Broughton responds to criticism of Rafa’s departure

The following email has been sitting in the Anfield Road inbox for a day-and-a-half now. As the hours have ticked by the sense of bemusement at what it contains has grown.

In the wake of the board’s decision last week to get rid of manager Rafael Benítez whilst retaining the services of the (temporary) managing director Christian Purslow, it was felt necessary to vent some anger at the man whose name was on the announcement. That man being the new Chairman, Martin Broughton.

The email pointed out that if Rafa Benítez had been considered a failure, surely Christian Purslow was one too? Wasn’t his main task, the main point he was hired, to find some new investment for the club? People who’ve spoken to him will recall how Purslow bigged himself up as some kind of saviour from the owners and their own failings.

Yet Purslow is said to have completely ignored a genuine, firm, proposal to finance the new stadium. Maybe there’s a good reason why the kind of person with access to funding for a £300m stadium isn’t even worth meeting up with when urgently looking for £100m investment in the club.

If the email had been sent a day or two later it may not have been written with quite the same tone. The anger was at Christian Purslow still being in his job as much as the departure of Benítez. The email was sent with thoughts about leaks from “senior sources” fresh in the mind. The email was sent because there would have been enough evidence of those leaks and that failure for Broughton to act and to end that temporary appointment.

He had the power, yet the line coming from the club was that he was only there to sell the club. The senior source was very insistent that his new boss wasn’t really his boss, just there to sell the club.

And that begged the question – was the chairman just there to sell the club, or did he have the power to do far more? He certainly seemed to be involved in the removal of Benítez, so why was Purslow still there?

The subject of the note captured the emotions of the moment: “Thank you for killing my club”.

And the note called, in no uncertain terms, for Broughton to resign and to take Purslow with him.

No reply was expected.

There was no obligation for the Chairman to reply, but to give him his due he did reply. It took him a week, but he’s said to only work one day per week for the club so that’s not an unreasonable timeframe.

He completely ignored the criticism of Purslow, perhaps because he couldn’t find a way to defend that criticism. But he wanted to defend his involvement in the removal of the manager, explaining that although his “principle remit” was to find those new owners, he was still Chairman.

So that justified his involvement and closed any doubt as to how much of a part he can play in the running of the club. If it’s important enough, he can get involved. If it’s a board matter, he’s the Chairman; it’s his job to lead the board.

But when it came to justifying the decision to let the manager go his justification was a bigger surprise than actually getting a reply.

The expectation might have been for him to list the number of games lost, the points dropped or league positions moved downwards. Maybe a mention of large parts of the squad being unhappy with the manager (which it now turns out is not as likely to have been the case as some previously claimed) or even a vague mention of how all parties involved had discussed the situation and reluctantly decided it would be better for all concerned to part company.

But no, it was none of those reasons.

He wrote: “I’m sorry you think like that but you are entitled to your opinion. I note your opinion doesn’t seem to be shared by the media.”


So forget results, performances, transfer spend or (in this club’s case) transfer profit. Forget team spirit, supporter feelings and ticket sales. None of that is as important as checking those back pages.

Does that include the stories including the obvious briefings against the manager from “senior figures inside the boardroom”?

Is this how Liverpool Football Club now hires and fires its managers? It checks the media for their view?

It analyses the views of all those ex-players, many of them paid to be outspoken or asked leading questions to get them to answer a certain way?

Does it exclude the articles by writers who support this club and have always known how it works? Not the ones with axes to grind or revenge to be served, the good ones. Does it include the articles by those journalists who had clearly been briefed by “senior sources” against the manager?

There’s not a great deal to add to that really.

Except for this: Listen to those ex-players now. Some of them agree with you that Rafa had to go. Some of them don’t. But they all want you to choose Kenny Dalglish as the next manager. Very few of them can see a reason to put Roy Hodgson or Martin O’Neill above the man who really does know how this club works.

The one man, as it happens, who might just help you to sell this club – assuming you want to sell it.

The only man who can really bring unity back to the supporters. The only candidate to have won the league. The man who has a lot of unfinished business to get on with.

The man who knows how to deal with the media. Ask Kelvin McKenzie about that one. Actually don’t, because nobody from this club should speak to Kelvin McKenzie, and he knows this. Kenny told him.

You’re better with Kenny on your side than against you.

He might even teach you how to make better use of the media.

The email from Martin Broughton, email addresses removed for obvious reasons.

Date: 10 June 2010 12:40
Subject: Re: Thank you for killing my club
To: Jim Boardman <  >


I’m sorry you think like that but you are entitled to your opinion.

I note your opinion doesn’t seem to be shared by the media.

You may also recall that I am Chairman with the principle remit of finding a new and suitable owner for the club. I am nevertheless Chairman and I’m surprised you don’t seem to think that releasing the manager from his contract is a Board matter.

