Broughton responds to criticism of Rafa’s departure

The following email has been sitting in the Anfield Road inbox for a day-and-a-half now. As the hours have ticked by the sense of bemusement at what it contains has grown.

In the wake of the board’s decision last week to get rid of manager Rafael Benítez whilst retaining the services of the (temporary) managing director Christian Purslow, it was felt necessary to vent some anger at the man whose name was on the announcement. That man being the new Chairman, Martin Broughton.

The email pointed out that if Rafa Benítez had been considered a failure, surely Christian Purslow was one too? Wasn’t his main task, the main point he was hired, to find some new investment for the club? People who’ve spoken to him will recall how Purslow bigged himself up as some kind of saviour from the owners and their own failings.

Yet Purslow is said to have completely ignored a genuine, firm, proposal to finance the new stadium. Maybe there’s a good reason why the kind of person with access to funding for a £300m stadium isn’t even worth meeting up with when urgently looking for £100m investment in the club.

If the email had been sent a day or two later it may not have been written with quite the same tone. The anger was at Christian Purslow still being in his job as much as the departure of Benítez. The email was sent with thoughts about leaks from “senior sources” fresh in the mind. The email was sent because there would have been enough evidence of those leaks and that failure for Broughton to act and to end that temporary appointment.

He had the power, yet the line coming from the club was that he was only there to sell the club. The senior source was very insistent that his new boss wasn’t really his boss, just there to sell the club.

And that begged the question – was the chairman just there to sell the club, or did he have the power to do far more? He certainly seemed to be involved in the removal of Benítez, so why was Purslow still there?

The subject of the note captured the emotions of the moment: “Thank you for killing my club”.

And the note called, in no uncertain terms, for Broughton to resign and to take Purslow with him.

No reply was expected.

There was no obligation for the Chairman to reply, but to give him his due he did reply. It took him a week, but he’s said to only work one day per week for the club so that’s not an unreasonable timeframe.

He completely ignored the criticism of Purslow, perhaps because he couldn’t find a way to defend that criticism. But he wanted to defend his involvement in the removal of the manager, explaining that although his “principle remit” was to find those new owners, he was still Chairman.

So that justified his involvement and closed any doubt as to how much of a part he can play in the running of the club. If it’s important enough, he can get involved. If it’s a board matter, he’s the Chairman; it’s his job to lead the board.

But when it came to justifying the decision to let the manager go his justification was a bigger surprise than actually getting a reply.

The expectation might have been for him to list the number of games lost, the points dropped or league positions moved downwards. Maybe a mention of large parts of the squad being unhappy with the manager (which it now turns out is not as likely to have been the case as some previously claimed) or even a vague mention of how all parties involved had discussed the situation and reluctantly decided it would be better for all concerned to part company.

But no, it was none of those reasons.

He wrote: “I’m sorry you think like that but you are entitled to your opinion. I note your opinion doesn’t seem to be shared by the media.”


So forget results, performances, transfer spend or (in this club’s case) transfer profit. Forget team spirit, supporter feelings and ticket sales. None of that is as important as checking those back pages.

Does that include the stories including the obvious briefings against the manager from “senior figures inside the boardroom”?

Is this how Liverpool Football Club now hires and fires its managers? It checks the media for their view?

It analyses the views of all those ex-players, many of them paid to be outspoken or asked leading questions to get them to answer a certain way?

Does it exclude the articles by writers who support this club and have always known how it works? Not the ones with axes to grind or revenge to be served, the good ones. Does it include the articles by those journalists who had clearly been briefed by “senior sources” against the manager?

There’s not a great deal to add to that really.

Except for this: Listen to those ex-players now. Some of them agree with you that Rafa had to go. Some of them don’t. But they all want you to choose Kenny Dalglish as the next manager. Very few of them can see a reason to put Roy Hodgson or Martin O’Neill above the man who really does know how this club works.

The one man, as it happens, who might just help you to sell this club – assuming you want to sell it.

The only man who can really bring unity back to the supporters. The only candidate to have won the league. The man who has a lot of unfinished business to get on with.

The man who knows how to deal with the media. Ask Kelvin McKenzie about that one. Actually don’t, because nobody from this club should speak to Kelvin McKenzie, and he knows this. Kenny told him.

