Mike Jefferies: Tell Tom Hicks what you think of him

Mike JefferiesAs reported earlier, Mike Jefferies and Dan Hubbard have teamed up to make a film that they are determined will save Liverpool from the troubles it faces because of the ownership and the debt.

They want supporters to come down to town this weekend and get involved and they’ve already got some famous names lined up to take part.

The following message from Mike Jefferies, with some slight pre-watershed editing in case you want to read it at work, explains in more detail what exactly the project is, how quickly it will hit the net and what the motivation for it all is.

So Tom Hicks wants to refinance and hang on to LFC. Hasn’t he got the message? Doesn’t he know he has become the most despised person on Merseyside since Kelvin f*****g McKenzie?

Doesn’t he realise the damage he’s doing to our club?

Just look at what he’s been doing:

  • He promised that the acquisition of LFC would not be a Glazer-Style LBO. It ended up being as bad – if not worse – with all the debt being loaded onto the club’s balance sheet. The net result is that the club is now up to its ears in debt. And it could get worse!
  • He’s been behind a policy to sell many top players and replace them with (significantly) cheaper alternatives. This, despite promises of “Snoogy Doogy” and “Big Summer 2010”.
  • Despite promises made to the contrary, he’s failed to start work on a new stadium – despite circa $100M being spent on Architect fees (hmm… wonder what happened to all that dosh?)
  • He and GG have been paying themselves colossal expenses and charging vast sums spent on Jollies to the club.
  • He undermined Rafa Benitez by (scandalously) having public discussions with a possible successor, Jurgen Klinsman.
  • He resorted to classless nepotism and appointed an idiot son to the Board of Directors, who soon had to resign after sending an email to a fan in which he wrote: “Blow me f*** face”.
  • He’s treated the King with sheer disrespect. Apparently he has “bigger things” in mind for KD than being Manager of LFC.
  • He’s embarrassed the hell out of us in the media (and amongst our peers) with endless reports of trying (unsuccessfully) to shop the club like a clapped out second hand car – all over the world from Hong Kong to India, and from Saudi Arabia to the good old USA. Even to Syria! Everyone’s said no. Because of his ridiculous valuation(s).

The above list of ‘Crimes Against LFC’ is pretty shocking. And it’s why we are now languishing above the relegation zone. Possibles - Mike Myers and Samuel L JacksonAnd out of the Carling Cup (to fourth Division Northampton… @ home!). And with no Champions League football. And not much likelihood of it next season.

But Tom Hicks doesn’t care. He has the biggest “F*** You” attitude you’ll ever see. He doesn’t care about our club (except it’s valuation). He doesn’t care about the players or the fans. Or our history. Or our heritage. Or our future.

By trying to refinance – instead of showing some class and cutting a reasonable deal with someone and cutting his losses – he is saying “f*** you”.

So what should we say in reply?


The only way we – as fans and stakeholders – can get him to change his arrogant mindset is to give him a bloody nose. And shame him and embarrass him in front of his family, friends, business associates, investors, and political contacts etc. And of course in the media. Especially in the USA. Especially in Texas!

He doesn’t give a sh*t what we do in Liverpool….

We have to take this to him in America!

Therefore, I just flew up from Cape Town last night to come to Liverpool to make a short film here this weekend in which Liverpool fans and stakeholders will tell Tom Hicks – and the world! – exactly what they think of him.

And when friends of Tom Hicks see it, they will either start asking him some very painful questions, or they’ll no longer take his calls. We are going to shame him and hit him where it f*****g hurts.

Confirmed: Scot WilliamsLiverpool fans everywhere are coming together this weekend with LOADS (!) of local celebs, former players, high profile Redmen, actors, musicians, politicians and everyone who cares about our unique football club to send a simple, powerful and definitve message to Tom Hicks: GET OUT OF OUR CLUB.