Martin Broughton

111 thoughts on “Broughton responds to criticism of Rafa’s departure”

  1. @ Ryan- I was talking bout Broughton not H+G. So please tell me why there can be no conspiracy?

    When you lose there will always be fans saying this or that should have been done. Where were all those fans when we went to the CL final with Kuyt, Pennant etc.? Again ONE SEASON does not make a bad manager. The fact that you fail to grasp this after the 2nd time shows that you are what is commonly known as the ‘fickle fan’. FYI Rafa wanted to buy a striker over the summer with the money he got from selling gplayers but after being promised money would be there he was told otherwise before the the close of the transfer window.

  2. @ Jack

    If the campaign against the RBS were to take off it would definitely need somebody like SOS to regulate it.

    Fans would need to see some of the results f their hard work e.g again an example would be knowing that lets say 1000 people have closed their accounts to date.

    Up to now even though there has been a campaign against the RBS it doesnt really seem streamlined and co-ordinated enough to work or worry RBS.

    I don’t think the bank would welcome the bad publicity at this current time and if they actually started losing customers they would have to sit up and take notice.

  3. @Ryan

    In sporting related terms I bet a couple of months ago nobody related to the snooker world would have believed that John Higgins could have been capable of taking bribes and rigging snooker games. But it happened.

    So why is it so inconceivable that Martin Broughton wouldn’t come in do his job by selling the club and in the mean time with his inside knowledge of the clubs financial desperation give Chelsea enough information to have them pursue Torres.

    In fact if Torres were to leave I would insist that we would sell him to any club but Chelsea because as I’ve said previously on this site that surely represents a conflict of interests given that Broughtons a life-long dedicated Chelsea fan.

  4. The problem is that the Yanks and the Skanks have ruined this club so utterly that it is hard for any liverpool fan to feel any kind of support for the club they once loved. We just don’t know who we’re supporting- H+G? Purslow? Boughton? The Club? our players? our manager? our ex-manager? this club is so twisted and distorted that taking any kind of action other than shooting tom hicks in the face seems futile in terms of showing support for this club.

  5. SOS should sell anti H&G and reclaim our club memorabilia to help fund a takeover of the club!!!
    Not only would fans stop buying official club merchandise which only helps to remove the debt problems it will help us reclaim the club. i.e anyone that buys an item will have some entitlement to the club, whether they take donations or use other money.

  6. first of all i `ll ask Mr brougthon when he said that the media had to do alot with rafa benitez being sacked so why did`nt he let rafa go earlier in the season when the media was scrutinizing every move he made

    And also i like to hear what rafa has to say what went on behind the scene and when they promised he would get money to spend on new players thats what hicks said not that he didn`t get money he isn`t even here anymore

    And how can we have a chelsea fan running our club its just ridiculas

  7. What a negative load of drivel. 90% of the fans I’ve spoken to are thrilled Rafa has gone as am I. He was too political as are SOS. They like Rafa because he played them like an instrument, using the fans dislike of H&G to his own ends. KD is not a career coach but appears to be an opportunist who fancies the £80k pw that the position brings. LFC need the best manager available and that appears to be Woy Hodgeson or Sven (lock up your women) Erickson. Either would I believe do a decent job and with the sale of Masch,Kuyt,Babel and Insua and the money used to add 3 or 4 quality players plus Jovanovic, I beleive a decent manager would have us challenging for the title. Purslow and Broughton are professionals doing a good job and I for one thank them. They managed to get a devisive flawed manager with a water tight contract to leave for £10m less than he was entitled, Good job guys. Yesterday my wife joined the SOSOS group, (Sick of Spirit of Shankly) Think I’ll join up today!

  8. Haha! Didn’t know Mr Osbourne was a red. You sure Sharon’s said you can join SOSOS?

  9. We are now stuck between a rock and a hard place.. RBS are the only ones who can move this whole sorry episode forward. They need to call in the debt now and force those two yankie arseholes to sell the club at a more realistc selling price. LFC should not be used to to the cover the losses of Hick’s other business failures in America (i.e.Texas Rangers!). Fans need to focus on putting pressure on the RBS as they are the ones who hold the key to resolving this shambolic mess. I fear if torres or Stevie are sold, the money will go straight into the pockets of those blood sucking leaches. Purslow and Broughton are also a waste of space…they need to appoint Kenny or go – tossers!

  10. I’m so sad to see so many LFC fans arguing with each other on this blog! One thing’s for sure with all fans, is the good riddence of the owners H/G with immediate effect and that’s not quick enough!

    Broughton Chairman of LFC is, and nobody can deny, a lifelong Chelsea fan! Is that good for LFC? No it certainly is NOT: Fact!

    Purslow: brought in to bring new investment! Promised during the last campaign that he found new investors and investment for the good of LFC and the January window (excluding the new sponsors). Where are they or where is it? Nothing happened, Fact! Oh I forgot, Maxi on a Free.