You’re better with Kenny on your side than against you.

He might even teach you how to make better use of the media.

The email from Martin Broughton, email addresses removed for obvious reasons.

Date: 10 June 2010 12:40
Subject: Re: Thank you for killing my club
To: Jim Boardman <  >


I’m sorry you think like that but you are entitled to your opinion.

I note your opinion doesn’t seem to be shared by the media.

You may also recall that I am Chairman with the principle remit of finding a new and suitable owner for the club. I am nevertheless Chairman and I’m surprised you don’t seem to think that releasing the manager from his contract is a Board matter.

Martin Broughton

111 thoughts on “Broughton responds to criticism of Rafa’s departure”

  1. The cretinous Yanks hired a Chelsea fan to sack our manger. They, and the creep Purslow, are the oposite of the soul of Liverpool FC.
    The Yanks and Purslow et al, have turned Liverpool FC into just any other club, except for the supporters. We will not forget what you have done and we will pursue you.

  2. They want to destroy this Club and make a quick buck non of it suprises me wake up Liverpool fans to what is going to happen to the club we love

  3. I wonder what Jamie Kuntwar will say about this, will he have a mysterious email from Uncle Tom to soothe are worries and proove that all is rosy in the garden

  4. martin broughton is a sneaky chav – he is just as bad as the yanks and they all need to go now for the sake of our club!
    what they did to rafa was unforgivable and very unprofessional – none of them are welcome at our club

  5. Good to see our Chairman doesn’t know the difference between principle and principal. Your principles are anyone’s guess – your principal remit is to sell the club.

  6. Don’t want to sound like a Leeds or Newcastle fan but maybe we should now not only sack the board but force out the Yanks by any means we can before we get to Div 1 S SOS OS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOSSOS OS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS OS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS OS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS

  7. I just wish these bloody Yanks would go right now, get new owners in asap, install a new board and get us back where we belong, challenging fot the title again.

  8. He’s a Chelsea supporter!!! Rafa wouldn’t sell Torres or he’d leave the club. He’s just laid off Rafa so now he can go and sell Torres to his beloved Chelsea!!!!

  9. Slime Ball 1 Hicks
    Slime Ball 2 Gillette
    Slime Ball 3 Broughton
    Slime Ball 4 Purslow

    Time to kill the mother ship RBS the the biggest slime ball of them all, the thing that’s keeping them all alive and active.

  10. Big time….board out….yanks out…..Hopefully one day Rafa will back to finish off the job he has started…just a pity the board and the directors didn’t have the same sort of high ambitions.

  11. I think that should be a matter for the Premier League, something is seriously wrong with this. A part time chairman charged with finding new owners has decided as a Chelsea fan to sack our manager and justifies by saying the media agrees, as though the media is the voice of the fans. Penalise Chelsea 30 points in the league. They can enjoy mid table anonymity next season along side us. Then Broughton will know some of our pain.

  12. I just can’t believe that scum bags reply to you. It is unbelievable to think he mentioned that the media was a reason to sack the manager. Our special football club is turning more and more into a circus . These tosspots are driving me bonkers every day that they are still here. Please send this article to that Chelsea scum and all of our comments too while your at it .

  13. @jameske – Yes, penalise Chelsea 30 points in the league. For what, exactly?

    For Liverpool appointing a dyed-in-the-wool Chelsea fan as it’s Chairman?

    Nope – that’s Liverpool’s fault, as utterly pathetic and sad as it is.

  14. you guys are being well harsh on the current board.

    ive been to anfield many times this season and the standard of football is atrocious. we got dumped out of the fa and league cups, we were so bad in the champions league it makes me wonder how we won in 2005 and got to the final in 2007 and then there is the penalties win over west ham in 2006 who struggled that season to stay up.

    im one of rafas biggest fans but his grumblings with the board pissed me right off. he would always attack the board on the eve of a huge game, why not attack them after we won the game, it creates negative atmosphere before the game and thats not good for our side.

    whilst i agree that the yanks should leave, i cant condone the media harrasment that rafa gave them. everyone knows they never got on after the klinsmann debacle.

    he should have been sacked imo the moment we sold alonso , what on earth was he thinking??? all managers have players they dont get on with, fergie and becks, fergie and ince, but u just get on with it.

