Back to football – Everton v Liverpool

It genuinely seems a lifetime ago now that Liverpool were embarrassed by Blackpool at Anfield, as supporters showed for what we hope is one last time their complete disgust at the club’s ‘custodians’.

NESV at first Reds match since takeoverThe new ‘stewards’ are NESV, and despite suggesting otherwise on Friday they’ve decided to turn up for today’s game – the first senior match under their control.

It’s being played across the park, at Goodison, and as such is a good chance for NESV to see exactly why “the friendly derby” is a phrase as far from reality as Tom Hicks’ “net spend” claims.

Now we are talking about football again it’s good to see NESV show some public support for Roy Hodgson. But whatever time NESV might have in mind for him, one win in seven games and the worst start in 57 years means Hodgson has very little time left as far as supporters are concerned.

It might be a derby, it might be following on from an international week, but the excuses are wearing thin.

And the biggest excuse of all – the ownership mess – has gone.

Kick-off is at 1.30pm.

Everton: 24 Howard, 3 Baines, 5 Heitinga, 6 Jagielka, 15 Distin, 18 Neville, 23 Coleman, 10 Arteta, 17 Cahill, 21 Osman, 22 Yakubu
Subs: 1 Mucha, 2 Hibbert, 30 Shkodran Mustafi, 7 Bilyaletdinov, 16 Beckford, 19 Magaye Gueye, 37 Baxter

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 3 Konchesky, 16 Kyrgiakos, 23 Carragher, 37 Skrtel, 4 Raul Meireles, 8 Gerrard, 10 Cole, 17 Maxi, 21 Lucas, 9 Torres
Subs: 1 Jones, 6 Aurelio, 34 Kelly, 26 Spearing, 14 Jovanovic, 19 Babel, 24 Ngog

Referee: Howard Webb

11 thoughts on “Back to football – Everton v Liverpool”

  1. I know it really goes against the grain for Liverpool to remove a manager after so few games but after today’s defeat we were so awful for so long I feel Roy has to go. His ideas are just not working. There is nothing different in our last few games. We play too deep and attack too slowly.

    Sorry Roy. You’re a decent enough man but LFC is a step too far for you.

  2. Another insipid performance. At this rate, the chants of going down might just come through. But the only way I see Hodgson being sacked is if he loses the next five or six matches on the trot. And if he is sacked who should come in? Dalglish for short term stint? Now that we have money, we can actually hope to attract a top class manager. So who would you put on the hot seat?

  3. That was a disgrace and hodgson smiling at the end of the game is unacceptable. As above I know it’s not the Liverpool way to sack a manager so early but the indisputable fact is no other top four aspiring team would hire him as their manager.

    We have no owners and the debt has been removed. Now it’s time to seriously look at matters on the pitch and I haven’t seen a game yet this season that gives me any belief in hodgson. Whereas we wouldn’t have been able to recruit a hiddink type manager when the ownership debacle was ongoing surely we can now that issue is resolved

  4. If you watched the fulham game,yes i know they lost to the spuds. But they played flowing football, and they did not do that under hogdeson. We had a world class manager and he is now playing flowing football in italia. Hodgeson is a dodo an extict species that needs to go the same way as the dodo, If he thinks he can do the same at a club like ours,which he did at Fulham then god help us. when i first started supporting LFC, i was ten and we were in the old second division. i dont really whish to be there again. But i fear thats where we will be if we are not careful.the only thing i will do is keep supporting and pray. i surpose i will be able to go to someground ive not been to for many a year.O well YNWA

  5. “Hodgson unsure how Liverpool lost against Everton”

    If it wasn’t so tragic it would almost be funny. If you don’t know why we lost, then Liverpool way or not, its time to go Roy. It’s not the Liverpool way to be flirting with relegation and grinning like a Cheshire cat after a derby defeat either – unbelievable!

    Lets hope our new owners listen to the fans and act accordingly.

  6. Who would you all replace him with?? Kenny is a huge gamble, he has been out of management a long time now and his last few attempts were not so hot either – if things didn’t work out with Kenny just imagine having to let him go – I don’t think we would relish that. The new owners have said that they will listen to the fans, so think long and hard about it now, who do you all want in charge. It would be interesting to get Jim’s opinion on who he would want to see managing the team. I’m afraid Roy’s faith is already sealed but we have to get it right with the next manager.

  7. Gus Hiddink

    I think the give the manager time train of thought will see us finish in the bottom half. No European football next year would be disastrous, both financially and for player recruitment.

  8. Ideally bring back Rafa, but that’s never going to happen with the current board. I don’t think you can discount Kenny just because it would be awful if it didn’t work out. He’ll always be a legend whatever happened and it wouldn’t be his actions that let him down – that’s for sure. I’d bring him in until the end of the season and review it over the summer. If it didn’t work then go for someone like Hiddink and move Kenny upstairs. Yes he’s been out of the game but class is permanent.

  9. MON is currently unemployed and the way things are going he will be our new manager before xmas.

    Shame I like Roy, but I feel his attitude is maybe a bit too much.

    As for the idea of bringing Kenny back then thats just plain silly, we do actually need to not let our hearts rule our heads in this respect and I feel that Kenny would add to our problems to remove them. The one thing Kenny would do for us is keep AF in check as they were always at each others throat once upon a time.

  10. Unless we take all nine points that are on offer till the end of October (3 of which are Europa) then I’m afraid it’s time for Roy to be replaced. As things stand after today, our position is completely unacceptable, but with everything that has happened at the club since the start of the season I think it’s only fair to give Roy till the of the month to turn it around.

    By the end of the month when he hasn’t got all 9 (deep down I know he can’t do it), I think MON should be considered.

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