    H/G brought this pair in with the bank’s help: Fact!

    Mr Hodgson is a second rate manager and not world class: Fact!

    If the only man who commands respect from our top players and doesn’t get the job! He’ll walk and so will the top players! Who’s the man: Dalglish. Fact!

    Where does that leave Liverpool Football Club (with the above mentioned in charge) at the the beginning of next season if it’s not sold: Ruined beyond repair: Fact! YNWA

  11. zz wtf is a chelsea fan working in liverpool’s management?? of course he’ll sell off torres to chelsea.. every chelsea fan would :p..

    i feel sorry for rafa.. i just couldn’t blame him for all the problems we had this season, but he truely was a great liverpool manager.. donating nearly 100k Euro’s to the 96″ incident.. Thank you rafa for the best night eva during 2005 and the best premier league season ever during 2008-09.. you’ll clearly never will be forgotten from the true loyal red fans..

    But i do blame him for loving untalented players like lucas.. overplaying kuyt too much (wtf is kuyt doing as a fking winger anyway, he use to dominate last time in feyenord as a striker).. giving less playtime to Yossi and Babel.. to left out Riera out from the squad just because he criticise rafa’s tactics “a sinking ship” is plain stupid imo, give him more playing time and proof to him that he’s wrong.. and keeping aquilani on the bench and choose not to play him when his fit?? he’s our 17m buy, no point buying such a high priced injury prone midfielder and prefering against a shitty defensive midfield (lucas) …I’ve seen him play before at roma, partner him with the likes of de rossi and they’re deadly..

    the players as well were very dissapointing, especially the one that guided us to victory during the 2005 CL Final, Stevie G.. most of us were underperforming (what a briliant pass from gerrard to drogba, similiar to carlton cole to defoe ROFLMAO)

    Rafa’s trying his best to use what he has right now and he failed to do so and i blame the yanks because for that, Alonso was also a key figure in our midfield but his heart desires a move to real madrid, and imo he’s performing very good right now there.. u can see madrid’s midfield performing utterly horrible without him.. but i dont think just because alonso is gone, we’re bad.. we’ve trashed united 4-1 last season with lucas and mascherano combination in midfield :p..
    conclusion wise.. our players this season have completely bad form and our el-nino is injured all the time.. and even so, he was performing lower than usual.. missing/fumbling most chances to score during crucial times (against the likes of arsenal,chelsea) compared to what he did with ease last season and the time when he arrived in liverpool 😀

    as for the transfer critics.. the yanks clearly haven’t given us enough money to strengthen our squad..
    i’d say get them out.. bring some new owners with fresh loads of $$.. and get dalglish in as manager..
    i’d prefer him than roy hudgson.. why??
    he’s the only manager that won us the last division title :p

  12. Broughton said when he was appointed, he expected the sale of the club to be concluded in a matter of months? Not heard much from him lately regarding his progres?
    It would be nice if he let the fans know how he is getting along with the job he was appointed to carry out?

  13. Most of the comments posted on here make me ashamed to be a liverpool fan….I can’t stick that Kanwar guy but some of the ridiculous, unfounded, (and worryingly racist) stuff spouted from the other extreme here is pathetic. I genuinely worry for the future of the club, but part of me is relieved that Rafa is gone. Yes his reign brought certain success and competitiveness to the club but between rafa and houllier it has been a long time since I’ve seen a liverpool side play consistently attractive football. Rafa is a great coach and will be remembered as such but always surrendered style in exchange for dull efficacy (and even that deserted us last season). The club is in trouble but spreading wrongheaded ignorance and paranoia about broughton and purslow’s roles at the club is pointless. Do something positive with your time and for your club instead of perpetuating this negative shit online. That’s the true Liverpool Way.

  14. Hi Jim – there has been a worrying anti US undercurrent on various blogs (usually posters not the bloggers) and I just think this continued referencing of ‘yanks’ and ‘yankees’ leads to stupid shit happening, like american flags being burnt outside anfield….h&g should quite rightly be denigrated for what they have done to the club but when their race is used as a signifier or a precursor to insult i.e. yankee scum etc – one can appear quite bigoted.