    Rafa is now the coach of inter where italian football will suit his defensive first attitude.

    i hope we can bring someone in who can recreate some positiveness around anfield, someone who can put an arm around he like of babel etc and tell them they are good players with a future here..

    liverpool is a special club, it doesnt need foreigners in charge of it, it needs british based who understand teh culture and the city. King Kenny would be brilliant and bring in King Kev as his assistant.. wow is all i can say.

  15. Betrayed by lying thieving yanks

    Betrayed by managment who claim to be fans of the club

    Betrayed by ex players

    Betrayed by the media

    And worst of all – betrayed by day tripping glory hunters who think they are entitled to an opinion just because they once watched Liverpool win something…the traitorous cowardly moronic mother fucking cunts! How I hate them with a passion…

    This club has been betrayed by all of the above…and none of them get what they have done to Liverpool FC and some dont even care…thank heavens for SoS…they are the only ones fighting for the Club…

  16. Yankee! Yankee! Yankee!!

    Out!! Out!! OUt!!

    Broughton Out! Purslow Out! YANKEES OUT!!!!!!!

  17. on the very day that chelsea dan was appointed I knew torres will be sold to Chelsea. The conflict of interest was clear. Now we, the fans, will have to pray that we soon have new owners, a new chairman, a new manager so that we can mount a new challenge for glory

  18. I think mr .braughton should sell the club and go. He may have the intrests of Chelsea, but I doubt he is a bad man. It’s a case of bad apples spoling the good one. He is being dragged down with Hick and Gillette take any offer and leave we really dont need you.

  19. SAF and Arsene Wenger were given time to build even when their team were down in the dumps. Rafa was into his 6th year of management and the first sign of trouble was to dump him when he needed backing the most!

    This is not and has not been the Liverpool FC way. Kudos to Rafa for bringing back King Kenny and Rushie. True he may have his critics but he did it for the fans. $96k donation to the families of the Hillsborough tragedy tells you something about him. All I can see now is how dark the tunnel its going to be for all of us.

    For heaven’s sake you LOT! Get Bloody organized over there and buy back the club from those WANKERS! TIME WE DID THINGS OUR WAY AS HOW THEY DO IT IN SPAIN AND GERMANY! COME ON!

  20. Im Glad Raffa went and I hope he takes Luca, Ngog and co with him.
    But these idiots cannot be excused of the fact that it was too little too late and that they want to replace him with Roy “ive achieved nothing” Hodgson who is living off one good season and a dash of MEDIA HYPE, so yes mr Broughton I see you do use Media as a means to decision making.
    Get the idiots out, get Kenny in (temp at least or rolling contract) to steady the ship, let him do his thing and you deal with one thing and one thing only, SELL THE CLUB TO RESPECTABLE OWNERS THEN LEAVE OUR CLUB WELL ALONE AND TAKE THEM OTHER USELESS C***** WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Broughton was tasked to sell and bring harmony – so far he has achieved neither. RBS are a disgrace if they continue to feed the Yanks greed. What happened in Parliament yesterday ?? Did the Walton M P get any joy?

  22. As I see it the supporters should unite and make all kinds of pressure possible on RBS – they are the ones who can push the yanks into selling and they are the ones keeping H&G at LFC. What about a campaign calling for all English true LFC supporters that have money deposited with RBS to move their money elsewhere? Such a boycot would send a very strong message to RBS.

    LFC for life…..

  23. we really need someone who love our club to be at the top of the board room, we cant accept a chelsea fan to be in charge and specially when he is planning to sell our “el nino” to his beloved club chelsea,

    we want the yanks OUT, remember “you’ll never walk alone”, you will be followed by Brough-ton and Purs-low,

  24. who does appoint an enemie to look after them?????lfc is one and only who done it!!!!!!!broughton is a longlife chealsea fan and even a chelsea season ticket holder.he’s here for chealsea interest not lfc!!!!!!first casualty is benitez and in my opinion torres will be sold to chealsea too!!!my club was one of the most feard team in the world to a laughing stock since the yanks came in!!!!!!

