Premier League statement on NESV and LFC

The Premier League have issued a statement tonight that confirms they are satisfied with the credentials – so far – of prospective new Liverpool owners New England Sports Ventures.

Their statement in full:

The Premier League has met with the owners and directors of New England Sports Ventures (NESV) regarding their proposed takeover of Liverpool FC and has received details, in accordance with Premier League Rules, of the proposed company and ownership structure as well as the make-up of the new Board.

The Premier League is satisfied, with the information provided, that the individuals NESV intend to put in place in the event they complete their takeover of Liverpool FC meet the criteria set out in our Owners’ and Directors’ Test.

The Board of the Premier League will continue working with Liverpool FC in regard to this process, however, we are aware that the formal completion of this takeover is yet to be resolved and it is therefore inappropriate for us to offer any further comment at this time.

Although this means one major obstacle in the way of this takeover has been overcome, there are still a number of other obstacles to be scaled, not least of which is the legal action between Tom Hicks and the remainder of the LFC board which is expected to get underway early next week.

This club’s future is still some way from being decided and with that in mind, don’t forget to keep clicking on and watching the “Dear Mr Hicks” movie:

Don’t take anything for granted. Keep fighting our good fight.

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  1. The sooner this is resolved the better. We will be able to take our focus on this debacle and go back to the real battle on the field, of which Hodgson as disappointed us badly!!

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