But we want the fans to be included too. So if YOU want to come along and tell Tom Hicks what you think of him, we will be filming on Saturday from 10.00am – 6.00pm at the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. Please form an orderly queue and be prepared for a wait….

And we’ll be filming on Sunday too around the ground and in the pubs. [Including 9am-noon at the Hope Street Hotel]

Our aim is to work night and day so that we can have the film uploaded onto YouTube by Tuesday and we would like the fans to then email the URL to their entire address books. Spread the word! To the media. To the financial community. To everyone. To the f*****g world!

Imagine if we can get a MILLION HITS on YouTube! If we achieve that, then we can rest assured that everyone who counts will know that Tom Hicks is utterly despised. And more importantly, Tom Hicks will know….

Walk on Tom. Jog on Tom. F*** off Tom. We are LIVERPOOL!!!

33 thoughts on “Mike Jefferies: Tell Tom Hicks what you think of him”

  1. I’m from Singaproe and can’t make it to Liverpool this weekend. But anyway, we will f**k him from far east.

    For those who can make it this weekend. please put in additional load for us.


  2. Fantastic idea to use film and You Tube. Unfortunately can’t join as I am
    in Malaysia. But fully support this film to hurt Hicks and teach him a lesson
    he will not forget.It will alsosend a message toany new owners to support
    LFC and not undermine the fan base. Good luck!

  3. hicks and gillette have treated liverpool fc as a cash cow, when there gone which will be sooner rather then later liverpools books need looking through with a fine toothcomb to see how much money has disapeared illegaly. they are the most loathed and despiced pair of idiots ever to set foot in liverpool.

  4. What Tom Hicks and Paul Finch (played to the perfection by actor Eddie Kaye Thomas) from the movie ‘American Pie’ have in common?

    Both are ‘motherf…..s!’ Except Finch was literally one hehe

  5. Sorry I can’t be there at the weekend, I am in Australia but, have been an avid fan for the past 65 years.

    I am very pleased to read that the likes of Mike Jefferies
    and others are useing their skills to further get the message of just what H&G have and are doing to this wonderful club.

    My greatest concern is that these kind of people have the contacts and money to win, no matter how much they are despised by the entity they buy with the fans money, for that is what it is ultimatley, the fans pay the principal and interest eventually. My hope is that in this case they fail.

  6. Cant wait to see this film! Hope the message hits home.

    Do one you f****ing a***hole, get out of our club!

  7. It has been reported that Citi Bank & Deutsche Bank securities have underwritten the IPO for Hicks’ ‘blank cheque’ Acquisition II Company. This would imply that the money was already available for Hicks to pay down the RBS debt if he chose to do so and retain control. Can anyone provide a professional comment?

  8. Jim,

    I think it’s a bit strange all people seem to have forgot Gillett in all of this and all are concentrating about Hicks. I still think Gillett is the worse of the monsters.
    He’s a real snake, isn’t he..? And he could very well be behind all of what has happened and is happening now behind the scenes. He’s just managed in his usual snakey way to get all the attention to Hicks.

  9. Are Daniel Craig and Clive Owen going? That would make an impact as well you know. I hope they know about this.

    Too bad I can’t go being in Singapore.

  10. I’m michael oboh,a long time fan of liverpool fc from nigeria.i’ll have loved to come to liverpool to render my full,but i’m in africa fasting and praying for us to succeed in our quest to kick out hicks and gillett.f**k them both and they shall surely reap misfortune and down fall in the future for what they’ve done to us.

  11. Good effort this. Since I can’t get to liverpool I’ll be ready on youtube to get H&G off our club!!

  12. Great to see the LFC brotherhood together here, the people are thieves and we must get them out!!!!!, all over the world people feel our pain!!!!

  13. “despite circa $100M being spent on Architect fees”

    There is no way in the world that they have spent $100M for architects. Can we get a source on this figure please?

    I have seen all the work that was done, and it would be in the order of $1-2M at the most. It would cost less than $5M for architects for the entire project to completion.