  25. Exactly how does that imply his reason was because of the media? It says nothing of the sort… if you’re trying to become a worthy news source then this is a pretty poor way of doing it, you’re building up hatred for no apparent reason and at present, many fans do not need extra petrol on the fire.

    I’m all for getting in owners who are interested in the best for the club but you appear to be the other end of the spectrum and as such, no better than them

  26. How does this kind of reporting help rebuild LFC? You hate Hicks, you hate Gillett, you hate Broughton and you hate Purslow, what does this say about you, I guess you will only be happy when LFC is destroyed by infighting….shame on the lot of you

  27. Ashamed of Liverpool fans at the moment and of the club. Mark’s comments at 3:40 are typical of the uneducated, idiotic, dumbfounded fans that we have supposedly supporting our club right now.

    These types of so called supporters along with many others need to quit making excuses and trying to lay all of the blame on H&G. I hate them as much you but the decision to sack Rafa Benitez was perfectly correct – my only criticism is that it should have happened much earlier.

    As for Purslow, the guy has come in an got us a new sponsor worth far more than any sponsor before at this club. He’s managed to wrangle a few other deals and he rightly ousted Rafa. Seems like he’s done ok for me.

    Broughton is a chelsea fan and it is unclear what his role should be but then again with H&G in charge I’m surprised anyone knows what is going on. As long as he sells the club to a good owner within the next month or so then so be it. Problem is that he needs to convince his employers to quit asking for silly money before anything good happens.

    FFS guys quit looking into the past, accept that we’re in a mess because of the owners and the previous manager and lets look forward to improving things in whatever way we cvan.

  28. Good point about the media, Jim. I wonder what Messrs Barrett, Evans and Reade will make of Broughton’s remarks. It would be very, very interesting to hear their views on the matter, since it’s clear that not *all* the media was in agreement with Broughton’s opinion.

    Resistance is building on all fronts and if Broughton is bemused by our reaction to Rafa’s sacking, he’s in a for one hell of a shock.

  29. there are some real H&G detractors and apologists calling themselves Kopites. There is a blog permanently putting out reasons why H&G have been good for the club and why it was Rafa who was always wrong. There is a source at Anfield that was feeding anti Rafa bits to the likes of Henry Winter and a few of the other cutter vermin. There is a real problem and those who are backing the board and the yanks hardly show they are fans of LFC. We have our worst enemies, parasites inside our club. They can call themselves as fans (no way of testing such claims) but their actions and campaign is clear enough for me. We need to identify and weed out the cancer inside the Kop.

  30. I’m confused at some of the crap written here by so called Liverpool supporters.

    H&G are scum & the sooner they go the better, but Purslow’s done a brilliant job since he’s arrived.

    Record shirt deal. Have you all forgot.?
    Merchandising the club has improved 100%.

    Financially, he’s one of the best in the country and some of you lot are slagging him off.!

    And as for people going on about RBS, I thought Barclays had bought the debt and that’s why Broughton’s there. He was brought in by then as far as I know.


  31. There is no suprise here. The Americans hired two people who they knew had no link nor feelings at all for LFC. Their brief was to cause as much dithering and deviation to actually finding a purchaser as is possible. I may be wrong in the following but looking closely at the debacle am I the only one who can see a book developing from one of these two and so all further convolutions and exasperations play well into their hands?

  32. Mr. Broughton, currently Chairman of British Airways PLC and deputy president of the Confederation of British Industry, will work alongside the club’s existing management team of Managing Director Christian Purslow, Commercial Director Ian Ayre and Financial Director Philip Nash. The day-to-day running of the club remains in the hands of this team, who have overseen a significant improvement in the financial performance of the Club since 2007. During that time:
    * The Club’s revenues have increased by 55%;
    * Commercial revenues have increased by 83%;
    * Operating profit (before player trading and exceptionals) has increased by 60%.

  33. Meaningless stats for as long as the club is also paying £75k PER MINUTE in debts levvied against the club as part of G&H’s systematic broken promises!

    Sure, it’d be nice to have a club that is generating cash and profit but that money should be going back into the club, not to the banks to pay off loans we shouldn’t have in the first place.

