Get in the movies and send a message to LFC owners

The campaign to oust Tom Hicks and George Gillett from their positions as co-owners of Liverpool FC continues to gain momentum.

Hicks and GillettRBS have a decision to make next month: extend the finance or go with the Red majority and take the club out of its owners’ hands.

But that decision will be taken out of the bank’s hands if Tom and George can somehow, from somewhere, find a backer that allows them to refinance and pay RBS off.

So at the same time as campaigning to make sure RBS know what their decision must be, Liverpool supporters are campaigning and working to make sure nobody else comes along, takes pity, and takes the decision away from RBS.

Liverpool fans the world over have helped to push the story under the noses of bank executives across the globe. Last week the story was placed firmly into the faces of literally thousands of US media contacts.

Email has been an important tool. Twitter and Facebook have helped push it that little bit more. Next up – YouTube.

But it’s not going to be just any old YouTube video.

Casting Director Dan Hubbard (King Kong, The Damned United, The Bourne Ultimatum and more) and Hollywood Producer & Director Mike Jefferies are both massive Liverpool supporters. And that means they’ve also had just about enough of the situation too. And they’re going to do something about it.

But, as with every part of this whole campaign, they need your help.

Are you in Liverpool this weekend? Can you be in Liverpool this weekend?

They’re making a film, they want it to go viral, they want you to star in it.

It’s not just about the famous faces they’ve approached to join in, it’s about all fans – all fans who want an end to this nightmare.

Get yourself down to the Hope Street Hotel in town this weekend.

Saturday: 10am-6pm.
Sunday: 9am-Noon.

It won’t take long – unless there’s a queue. And it’ll be a queue worth joining.

Don’t forget, there’s a game being played on Sunday, with a protest before, during and after, but if you can spare some extra time and make it to the hotel during those times it could literally be the difference between success and failure.

Success is a move towards getting our club back. Failure – forget failure. We’ll win this one – because we’re all getting together to make sure we do.

The twelfth man isn’t just the Kop for this. It’s all of us, wherever we are.

If you absolutely can’t get involved this weekend don’t worry. You’ll be needed when the movie is done. You’ll be needed to help spread the word.

But do what you can to get down.

And do what you can to spread the word.

We will get our club back.

16 thoughts on “Get in the movies and send a message to LFC owners”

  1. Mike Jefferies ambition is to get 1 Million + hits on YouTube after the viral film is released on Tuesday. I will be sending it out to everyone I know as soon as it is released. LFC fans to unite and let’s see how TH reacts.

    Mike is right and we need to take the focus to the media outlets in the states to embarras Waldorf & Stadler in their home turf as they simply do not care what happens in Liverpool.

    Tom has already taken his hometown club Texas Rangers to bankruptcy and he will be fighting tooth and nail to keep hold of LFC. We can’t allow him to do this and the next month is crucial if we realistically want to be playing at the top end of the league.

    Reading about the TH Acquisition II company he has set up makes me sick. He lacks any class whatsoever and has made us a laughing stock. Will he ever give up?

    Will RBS really let go of a cash cow if they have received over £60 million in interest payments alone?

    Over £40million spent already on a stadium that does not have a single brick is obscene and a digrace to the may boards that have supposedly run LFC the last 10 years.

    The real battle is off the pitch in October. Can this be the month that we change ownership? So may permutations but I live in hope as LFC must be attractive to the right owner at the right price.

    The non owner board members have a HUGE TASK on their shoulders as the next few weeks will define their careers. We cannot continue as we are otherwise we will be staring into the abyss.

    I always thought Roy should be judged after 10 games in the league to get an idea of his tactics and game play. Our lack of striking options was always going to come back and bite us. Ngog seemed to be stepping up in the first few games but we need experience and real quality in times of need.

    The last few matches we have been defending far too deep and inviting pressure onto us. The blackpool game is a massive one as another abject display will be soul destroying. Gerrard has been immense and without him, we could have lost the Sunderland game and looking at the league table (however embryonic it may be) is hard to take.

    We need the players to show some grit and determination and the attitude of some players has really disappointed me. The defensive set up (for the last 2 years now) particularly at home is far too cautious with 2 holding midfielders.

    We desperately need some real width and speed to our attacking play.

    This clus is unique and special and will rise above everything. The Reds fans need to unite and make the next few weeks count.

  2. Jim…keep up the great work as I have noticed the website has had a lot of national press recently following the RBS poll that you ran.

    Love the site and long may it continue.

  3. Agree with Red Storm…great work Jim.

    I’m very impressed with how the campaign has kicked on this past week. I will try and get down to Hope St on Sat.

  4. Loads of people are working very hard in their own different ways, very few are letting any kind of personal rivalries or petty arguments get in the way, some amazing unity being shown. It’s a bad time for the club, really bad, but at the same time there’s been so much to see of what makes this club special, from its fans, it’s been genuinely inspiring.

    We’ll win this.

  5. Living in the US for 8 years now I’ve felt helpless since H&G took control. I have been inspired by your work Jim. Keep it up!

    I never used Twitter before today but I have already sent the news story about the video being made to ESPN New York, and many other news agencies as well as on facebook to all my friends. You’re right……WE’LL WIN THIS ONE!

  6. Really looking forward to seeing the back of the yanks.
    Good to see fans stateside spreading the word to people like ESPN.
    I think the outcome of the protests and movie this weekend will be instrumental in getting RBS to call in the loans and eventually disassociate itself with all the bad publicity.

    The one thing we should all be fearful of is if hicks somehow comes up with the funds to hold on, then it doesn’t matter what we do at this time.

    Roll on judgement day, keep the faith, patience isn’t something I’m big on at the minute but apparently the best things come to those who wait, or so I’m told.

    Heads up.

    See you Saturday and Sunday.

  7. RBS would be foolish to not call in the loan. They would lose a lot of business worldwide as there are many Liverpool supporters around the world. There is nothing worse than bad publicity for a bank in these trying times.

  8. it is time the two yanks were gone we need to be competing with the rest of the top clubs these two dont care at all rbs should have called in the loan ages ago and this would have been sorted out by now when dic wanted to buy the club so the sooner the better they find new owners the better then we can carry on making the club better and bigger and have new players and new ground too and show those hicks and gillett what should be going on here at anfield

  9. i’ll not be able to make it as i’m not in the UK right now. pls get it done as soon as possible. i’ll spread it as soon as it’s posted.

    thanks and keep this up. we need all the help we can get.


  10. I am a massive reds fan from Barbados and it is driving me crazy just sitting here seeing and reading what these two rasholes are doing to my beloved club. I wish I could be there to attend this filming, however all who can attend please do so, you all have my backing— one love….

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