Tomorrow is not main event in Reds’ court battle

Liverpool FC is finally nearing the end of a nightmare that began with a string of broken promises and looks set to end courtesy of a couple of broken undertakings.

By the end of this week Royal Bank of Scotland and the Liverpool board members expect to have been able to prove that not only did co-owner Tom Hicks break the conditions of the near-£300m finance agreement but also that his actions gave them the legal right to sell the club.

The first visit to court is tomorrow, but reliable sources have informed us that this is not the main event. Tomorrow will see the various legal representatives discuss timings and process; none of the club’s board will be in attendance.

Later in the week there will be an announcement of the main hearings; the day – or days – of reckoning for the tired old regime. That is when the board are expected to attend to oversee what they hope is the judgement that allows them to finally break the club’s ties with Hicks and Gillett.

The advice we’ve been given is that supporters making arrangements to turn up at court tomorrow would be better off waiting until later in the week for the main show.

Details will be announced as soon as they are known.

The club would of course never officially condone fans gathering en masse outside the High Court –   but the time to show the strength of support there is for this club – not to mention the amount of opposition there is to Tom Hicks – is later in the week when the show gets underway for real.

That’s when the time, effort and expense will be put to best use. That’s when supporters can show the world what this club means to them.

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is not main event in Reds’ court battle”

  1. “fracas” – thought someone might say that.

    This came from a source that I genuinely think we can all trust on this. Can’t say much more than that, just that it’s someone on our side.

    And if you still don’t believe me maybe you’ll believe SOS?

    Court Hearing Tuesday 12th October.”


    Following on from our earlier release regarding the Court Hearing tomorrow (Tuesday 12th October) we have been informed that the hearing will be opened and then adjourned in a matter of minutes. Therefore Spirit Of Shankly will not be travelling from Liverpool to the Courts in London tomorrow, but will be planning to attend the subsequent hearing. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will update members as soon as possible regarding any future date. Those who expressed an interest for tomorrow will be given first priority for any subsequent travel arrangements.

    Those who still wish to be in attendance tomorrow, we ask you to again consider the feelings of those who will be attending the 7/7 Inquests also taking place tomorrow.

  2. I hope we’re going to get a resolution (including any appeal) by Friday. Given the team’s league position a win against Everton is vital but if there’s still a cloud hanging over the future of the club I fear it will transmit to the players.

    The team and all the supporters need a lift. It’s been a horrendous time. May justice be swift and true.

  3. Hey Jim, today may not be the main day but apparently today’s hearing is scheduled for 2 hours so it seems to be more significant than people expected.

    It seems the RBS have started the days proceedings.

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