John W Henry answers fan questions

Liverpool FC are now owned by a group of investors under the umbrella of New England Sports Ventures, the people who own Boston Red Sox in the US, a group that is led by John W Henry.

Mr Henry is clearly a man who wants to engage with fans, and the latest example of that is a serious of questions he answered for the Liverpool fan site Red and White Kop (RAWK).

Some of the questions he answered included one on how NESV funded their acquisition of the club, and one on whether or not there is any binding agreement in place to prevent acquisition debt being placed on the club at a late date.

He also gave an indication of how NESV hope to make a return on their investment, and his answer should be quite reassuring for supporters.

To see the answers you’ll need to visit Red and White Kop, it wouldn’t be fair to reveal any of them here. We’ve mentioned the interview in an effort to give it a tiny bit more exposure, but RAWK is probably the biggest independent LFC forum on the net.

A second set of answers to some further questions is expected at a later date.