  15. Karim – If the wicked 4 at Anfield wanted to hire someone to defend their position on supporters websites, they should gone for someone with a higher IQ than the room temperature. But that would have taken away a bit of profit and bonuses!! You say [im one of rafas biggest fans but his grumblings with the board pissed me right off.] Really? Did the repeated false promises of this gang ever p*** you off? Were you ever p***** off by the fact that all we could buy were free Bosmans or players costing less than 2m like Kyriacos, Ngog, etc. then expect to beat teams that were buying top players in the world? Did the looting of the club’s finances by H&G with free trips to matches ever bother you. But Benitez bringing this to the attention of supporters bothered you. Next is your masterpiece [he should have been sacked imo the moment we sold alonso, what on earth was he thinking???] Well he was thinking of buying Barry but was not given the money to do so. Meanwhile Alonso just wanted to leave. Has Alonso ever claimed that he was forced out? You need spend time with the mentally retarded Riera. Both will make a perfect match. Finally, if “Bought-from-Chelsea-ton” sacked Rafa on media reports, he should take a look at every website like this. His dismissal and that of Purslow should follow by tomorrow morning. If you are a Liverpool supporters, which I don’t accept, even more shame on you then!!!!
    I agree with the suggestion that SOS should start selling anti HGBP stuff and all supporters should buy that instead of the official stuff. Money earned should be kept as a trust until new ownership arrives.

  16. The fact that all of the above (Hicks, Gillette, Broughton, and possibly Purslow, too) should be shown the door is irrelevant in the decision to sack the manager.

    Rafa had to go for a variety of reasons: he failed to improve the results; he failed to improve the squad; and he lost the dressing room. I won’t forget any of that, but what has been even worse over the past couple of years has been the way in which he sold the club short: the suggestions that he has doubled the value of the club; that he has improved the squad, when he left us in no better position that Houllier did; the constant complaining, making excuses, and airing dirtly linen; and the constant suggestions that Liverpool FC should be satisfied with second place, fourth place, or even less.

    Benitez came with pedigree and he did well in some respects, but he never truly appreciated the culture and heritage of Liverpool FC and that’s why I’m glad to see the back of him. And I’ll be just as glad to see that back of you and your SOS sheep, too. You might watch/attend the games and you might buy the merchandise, but you don’t understand what it means to be Liverpool FC.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  17. Rob,

    I do understand what you mean, and on top of that I’ve also often thought it must be off-putting to any potential buyer from the US (if there are any).

    I think most people who use the word “Yanks” really do just think of those two Americans who own the club when they say it, there’s nothing particularly sinister in what they’re saying. But it would have been better avoided from the off, no doubt at all.

  18. Rob – Did you ever lodge a similar protest when most bitter blues and some dirty reds continuously refered to Benitez as the “fat Spanish Waiter”? If you are trying to divert attention from the central issue, it is too late for that.

  19. James – reading your msg followed YWNA reminded me of Hicks & Gilliette wearing the YWNA scarfs around their necks at Anfield!

  20. Oh, and by the way, if you really want to rid Liverpool FC of Hicks and Gillette, the solution doesn’t involve protesting, threatening, or even boycotting the likes of RBS. Just stop going to Anfield.

    This might scare some of you who are frightened of missing the mediocre dross that has been served up on the pitch over the past twelve months, but think about it as an investment in the future. Starving the Yanks of their mighty dollar is the only leverage that we fans still have over them: the only way that we can cut the cancer out of this club.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  21. James,

    Explain “SOS sheep” if you will.

    Also, if you don’t mind, explain what part of “the culture and heritage of Liverpool FC” he didn’t understand.

    This article wasn’t intended to defend Benitez to any great extent. The initial email was sent the day he was sacked. The reply came a week later. Most of the other comments you make have been debated to death and now that he’s gone there’s little point at all in wasting much more time debating them now. But to say the part of the owners and the two board members you mention is “irrelevant” is rather odd. He lost the dressing room? So the media claimed, well, some parts of it, not all of it, and not those most clued-up about goings on in that dressing room. Hence the annoyance at the comment from Broughton.

    Benitez has gone – so what are your views on the club’s hierarchy “airing the dirty linen”? I think there were more examples from them than from Benitez since he got his new contract. He’s gone, so that’s over, but will the club’s hierarchy carry on as before?

    Another question I’ll ask you: You suggest it’s wrong to accept second place or less. Will the next manager find it easy to make Liverpool finish first then? In fact is that what the fans should expect?

    Anyway, looking forward to your explanation of what it means to be Liverpool FC. (It’s about more than putting YNWA at the end of a message by the way).

    And then seeing how you marry that up to the behaviour of the club’s hierarchy, especially over the last year.

  22. Hey Rob, if you see American flags being burned outside the ‘Kop’ you have my permission to and tell those bigoted ignorant morons to stop it and demonstrate the Liverpool way! Oh, bye the bye, the Liverpool way went out of the ‘window’ when H/G took over the club, Fact!

    All red fans can have their opinion about the state of the club, and I don’t think they’re perpetuating negativity at all! Simply because they’re showing what you call passion for the club and not ignorant paranoia as you suggest!

  23. Kaleem, I had made my point in a prior post and was merely responding to Jim. Given the lengthy, rambling diatribe you’ve served up, I’m not entirely sure what your ‘central issue’ is. You seem to have plenty of them!