    Where’s the new stadium? Where’s the substantial transfer kitty? Where’s the regeneration of L4?

  34. Quite frankly i am bemused and upset at the state of our club. We have 2 American owners who have no interest in our club, our chairman is a lifelong chelsea fan and our (temporary) managing director has been in his temporary job for over a year with rumours suggesting he’s been giving negative sound bites to the press. The only person that genuinely had any interest for the club(not profit) has been sacked.
    i find sacking the manager without lining up a replacement absolutely ridiculous. For all those saying we played rubbish this season, were you saying this the season before when we finished second? We haven’t invested in the squad in the last 2 years and suffered a number of injuries to key players that is why we have struggled. Not because suddenly Rafa doesn’t know what he’s doing. Again I’d just like to state that the only person at the top of our club that had any genuine love for the club has been SACKED!!!! We don’t sack our managers they normally resign, with a little push. i can’t remember the last time we sacked a manager? Can anyone answer that?

  35. Me-thinks Brian 8.25am, Bruce Baxter 8.31am and Lee 8.47 are the same person (Jamie Kanwar maybe).

    Well done on the email Jim, you clearly riled Broughton enough for him to respond. Maybe it was a case that your email touched a nerve.

    I think at this stage there needs to be a concerted effort against RBS.

    Targeting Hicks & Gillett to sell up any quicker seems doomed to failure.

    Fans possibly need to unite and concentrate all their energies on RBS who can actually force the club sale.

    One single petition to be dispersed for signatures worldwide could be a start. Easier said than done I know. One of the forum members found a petition site where 2 cents is donated to a paypay account every time someone signs. Their idea was to donate any funds raised to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

    After that its a case getting people to close RBS accounts. Personally I only believe that would be successful if you documented on a website each person who closes an account. Someone is more likely to take action and close an account if they can see that 5000 people have already done so.

  36. Some of the comments here are f*cking shocking. Deduct 30 points off Chelsea because the Chairman is a Chelsea fan? F*cking stupid thing to say.

    I want G&H out now, and the current board. They have killed us in terms of the way we conduct ourselves, and left us with a debt that we may never recover from. I also think Rafa was treated very badly, He is a world class manager and should have been given another year.

    However, his football last year was absolute garbage. Wasting (up to) £17m on untried, injured player was an awful decision, as was not getting back-up for Torres. Then there are signings like Dossena, Babbel (who has never got the best out of) and falling out with Reira, when we didn’t have enough quality players anyway, and his obsession with Lucas. Performances against Wigan, Wolves away from home were some of the worst I have seen for a long time.

    We need to get the Owners out, but acting, and saying some f*ucking STUPID things are not going to make us attractive to anyone. Also, I for one, do not want the Government to dictate the way Liverpool is run in any circumstances, so why is ok to lobby them now when it suits us? F*ck that. You can’t have it both ways. As for RBS, what if in the future, with new owners, we needed some sort of loan. RBS are the only ones willing to lend money to us, and Man U supporters lobby them saying not to lend it to us because they are taxpayers? What we need to do is lobby Government, the FA, The prem League for a change in legislation to ban leveraged buy-outs of football clubs. Either show us the money or f*ck off.

  37. @ ReaLHoliday Reports – Thank you for the stats on our revenue increase. I absolutely despair with the lack of reasoning of so called fans. Let me break it down for you seen as some of our fans just have a hard time thinking for themselves.

    It does not matter if our revenue increases by a 1000% if there is no money for player acquisition. It’s that simple. We the fans care about one thing and that is to win. Winning means buying world class players. If all that revenue goes into servicing debt, please explain how it will help the manager and the fans. It’s embarrasing that you thought you had an argument but then again nothing surprises me these days when it comes to a certain section of the ‘fans’.

  38. The whole situation is pathetic. Firing a manager because of one bad season after he nearly won the league the season before.

    When Rafa came he had won la liga – twice and had won the europa lge (Uefa cup then). To appoint anyone without such credentials would be short changing the fans.

    I’m not against Roy Hodgson being manager – after all he’s worked in europe and at international level. But Roy is apparently mystified as to where the speculation is coming from. Is this ANOTHER example of Purslow idiotically briefing his press friends?

