Rafa forced out, club say “by mutual consent”.

The management team of Liverpool Football Club and Athletics Ground Limited have made the following announcement about their sacking of manager Rafael Benitez.

As is always the case in these situations, the company agreed with lawyers to term their sacking of the manager as him leaving “by mutual consent”. Having fallen deeper and deeper into debt, the company had got to a stage where they were no longer even in a position to guarantee that money coming in from sales could stay as part of the transfer budget.

Although there were many reasons to be disappointed with the performance of Rafael Benitez last season, he was not sacked for footballing reasons. The presence of Kenny Dalglish as Christian Purslow’s search partner should not be seen as a sign that the club is in the right hands. For Kenny Dalglish not to have seen the efforts over a period of 12 months by Purslow to undermine the manager is a worrying sign of how convincing Christian Purslow can actually be.

Rest assured that the final decision on the replacement for the manager will be taken by Christian Purslow, and he will not be looking for someone who will dare speak out against him again.

For what it’s worth, the statement issued via lawyers and the official LFC company website follows:

Liverpool FC Statement

Liverpool FC today confirmed that Rafael Benitez is to leave the club by mutual consent.

Mr Benitez relinquishes his position as team manager after six years and the Board of Directors would like to place on record their grateful thanks for his services and wish him all the best in his future career.

The Board has now asked Managing Director Christian Purslow, with the assistance of Club Ambassador Kenny Dalglish, to begin a formal search to identify and assess potential candidates for the managerial position.

No timescale has been placed on the process and Liverpool FC will make no further statement until a new manager is appointed.

LFC Chairman Martin Broughton said: “Rafa will forever be part of Liverpool folklore after bringing home the Champions League following the epic final in Istanbul but after a disappointing season both parties felt a fresh start would be best for all concerned.”

Rafael Benitez said: “It is very sad for me to announce that I will no longer be manager of Liverpool FC. I would like to thank all of the staff and players for their efforts.

“I’ll always keep in my heart the good times I’ve had here, the strong and loyal support of the fans in the tough times and the love from Liverpool. I have no words to thank you enough for all these years and I am very proud to say that I was your manager.

“Thank you so much once more and always remember: You’ll never walk alone.”

17 thoughts on “Rafa forced out, club say “by mutual consent”.”

  1. Very sad times, Spoonman. Very sad times indeed.

    Where do we go from here? I really fear that the club will begin a sure descent into mediocrity now. IMO, one of the few factors keeping us as a club to be reckoned with (Rafa as our manager) has just been removed.

    I’m not just saddened, but incredibly annoyed at the turn of events over the past couple of days. All I can say now’s God help us.

  2. I can now see the yanks, broughton and purslow keeping kenny onside and using him to do all the talking. They’ll know immediately that with rafa gone they have to divert attention away from the mess the club is in. Unfortunately I think kenny will play the lapdog role and the club will get their yes man. I pray that good news will come from somewhere.

  3. I actually feel sick. Lets hope this stirs more support for the protest tonight.

  4. If I could get to Liverpool I would attend the protest but unfortunatley stuck on the IOM, lets hope it gets good turn out, thank you Rafa for all that you did over the last few years fighting the evil of the yanks parry and now purslow, that fight was more important than Istanbul, Rafa will never walk alone

  5. How can a bloke live, love and breath a club and be worshipped by so many supporters be treated so badly!! Thanks Rafa YNWA.
    Been working away does anyone have any info on tonights protest and who’s organised it?

  6. I was at the protest and got of about 7:00, don’tknow if it’s still going on or not.

    About 5 or 6 got burned and in the end a police sergant stepped in to stop it happening.

    Do think it was a good thing tough as they had made their point and it was just going a bit OTT, inciting racial hatred or something.

    Is this the first time they have burned a yank flag at a protest?

    Should also say that they were calling for Purslows head as well, while Ayre got away scott free, but then he does seem alright don’t he.

  7. Jesus Jim you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you love Rafa that much then follow him back to Spain & go support the next team he manages. NOBOBY is bigger than the club, and the decision today was taken for all the right reasons. The mending starts today. Liverpool will be a better club from this moment on & personally I’m very optomistic. My girlfriend works in a bookies & can get 25/1 at the moment on us to win the league next year. That’s worth at least £50 I’m now very confident about the future.

  8. Dunno, half expected it for a while i.e. to land on the BBC football website and see the headline!

    To an extent, I think that there was a misguided notion that Benitez could keep pulling rabbits out of a hat….The club f**ked up massively at the end of last season when we came second. That was the time to splash the cash and hold the ground that we had taken…..It’s possible to get away with things for one season maybe and overachieve to finish second…BUT TWO??

    Anyway, i don’t deny that Rafa had his faults but regardless if he’d wanted it i was happy to see him stay ’til November.

    So long Rafa, I really hope that you win the Champions League again!!! as for us…..God only knows!

  9. Rafa, sorry you’ve been treated this way by the greatest club in the world.

    Best wishes and thanks for all the good memories. There were many times in those 6 years when you made us happy.

  10. Does Dalglish become Purslows scapegoat if the new manager doesn’t work out?

    It just seems a bit odd to say your managing director and and an old fans favourite will be picking the new man or am i being over skeptical here?

    Its almost already an attempt to remove culpability from Purslow should he get it wrong. Or is it a PR tactic to get the fans onside.

    Was Kenny consulted before having Rafa removed?

    As for rumours of Roy Hodgson, people would really want to wake up and smell the coffee if they believe he is a better manager than Rafa.

  11. Joe, you nearly had people convinced you were serious there. Try harder next time, someone might really bite.

  12. Success is measured not by the position reached but the obstacles to be overcome.

    Rafa had too many obstacles to over come in the end. The media, owners, chairman, CEO, ex players and so called fans that dont know or understand the Liverpool way.

    I’ve seen comments about supporting the team and players, managers come and go, but Liverpool is the Manager, the players and the fans. It’s a marriage that needs all of our input to work.

    I beleive Rafa put in more than his fair share of hard work, i cant say the same of a small group of players and a large group of so called fans.

    I read in one paper today the qualities the next Liverpool manager has to have before being shortlisted. It was a desciption of exactly what we had in Rafa.

    We will miss him.

    The only future i look forward to now is the first interview from Rafa so we can hear from the man himself and his first return to Anfield. I predict an amazing reception and lots of humble pie from a lot of so called fans.

  13. Lets look to a better future, with our eyes open about the current owners Hicks and Gillett.

    Rafas gone. His record during his time here, by any measure, is very good.

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