  24. Hmmm.

    Why would someone posting from the States refer to the owners as “the Yanks” and then tell “we fans” to stop protesting, stop ‘threatening’ and stop going to Anfield. Shortly after referring to “SOS sheep”.

    (As someone pointed out, there’s no saying that a relinquished season ticket would go to the next person on the ST waiting list anyway. Not when Thomas Cook can sell it with a night in a £60 hotel room for up to £400 per game. Far more profit than a season ticket brings in).

  25. Juan, you should take your own advice and not believe everything you read (i.e. this blog). The fact I am thinking the opposite of this blog surely means I am not “willing to believe whatever information is fed to you”. I am not on the side of H+G, Broughton or co, I am interested in LFC alone. The fact is we don’t know what Broughton is doing or what he is achieving be it good or bad so to raise hysteria is not going to resolve anything. The fact he came out up front and stated he was a Chelsea fan surely is a better sign of integrity than not mentioning it, by doing so he knows people will analyse every move between Liverpool and Chelsea, so let’s see what happens in that respect and not burn him at the stake before any guilt is proven. (PS, can we not say the same for Benitez making a play for Liverpool’s players as he knows Liverpool’s valuations of respective players? Personally I think ex-managers should be blocked from signing for the first 6/12 months after leaving a club). And yes, as with you, I would prefer that no deals occur between Liverpool and Chelsea while Broughton is there (more so because that will slightly decrease the chance of Torres leaving)

    Again, why would they risk their reputation just to destroy Liverpool? Or maybe you think Abromovich gave H+G 200m to buy Liverpool and then instructed them to hire Broughton and all with the only intent to destroy Liverpool? And then they will all be hired by Chelsea after job done? At present, I see no more than H+G trying to make a play for the premiership market (perhaps seeing apparent success for those at the mancs) and getting it all wrong (and, finger crossed, as badly wrong as those at the mancs have got it).

    It does appear you prefer guilty till proven innocent

  26. Jack, there is only one person here failing to comprehend what the other is saying, I’m not sure if it is because I’m talking to a kid or someone who is too blinkered in there conspiracy theory to think anything else is possible.

    What I have clearly failed to make you understand is that what he did last season would result in the sack for any manager in any profession so it is not unexpected for it to happen to him. From my own view, I wasn’t concerned it he stayed or went, if he stayed I would expect him to correct the mistakes of last season (and stop his arrogance, public humiliations etc). With him going, I have extra hope that maybe we will play better football and the likes of Lucas won’t get near the squad… either way, I just wanted Liverpool to play better football not spit and curse at people spending 200m to ruin my club…

    FYI, Rafa bought Aquilani for 20m, maybe he should have put that towards a striker, don’t you think??

  27. Rafa can buy what ever Liverpool players he likes, he’ll find a willing seller, mind you i thought he’d lost the dressing room so who would want to go.
    Rafa should have had the money for a another Torres and Aquilani, not have to scrap the barrel for free transfers or cheap alternatives.
    H&G need to go, no question. B&P also Broughton will do when the Bank tells him there pissed off he can’t find a buyer and Purslow the back stabbing media grass will leave when the Fans take over and boot him out.
    These two are not the only commercially savvy business men with good business networks.
    Get rid of the four horse men now!
    SOSOS that’s just crazy! How can any one be sick of fans getting together to offer cheaper travel, kids coaching and getting rid of unsuitable owners.

  28. Lets not kid ourselves the YANKS are not going to take a penny less then £600 million. An investor is not going to pay a penny over £400 million (lets face it you have to be pretty stupid and desperate to pay what the yanks are askingfor). In conclusion, there will be no buyer, the Yanks will continue to suck the life out of the club for years to come. The only way to eliminate the cancer is to have a radical approach. The solution is to devalue the club…boycott, boycott,boycott. boycott matches, boycott merchandise and finally boycott anything that lines the yanks pockets.

    The reality is we are going to be in this predicament for the foreseeable future (maybe years) and the fans will continue to hand over their hard earned cash and moan, moan and moan. WHEN YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON OUR BELOVED CLUB REMEMBER WHERE THAT MONEY IS GOING AND WHAT’S IT USED FOR .


    The yanks are immune to our protests as long as you splash the cash.

    The reality is we are going to be in this predicament for the foreseeable future (maybe years) and the fans will continue to hand over their hard earned cash and moan at the same time.



  29. Roger – on this occasion I think that’s just a coincidence. Anyway it would probably be Jaimes rather than James!

  30. FYI Ryan, The money that was promised was for a player after Aquilani was bought. Maybe you don’t know that Rafa spent less than he sold last summer. Aquilani replaced Alonso.
    As for the conspiracy, I see you have no argument against that. I wonder why.
    You say any manager would be sacked after 1 poor season? Maybe like Shankly? Any fan with a smattering of intelligence will factor into the equation the lack of money to strengthen the squad and as importantly the likes of Man City spending heavily. Something that has probably happened in any league in Europe only a couple of times. Take into the spending of Spurs and Villa and most knowledgable fans will understand the dip at least for 1 year. I guess this kind of reasoning is abit too demanding for some section of the ‘supporters’.
    As for talikng about £200 million. Have you heared of NET spend or are you guys still deaf?
    BTW I also have a suspicion that you are Kanwar. Your arguments are too similar to his.