  14. i wish people wouldnt resort to cheap xenophobia. i despise the owners too, but their nationality and what state they are from have nothing to do with their terrible ownership. i love liverpool, and respect the city and its people, but it’s not utopia there. i think you should be a bit more proactive in setting those people straight Jim.

    “You may all go to hell and I’l go to Texas”- Davy Crockett

  15. i have supported liverpool since 1955, i have seenthe many changes at liverpool. i am very sad at what is happening. its time this stopped and the americans,stood up for hat is good for LIVERPOOL FC and not them selves. sell the club now, and get us back to the greatness, that the club and their supporters deserve. i am and always be a Liverpool supporter and fan.
    peter williams

  16. Nik,

    I think the figure will refer to “costs relating to the proposed new stadium”. As at 31/7/2009 that was £45.5m, according to the club’s accounts for 2008-09. As old as that is, it’s the latest official figure that’s out there. This is somewhere around 70 to 75 million dollars at today’s rates.

  17. @ David Miller

    I’m not an expert but I do know that the shareholders and warrant holders will have to vote through whatever Hicks Acquisition II decides to invest in.

    And I seriously doubt they’d be able to see a return from investing in Liverpool. So it’s a not a threat imho.

  18. Great idea – hopefuly this will have the desired effect, Hicks and Gillett realize they can’t delay the sale any longer looking for a massive profit and just cut the loss and bail. We need owners who give a toss and have the money to back the managers and fans vision for the future and bringing LFC back to the top of european football.

  19. Wow thing go from bad to worse< Jim is it time to start looking at what roy is up to, or its still to early??? Pepe has had 102 shoots to his goal in the first 7 PL games, opposed to 55 of last year. our strong point was the defance but not anymore.

  20. unbelievable. what a comfort it is to know that Cecil was running the managerial results, and look at this. and now we are to trust him to sell the club to the right bidder?

  21. Here I am in New Zealand, having just watched the Blackpool match! Can things get any worse for our beloved club? Thank god we have such great supporters, like those organising the film this weekend. Eventually we will prevail and we will get rid of the American b*******s. I hope that those of you on the ground doing the protesting know that you have massive suppport fro right around the world. I’ve always tried to back the team and the mnager even through the hard times but I have to say now it’s time to Bring Back King Kenny!!

  22. we need to get them out as soon as possible or we will go even deeper and deeper into the abys. just go and let some one run the club who loves it even if they dont have billions. just enough to give us a chance, a fighting chance. which at present is not in sight.

  23. Tom Hicks its time to do the honourable thing and go. Please. If you have any respect or dignity as a man you’ll realise the pain you’re causing the great fans of one of the worlds greatest sporting institutions! Please. Enoughs enough. You’re destroying our great club with your inability to take us to a higher level, in these tough financial times. Regain some respect and pass the baton on to someone who can. Please. Thank you..

  24. Liverpool are going to get relegated the way things are going and it is down to those f’ing yanks. They must go before Hodgson does since they are the ones who got rid of a great manager who never had a chance to bring back the club’s old dominance. They have appointed Hodgson who will lead the players and fans into relegation unless decent owners and directors can bring the club back to the old settled state like it was in the 80s. We need the new stadium too where the fans will stand mightily tall in it’s steep new and high kop stand – where our fans will bring back some of the old atmosphere when the kop really did stand tall and frighten the opposition!

  25. I am an American fan that loves English football. I am a Chelsea supporter, but I think it is terrible what is going on at Liverpool and I think it is absolutely disgraceful that Hicks has the nerve to want to hold on to Liverpool after all the damage he has caused. I hope he finally gets the message and gets the hell out of Liverpool! Please don’t think all Americans are like this because we are not. In fact, I know several Americans that are Liverpool supporters and they are very angry and upset at what is going on. That is really all I have to say. I just hope everything works out because Liverpool FC and its fans deserve better than this!

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