    It needs sorting out, these snakes need removing AND FAST.

  39. @Juan – You have hit the nail on the head. Our pressuring of H+G has had only some effect but not enough. The real decision makers are RBS. We need to get at them as they have the legal power to force the selling of the club. Closing accounts is a great idea. These entities understand one thing and that is money. Full stop. This and simar ideas need to be promoted first of all. The website is a good idea. At the moment, whatever fans think of them, SOS have a high profile. Thats Fact. I think we need to get them to further this campaign as they have a sizeable collective body to promote it as they have done with the debt that has been put onto the club as far back a 2007.

  40. If it were in Africa, we would have said our beloved club have been bewithced, as these are really unbelievable that our club has been betrayed to such an unthinkable magnitude!!!!

    How a Chesea, main rivak fan, after taliking at the Chelsea function that Torress would go any time, as he (Brian Bringdown-Liverpoolfc) had it known that he was going to fire Benitez to start the end of Liverpool fc and the “Senior Source” Purse-fool was too happy to play to the tunes of the media.

    Since when has the media lead by the negative anti-Benitez which does not even bother to check their facts like when they talk of Alonso at the Ma U game when in reality he was not there or when the old Hansen say Benitez left a far worse team behind compared the one inherited from Houlier.

    How can Bringdown-Liverpoolfc even have the audacity to say ‘the view shared by the media’ to decide what is right for Liverpoolfc?

    The damn is not evn a shame!!

  41. Juan, I can only imagine you think that because you would hate to think there may actually be a few people with an open mind about the situation (maybe I should say you are the same as all the others who have posted before… same poor logic).

    This has got to be one of the most flimsy arguments against the board and only written to try feed off the current hysteria.

    Do you really think Broughton would put his own reputation at risk (to benefit Chelsea or any other crazy idea conspiracy theorists want to dream up)? He is there at a professional level and we don’t know the innards of what is happening to think otherwise. We have to ask if Dalglish and Rush would really sit there and see people deliberately ruin the club they love? I have my doubts.

    As for Rafa, so why did we become such a crap team over one season? Rafa chooses the players we buy and chooses the team we play, for whatever reason his performance over the season brought him what would happen to any other employee (and the injury excuse is a load of crap in itself).

    As said above, mindless blogs like this are purely to feed off the hysteria rather than to solve the current crisis within the club.

  42. @Ryan,
    1) Poor logic. The whole point of a conspiracy is that there will be no evidence of it. Very SIMPLE. Broughton can make a number of excuses on why we need to sell Torres. Rubbish argument.

    2)Talk about shooting yourself in the foot with the following comment-” As for Rafa, so why did we become such a crap team over one season?”
    Thats the whole point. Players, commentators and fans will say ad-infintum that a manager or player does not become bad because of one season. It is ‘fans’ like you who make judgements after one bad game, one bad kick, and one bad season. Gerrard had a poor season. Maybe he should be sold and not be allowed to play for England let alone captain it? Any decent owner or director would look at the whole tenure of a manager and not just ONE season which, yes whether you like it or not was compounded with an abnormally high number of injuries. You simpletons make me sick.

  43. Sad state of affairs with so called fans either on the wind up or just mentalists. I’ve just read a couple on this blog alone that blow my mind, but on the Liverpool Echo site in regards to Rafa’s donation to the Lily Centre, one so called fan suggested Rafa could have donated all or half of his pay off as he’s never had a day unemployed.

    In answer to realholidayreports, we can do even better on the commercial side in the future with the right owners, which i believe is us, the fans.

    I have felt the last 5 or 6 years has seen a big increase in a new generation of Liverpool fans that are not knowledgeable of the traditions of the Liverpool support.

    These fans read and believe SSN, other media and ex-players without question.

    This frustration at this new set of fans led to reclaim the kop, keep flags scouse and combined with the owner situation SOS.

    Sad to say I don’t ever see unity of the fans. There will be a small hardcore that believe and live the Liverpool way, support the manager, don’t boo their own players, applaud the opposition keeper, chant the opposition team name when they give a great footballing display, I could go on and on.