  31. I was going to give up but couldn’t help myself…

    The fact is Rafa should have been concentrating on getting a striker, now I’m sure he knew what the situation was and concentrated on priorities. And so what if he spent less than what he sold, he’s still spent plenty to have a decent squad, that is a stupid excuse made for those grasping at straws.

    No, I said any manager in any profession would get sacked for the way he performed last season, it’s a matter of persepective. Tell you what, when you go to work tomorrow, bitch about your boss… or publicly humiliate the company you work for… maybe just sit around doing nothing.

    How can the 30+ million he spent be considered no money? Irrespective of where that money came from, it is enough to purchase players to strengthen the squad. Exactly how much do you want before you consider it money? We have had 5 years on City/Spurs spending to have given ourselves and advantage so why did it take one season for them to get us back? How did Arsenal keep ahead when they spend less than us? These are all as good an argument as the one you attempted to put forward, it doesn’t change from the fact has made extensive mistakes over the season but of course, yours is the only valid one because you’re a “knowledgeable” supporter, that’s enough to win any argument, well done!

    As for the 200m I referred to, that was relating to what H+G spent to buy Liverpool but clearly you see Benitez’ spending as a cause for concern that you need to defend it as a “knowledgeable” supporter.

    And yes, I can see why you have the suspicion I am Kanwar, it fits in with all your other well thought out theories… that’s why I need no argument against your existing conspiracy

  32. Ryan your argument has just gone down in flames.

    You say “How can the 30+ million he spent be considered no money? Irrespective of where that money came from”

    So your telling me if Rafa spent 100 million on two players but had to sell 11 first team players to make that 100 million it doesn’t matter where the money came from.

    You need a reality check.

    And as for your next point

    “Tell you what, when you go to work tomorrow, bitch about your boss… or publicly humiliate the company you work for… maybe just sit around doing nothing”

    If your boss was going behind your back to hire someone else for your position even though you had a 5 year contract and you were being constantly backed by your manager I’m pretty sure you would have a winner of a law suit on your hands there and then

  33. Ryan,

    I can certainly see why people might suspect you are Kanwar. The big difference is that Kanwar’s rants are all on Kanwar’s site, which I can (and usually do) choose to ignore.

    And that’s probably the best policy with you too.

  34. How do you get his e-mail address? Could you please send it to me.

    I would also like to add that Roy Hodgson for Liverpool manager? what has he done? I remember when Houllier went and the managerial race was on then.

    Alan Curbishley, Gordon Strachan and Martin O’neil where all linked and Strachan was a strong favorite. On a radio phone-in (legends on century) a fan asked what exactly has he done (at that point led southapmton to the FA final.) Strachan and Curbishley are in managerial wilderness. I agree with some of you about why sack a manager when there is no replacement, I get the feeling an ultimatum was issued by Benitez, but this is just conjecture.

    What we are left with is bad sentiment towards the owners and board, My opinion at the moment is why would anybody want to take the Liverpool job at the moment except a fan? There is pressure from the start to keep two star players, and to do well in the league with the prospects of not very much money.

    I have a funny feeling that Dalgish might be a strong favorite, if reports that he has stepped down from picking the next Liverpool manager and put his hat in are true.. When ever he has been linked he has always said “im not going to prostitute myself for the job, if they want me they will have to ask.” This has always been his tact on taking the Liverpool job.

    Also I would like to remind everyone that some people are saying if we sell Gerrard then that is us as a mid table team. They also said the same about Owen, and how if we got rid of him that was it.

    I hope you have enjoyed this essay. From one slightly worried but loyal Liverpool Fan.


  35. Jim,

    You appear to miss most of the points that I made – deliberately, presumably. Let me explain: –

    Your remark about my being based in the States is a cheap shot and something of a betrayal of privacy, frankly, though I don’t particularly care about that. To answer your question, I’m an Englishman living in the USA. I have a lot of American friends, but I have no connection to the owners (the ‘Yanks.’) Are you so paranoid as to think that every post that comes from these shores originates with Hicks and Gillette?

    I have no affiliations with Jamie Kanwar or any other blogger either, by the way. I view him, Dunk/Koptalk, and you and AnfieldRoad in the same regard. Are you a Newcastle fan, like Dunk?

    SOS wasn’t necessarily aimed at you, because I didn’t see anything directly related to SOS your post, but I won’t rule out your being a Spirit of Shankly sycophant, like a number of your respondents. Spirit of Shankly are a scourge on the great name of Liverpool FC and Bill Shankly would turn in his grave at their militant diatribe, as well as their Munich chants that are posted on YouTube. SOS is just a poor man’s MUST and the quicker they are disbanded the better.

