The Potemkin League – essential viewing for Reds

In the wake of the takeover of the Liverpool Football Club by New England Sports Ventures comes a film that was being made throughout the final months of uncertainty that led up to that change of ownership.

Potemkin League - Queue PolitelyThe movie, from Queue Politely, has been split into four parts for viewing on YouTube. It covers the topics we all – as Liverpool fans – grew to know far more about than we ever should have done. Few of us knew what “LBO” stood for four years ago, none of us thought the club would lie 2nd from bottom in the Premier League by now either.

Mike Horwarth, from Queue Politely, suggests the following is the best way to view the movie: “Please watch on HD full screen and if you can connect your PC or MAC to your TV. The film is broadcast quality HD and in anamorphic resolution.”

The links are below, please find some time to view the documentary in its entirety:

Part One: Shankly and the Liverpool way

Part Two: Hicks & Gillett – Leveraged buy outs

Part Three:  The Oligarchs & Banks

Part Four: The resistance

5 thoughts on “The Potemkin League – essential viewing for Reds”

  1. bye Cecil! thanks for leaving without making a big fuss. im sure it was by mutual consent. you get credit for the sale, but youre a snake for how you treated rafa.

  2. loving watching rafas inter crush ‘arrys tottenham. rafa, rafael, rafa, rafael, rafael benitez! if only we had a manager like him. thanks cecil!

  3. Good man cory, it’s fans like you who make us all proud to be LFC supporters. I soppose if it’s white & in a glass then it’s milk isn’t it. Lovely

  4. With Cory on this one. Only history will allow us to judge if Purslow finally stood up to the two stooges or he was opportunistically in the right place at the right time, siding with Broughton.

    That aside, he still helped rid the club of two parasites but his role in replacing Rafa with Hodgson will NOT be forgotten. I still wish him the best in his endeavors.

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