    There will also be a larger majority that turn up money in their pockets to buy up the club shop, don’t know the words to any songs except fields, YNWA, probably reading the sun during the week, don’t add any atmosphere in the ground, don’t know or understand the history of the city of Liverpool and how this shapes the passion of the true followers.

    The more successful we become the more of this type of fan we will attract and the more shite comments on blogs such as this, and I don’t know the answer.

    So say all you like about how successful the commercial side has been and how negative Rafa’s tactics where, but I for one just don’t believe that shite.

    Let’s keep up the pressure on the Yanks to leave and keep up the pressure on RBS. Stop buying official merchandise. Start saving the £500 for your share in the club, Support SOS and shareliverpoolfc, stop buying jester hats and show some backbone get behind the Manger and the team and that means Lucas and Ngog.

    I for one will be and i’m happy to listen to other suggestions for more pressure to be put on the owners.

  44. Jack, the fact that you think there really is a conspiracy is an indication of who the simpleton is, you really think they are trying to destroy the club? That they really want to ruin their own business/reputation because they have it in for scousers?? What exactly is your theory? They came in looking for a profit and put their interest before the club, and yes, for the good of the club they should go (imo) but to believe their is a conspiracy… (and no, a conspiracy does not mean there is no evidence, if such rubbish is happening, the evidence will exist, if there is no evidence, there is no conspiracy)

    Exactly, they do not become bad overnight/over one season, so why did we? Because the manager persisted with players (who he bought) who were not good enough, he chose those players (both in the market and on the pitch) and on that performance he got what any other manager would get… why he kept playing those players only he knows but it was his choice and he had to fall on his sword as a result. And so injuries were the reason we went in to the season with only one (injury prone) striker? You keep grasping the straws though

  45. @Ryan – During your own upbringing have you never been taught to question something that doesn’t seem right, not to necessarily believe something just because someone tells you its so.

    All you have to do is look at what has happened at this club in the last 3 years to question the integrity and intentions of people like Purslow and Broughtons presence at the club. They were in fact employed by Hicks and Gillett, the men that have saddled the club with 351 million euros of debt even though they assured David Moores in a written document that is not something they planned to do.

    Had David Moores questioned their integrity then we may not be in this mess right now.

    So before trying to pass the contents of the above article as a “flimsy argument” “written to feed off the current hysteria” wake up and smell the coffee and take a look at the state of the club around you. At this stage anything from the owners and current board members is possible.

    Broughton’s intentions for the club may turn out to be solid but at this very minute I and many more Liverpool fans smell a rat. His absence at Liverpool’s end of season game with Chelsea is a clear indicator of where his primary intentions lay. So too is his presence at one of our biggest rivals Chelsea’s end of season dinner. So while he may state in public that the likes of Torres is for sale if his love for Chelsea is so deep to keep him from attending his own employers last home game of the season then I would very much question what he’s telling the Chelsea hierarchy behind it all.

    Its because people like you Ryan, willing to believe whatever information is fed to you, that lets people like Broughton and Purslow help destroy this club and still get away with their “reputations” in tact.

  46. what is this chelsea fan doing in charge of the club. Why would he want to find a buyer when it means losing his job and prevent him from finding ways to drive lfc into the ground. Sack broughton sack purslow. The media all agree they r not doing their jobs.

  47. They fired Benitez. Ok, he has lost the support of many fans and some players, true. He is to blame or not, it’s open to debate, but he is history now and no point in discusing any more.

    But what I dont understand is why they seem to be reluctant to give Kenny Dalglish the job, he wants it, he is not contracted to another club and so need to be “bought”.
    It’s not like Hiddink is available or Mourinho is waiting to step in, they are expecting “the great” Europa League finalist to decide to come.

    I’m not sure if this people are trying to sell the club, run the club or ruin the club.
    I’l guess we will se whan World cup is over and transfer offers for Torres and Gerrard come, becouse they will, Chelsea or City is to bid for Torres and Real for Gerrard becouse some clubs are trying to further themselfs or at least they are run by people who care about their club.

  48. Correction in my point above;

    “So while he may state in public that the likes of Torres is for sale if”

    Meant to write “not for sale”

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