    Your excuse about there being no guarantees about the next destination of your season ticket is just that: an excuse. I can quite understand fans who pay to keep them their season tickets for fear of losing them, but holding a season ticket and going to the game are different matters. I’m not suggesting that anybody should act independently, either; there should be an organized ‘strike’ with fans refusing to attend. Ticket prices are just a slice of match day revenues and the loss of income coupled with scenes of a half-empty Anfield would clearly make H&G think again. ‘BOYCOT’ has got it right.

    Like I said, Broughton, Hicks, Gillette, and maybe Purslow should be shown the door, but you deliberately overlooked that comment, preferring instead to focus on the world ‘irrelevant.’ It was irrelevant because Benitez also needed to be shown the door for the reasons that I explained, but yes, you were implicitly defending him. The only one of the above whom I’m not sure about is Purslow, by the way, but time will tell with him.

    And you missed my point again about accepting second place. There’s a clear difference between coming second and accepting second. The great man (Shankly) once said “First is first, second is nothing.” Benitez spent twelve months holding out second place as an accomplishment, along with a bunch other mostly irrelevant achievements before failing even to make fourth. (And *no* I’m not counting the Champions League victory among them.) There wasn’t an excuse that he didn’t use at some point and he became just like Houllier in defending himself, which is why I couldn’t wait to see the back of him, though I had supported him in the beginning.

    Listen, Jim, the bottom line is that I’m ‘old school’ Liverpool, unlike you and your ilk who have been ‘blogging’ for the past couple of years and who probably think they invented the Internet. I was posting on better web sites than this fifteen years ago, with many others who knew what it meant to be LFC, hence the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” tag. I’ll go back to mostly ignoring your site along with the rest, but you never know, I might stop by now and again: even websites like yours need an occasional informed opinion.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  36. Guys and girls we can talk about the past, present, future, what could have been, should have been done blah blah blah but that’s all it will be… talk talk talk moan moan moan. The only way to get our club back and screw the yanks over is to stop lining their pockets. We need organised boycotting..come on guys “action speaks louder than words” get everyone boycotting.

    Lets stop talking about the past and do something to change the future.


  37. James to be honest I think your last paragraph speaks volumes about you. You clearly have a superiority complex. Referring to Jim and fellow Liverpool supporters as “ilk” and suggesting you know “what it meant to be LFC” in fact presents you to be as far from “old school” Liverpool as you can get.

    In fact you don’t sound like the type of old school fan Shankly related to either for that matter;

    ‘I’m just one of the people who stands on the kop. They think the same as I do, and I think the same as they do. It’s a kind of marriage of people who like each other.’

  38. I’d like to see what was sent to Broughton, is that possible ?

    And it doesn’t look like Broughton said that Benitez was sacked because of the media, the author seem to hysterically misinterpret a fairly innocuous email.

  39. @James – You are clearly conversant with matters LFC but it’s also pretty obvious that you are being duplictious. It’s fairly transparent how hard you are trying to posture yourself and your views as having some sort of super-validity.


    An “old school” Liverpool fan would not feel the need to try so hard to convince others of their affinity to the club and would simply write. Someone who wants to stick their oar in and have a pop would have to, so to seem as though their opinion’s are valid.

    It sticks out like a sore thumb I’m afraid. Must do better. To be honest I’d have more respect for you if you just said “I’m a Man U fan and Liverpool are sh^t!”. So here’s your chance…

  40. Juan, that has got to be the most feeble attempt at an argument and no doubt made purely to sidestep answering the question. Now did Benitez have to sell 11 first teamers? No, so how is your point relevant to what has happened?

    And you may just find managers/directors/owners are always looking around for what talent may improve their current team irrespective of what contracts currently exist, completely pointless argument again.

    As for Jim, considering you wrote the original argument and its quality, I think we can safely ignore any point you attempt to make. And the fact you are prepared to violate privacy in some kind of attempt at point winning is a clear sign of your integrity.

    Martin, that’s a pretty poor attempt at dismissing a valid argument but if that’s what you feel it takes to make your course the right one, that’s your choice.

    Juan/Jack, no doubt your new conspiracy is that I am also James, but alas, no, I’m not in the US so can’t be me but do agree with his points, particularly the fact that Benitez became no different to Houllier, right down to the arrogant stance

  41. The example of selling 11 first teamers is an exaggerated attempt to make people like you understand the concept of Nett Spend.

    For James to say Rafa had 35 million pounds to spend but didnt care where the money came from is accepting the fact that Rafa had money to spend but ignoring the fact that he had to sell first team players and potentially weaken his squad to make that 35 million.

