort out with Adidas which took some time but I’ve since decided to stick with the new boots.”

According to reports, Kewell’s deal with Adidas, signed in 2004, was the biggest sponsorship deal for an individual in a team sport in Australian history and Adidas paid Kewell a percentage of boot sales.  However it’s all now come to an end says Harry: “I have been involved with Adidas for around 10 years and have always had a great relationship with them. I count a lot of the people there as my good friends, but it’s just time for me to think about my feet.”

English born Skirrow, says it took him five years to work on the boot design and he says he was surprised that Kewell wanted to wear the boots without expecting to be paid to do so: “He was the first one to come and be totally refreshing and say ‘it’s not about the money, it’s about my feet’. So many footballers have the mentality of, ‘If I’m going to wear a boot, I must be paid for it’,” said Skirrow.

Kewell won’t be able to show Liverpool fans the new boots in action until at least March as he recovers from surgery on his groin and on his left foot. He revealed the length of time he’s going to need for recover when he went to a school in Sydney earlier this week: “It’s going to be a while, we’re looking past February.”

The original story coming out of the Australian camp when he suffered the injuries in the World Cup was that he had gout. This soon turned out to be incorrect, proving instead to be an arthritic condition. Now he’s had the surgery he’s desperate to get back on the pitch again: “I’m just itching to get back into playing. My foot is a bit sore at the moment and my groin is a bit sore at the moment. I just had that done on Friday, but the surgeons are very happy. I meet up with them again on Friday and if they give me the all-clear I’m back off to England.”

He’s been staying with Australian family members during his spell back in his homeland, but he’s desperately missing his English wife Sheree and their children: “It’s been a long hard thing for me, seven weeks so far, and I’m really looking forward to going home and seeing my family.”

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Broadsheets talk about the tabloid traitor

The classless, faceless, nameless coward who set about destabilising
Liverpool is probably feeling quite proud of himself this morning. Just
about every Liverpool fan site has condemned his comments, condemnation
also coming yesterday from Rick Parry. Rafa Benítez also had to defend
himself, from someone supposedly part of the same club he works so hard
Read more at:

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Traitor: Echo condemns “ramblings of a man descending into lunacy”

Most Reds today seemed to be together in backing Rafael Benítez in the face of the attack from the idiot without any balls, the faceless, nameless board member who’d gone crying to the Daily Mirror about how he didn’t feel the current manager was up to scratch.

The local press were on Rafa’s side too. The Liverpool Echo – ironically part of the same group as the Daily Mirror – ran stories with headlines like: “Rafa knifed in the back” and “Reds rocked”. Expect even more explosive stories from them in tomorrow’s print edition – stories in that version of the paper tend not to be published on the paper’s internet site and so tend to have a different flavour to others during the week.

Chris Bascombe is the Echo’s chief reporter on all things LFC, and he said that it came as no surprise that Rafa was attacked in this way. He wrote: “Several of the seven man committee have been faceless for so long, they’ve specialised in their anonymity.” He said Moores and Parry must take instant action and call for the immediate resignation of the nameless director. He also said that this was the lowest point of the season so far, saying: “It was presumed Liverpool’s defeat to Manchester United was the low point of the season. Today’s scandal comfortably eclipses this.”

Bascombe went on: “If the ‘influential figure’ had any guts at all, he’d put his name to the comments immediately and allow others to question him on views which are clearly at odds, not only with the majority of Liverpool supporters, but the rest of his board.” He also said: “After everything Benitez has achieved at Anfield, the cowardly attack splashed on the back page of a national paper this morning summoned images of a World War 1 commander complaining the troops on the front line hadn’t done enough to defeat the Germans by 1916.”

Bascombe is a passionate Red himself, and was clearly speaking from the heart, echoing the views of most Liverpool supporters: “At best it’s irresponsible drivel, at worst it represents the ramblings of a man descending into lunacy.”