    It’s a glitch in your own make up if you cant grasp that fact.

  42. Are you sure you are not James, Ryan? Wouldn’t be the first time on here that people have gone by multiple monikers. To be fair though you make a compelling case against that theory by posting from a different country! Do sound very similar though?

    Anyway, not sure what you mean by making my course the right one. I’m not self-justfying anything to myself. My point was simply that Jame’s style wasn’t indicative of someone who’s “old school”, quite the opposite in fact as only new school fans generally feel the need to put “you’ll never walk alone” after every post. Seems pretty obvious to me that he’s being duplicitous.

    What was your problem with my post anyway, you didn’t explain?

  43. Quick response Ryan, I’d rather spend time responding to people whose opinions interest me. You said: “I think we can safely ignore any point you attempt to make.” I think we can safely say many of us wish you’d go and ignore it elsewhere.

    James, I started writing a reply to you last night, then the internet went down. I decided against posting it this morning, because you strike me as the kind of person who doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks. If I was anything like your friends Kanwar and Oldham you’d not have a single post on here to be seen, you’d be banned and your posts deleted. I wouldn’t mind knowing which Liverpool sites you were posting on in 1995.

  44. Juan, just because one season in 6 he actually managed to sell as much as he bought does not mean he is not provided with funds. The fact is 35m is still a lot of money for which we haven’t seen much return on, particularly with the fact we only have one striker of any worth. What were the stats, some 77 players through the club in his time, is that not a sign that he has been provided funds? Considering his record, can’t say I’m surprised they weren’t willing to give him more.

    Martin, more the fact you seemed to consider James’ point invalid as he called himself “old school”. Reading back on your post, it doesn’t read so much like that so my apologies.

    Jim, I can see that, but not everyone is going to have the same view as you… In the end, your blog is unjustified since it makes false claims, needless to say, I don’t plan on following any other links to this site, I prefer more honest sources

  45. Here’s Ryan’s opening comment on this site:

    “Exactly how does that imply his reason was because of the media? It says nothing of the sort… if you’re trying to become a worthy news source then this is a pretty poor way of doing it, you’re building up hatred for no apparent reason and at present, many fans do not need extra petrol on the fire.

    “I’m all for getting in owners who are interested in the best for the club but you appear to be the other end of the spectrum and as such, no better than them”

    The article didn’t say his reason for sacking Rafa was because of the media. The article said the only justification he gave was that mention of the media. It’s a subtle but important difference, you should try to read the piece again. And you should learn to recognise sarcasm perhaps.

    The point being made was that in the wake of so many leaks to the press from those inside the Anfield boardroom, the only justification he gave in his reply was the mention of the media.

    With no new manager lined up, a shortlist dismissed by the only football person they asked to get involved in the process of finding a replacement, the decision sounds more and more like one that wasn’t made for footballing reasons. The issue here isn’t whether the club were right to sack Rafa, it’s whether their eventual reasoning was sound and if the decision was made for the good of the club or for some other reason.

    To only mention the media is a worry, because it makes it even more likely that the main, true, reason was “some other reason”.

    As for “building up hatred”, we reported the contents of an email. Are we to pretend we didn’t get it instead? It’s not a case of building up hatred, it’s a case of sharing something that was always likely to go down badly. We didn’t make it up, we shared it. We gave our views on it. I look forward to seeing what these “false” claims are you say we made.

    I also look forward to an explanation as to what “I’m all for getting in owners who are interested in the best for the club but you appear to be the other end of the spectrum and as such, no better than them” actually means. That we want owners in who are interested in the worst for the club?

    You criticise this article but offer no solutions yourself. I suggest you start being constructive – and also open your eyes a little.

    Try to separate criticism of the owners/chairman/MD from praise of the manager. Sometimes the two things are related, but most of the time they aren’t.

    Benitez has gone, so if we are going to review the past year under this senior management we need to find areas where the senior management’s actions would have brought harm even if another manager was in place.

    If a manager is given a budget, even if it’s a low budget, the club should stick to that budget, not change it mid-window. If a manager is not pleasing the board, they should tell him, directly, not share tales with friends in the press – especially if those tales are actually going to appear in the press. You don’t tell members of the press you were talking transfer targets with Real Madrid, when you did that without the manager’s knowledge, leading the club to be linked to players the manager didn’t even want. It shouldn’t have been done to Benitez, and it shouldn’t be done to Phil Brown or whoever ends up with the job next.

    The outgoing manager asked the chairman if he would give him an undertaking that as well as any transfer budget given to spend this summer, he would also be guaranteed the income from any sales. Bearing in mind Purslow told everyone that the money from player sales can’t be spent anywhere else, it wasn’t a massive ask. But the chairman is understood to have refused to give that undertaking.

    If you support those kinds of actions from those running this club then that’s your choice. Luckily most fans don’t, and they won’t put up with it.

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