Bascombe has contacts inside the club and no doubt is told many things he’s not at liberty to reveal. Off-the-record chats about what’s going on. So perhaps he’s talking on behalf of Rick Parry when he says this: “There have long been suspicions that certain low profile members of the Anfield hierarchy have been on a mission of self-preservation for the past 16 years. Their contribution is negligible, particularly in recent times when Moores and Parry have borne the brunt of the public pressure and criticism in attempting to safeguard the financial future of the club.”

And that’s pretty true – until today how many members of the board could you name? Steve Morgan isn’t on the board before you choose him.

And as Bascombe says, the board member who doesn’t deserve that seat is one of those who is regularly seen “enjoying the European jollies which Benitez has provided since his arrival in 2004, but little else.”

He also quotes what that director had said about this summer’s transfer dealings. Laughably the director had said: “The signings we made in the summer cost us a lot of money and they’ve not worked, it’s the same old story. We were happy to spend £9m on a centre-forward but we were told we should be spending £30m. You can’t go out and get a Bentley all the time.” Shocking comments.

As Bascombe points out, Rafa Benítez had to send players out on loan in order to be able to afford to pay some of his summer signings – and most of those were failures bought by the previous manager. And he also reminds us that Rafa’s success in Istanbul has helped swell the coffers quite a bit too, and that Rafa is the “only Liverpool manager in history to win two major trophies in his first two seasons.”

The money Rafa has had to spend doesn’t match that available to the likes of Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal, who Bascombe says “are not only wealthier, but raise far more revenue from avenues such as shirt sponsorship deals.” He suggests Rafa “may well ask what contribution the ‘unnamed source’ has made to raising any funds?”

A big worry of course now is what impact these comments will have on Rafa in the long term: “This is a manager who rejected both his boyhood team Real Madrid and Inter Milan a few months ago, believing he had the full backing of his board and several seasons to bring the title to Merseyside. Both Roy Evans and Gerard Houllier had five years to restore the fortunes of the club, and neither suffered the kind of insult from one of his own board Benitez must tolerate today. If Moores and Parry don’t act instantly, the long-term repercussion should not be underestimated.”

If anything can be gained from this idiot’s outburst to the Mirror today it’s that it might cause a shake-up at the club. Perhaps his seat on the board should be handed to someone who actually cares about the club and not his back pocket, someone like Kenny Dalglish. Other changes may come about too, changes that a new-look board might be better equipped to deal with. Bascombe wrote: “There are deep-rooted problems at Anfield, which everyone at Liverpool is fully aware of but prefer the fans not to consider. Benitez has no control over the Liverpool Academy, which has produced just one first-team regular since the move to Kirkby in 1999. The search for investment has been a painful, and sometimes embarrassing process, and although Benitez’s transfer kitty may compare favourably with teams with aspirations for UEFA Cup qualification, they’re light years behind Chelsea and Manchester United. All these matters are the board’s, not the manager’s, responsibility.”

He ended by suggesting the shareholders in the club should call for an extraordinary general meeting to remove this director, and he also lists the board: David Moores, chairman;  Rick Parry, chief executive; Noel White; Terry Smith; Les Wheatley; Jules Burns; John Cresswell.

In another article in the Echo, Les Lawson was asked his views. He’s the secretary of the Merseyside branch of the Liverpool supporters’ club and he too found it “unbelievable”: “I find it totally unbelievable a member of the Liverpool board would criticise the manager who won the Champions League in his first season, with the worst squad since Bill Shankly arrived at the club. He then won the FA Cup in his second season and won more league points in a season for Liverpool since the Premiership began last year.”

Lawson continued: “Whoever is responsible for these comments is completely out of touch with how Liverpool fans think, and I would have thought he’d be more concerned with working towards attracting the investment which would help Rafa build a team to challenge Chelsea.”

Our hope here at is that this faceless shameless idiot has caused a shake-up that will see him lose his cushy part-time job and all the benefits it brings, and instead bring about some movement on investment. A new-look board might just give us that final boost we need to get back to the full-on glory days we are still very close to getting back to.

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