Tom Hicks Jnr resigns

In the wake of a controversial email sent from Tom Hicks Junior to a Liverpool supporter over the weekend the owner’s son has now resigned. In his place Tom Hicks has now got Casey Coffman on the board, with two other LFC directors becoming board directors.

The statement from LFC reads:

“Liverpool Football Club today announce that Thomas Hicks Jr has resigned as a director of both the club and its parent company Kop Holdings.

“Three new directors have been elected to the boards of both companies.

“These are Philip Nash, LFC Chief Financial Officer; Ian Ayre, LFC Commercial Director; and Casey Coffman, Executive Vice President of Hicks Holdings.”

5 thoughts on “Tom Hicks Jnr resigns”

  1. When I first heard this story yesterday, I initially thought it had to be false as there is stupidity and then there is a level of stupidity that only the Hicks family can truly say they aspire to and have, emphatically, surpassed.

    When it was clear that that the story was true, I wondered if Hick Junior’s response was in reply to extreme provocation, which would still not warrant such crass language and disregard for a fan, but would help me to better understand his choice of words. From Texas with love it was not.

    I am truly amazed that he decided to communicate to a fan like that? As a so called Director and custodian of Liverpool Football Club he has acted like the uneducated and classless fool that he is. It sounded like a legimiate enquiry into the lack of spending for this transfer window and surely every fan has a right to ask football related questions of it’s board members?

    We have had to watch and suffer as he occupied a priviledged seat on the board through nepotism…what did he ever offer LFC when he was there? Was it his spectacular insight into “global sporting franchises”, or maybe it was his “love for Liverpool Soccer Club”. It might sound like I am being harsh….but if he really did care about the club what can he claim to be his legacy?

    It is pathetic to see his involvement at the club as I cannot recall a single good thing that he has done.

    It was a schoolboy error but an accurate reflection of his character and he has made himself a global laughing stock.

    The Hicks family have shown their true colours….they have utter disregard for the Liverpool fans and when put under any kind of pressure they seem to be unable to communicate their ideas or to share their vision. They have repeatedly reneged on promises and timelines. The takeover has been a complete and unequivocal disaster and every true Reds fan is saddened by this whole affair. It is no wonder that they cannot attract outside investment as who would want to work alongside people who operate like this?

    This club has incomparable fans , an undying spirit and set of values that attract admiration globally. I have lost count of the conversations I have had with football fans from other countries who have nothing but respect for Liverpool;what it stands for and what is has achieved.

    It is time for Hicks and Gillette to walk away as they clearly underestimated what it would take to run LFC. David Moores and Parry, despite the trophies, stood still whilst our rivals far surpassed us off the field and instead of fresh new investement and a long term strategy we have the circus which currently surrounds the club. I will celebrate like we have won the league when these American Idiots move on.


  2. The Hicks “tribe” have no class. But even that doesnt explain this act of complete stupidity. How can a so called director even think that sending an abusive email to a fan was a good idea?
    What an arrogant, spoilt little boy he is. Thankfully he’s gone from the boardroom now but i do wonder for how long? . I still feel this little idiot will turn up again though somewhere, somehow at our club. When the dust settles Daddy will bring him back in some capacity. Makes you feel sick doesnt it ? Our club being “run” like this..
    We used to be a modest family type club. Run in a proffesional manner, quietly and with no fuss. We used to let other clubs take up all the “wrong type” of newspaper headlines while we just took up all the trophies..
    We cant live in the past of course but we can expect our club to be managed properly by proffesionals.

  3. What can one say about the latest shambles at LFC.
    We seem to be in the most awful mess on and off the field.
    I keep asking myself “when will some sanity return to my beloved LFC”. It is easy to blame the Manager and the players, and the players have said as much but, as we are dealing with American owners, maybe we should remember what one American President said “The buck stops with me” . Messrs Hicks and Gillet have not brought progress, guidance and encouragement for all those below them. Their record is littered with broken promises of every kind.
    It is now very clear that they do not have the resources to run LFC, Monetarily, Management skills and P.R. skills. Blame Moore for selling out for the extra cash when he had the opportunity to at least sell to somebody with Management skills.
    But in the final analysis, when the Hicks & Gillet circus does roll on and it will one day and they have made their immoral profits, they will not be able to say “Look at our record and see what we have done for you, it is better now than when we found you”. If Messrs Hicks and Gillet want to act responsibly and in the best interest of the club, they should sell now and leave it to someone who can do the job properly.

  4. I read with interest Christian Purslow comments on the LFC situation. He implies a lot, even seems to be making some promises but, alas, says nothing and can make no promises because he doesn’t own the club.
    Mr Purslow, who in their right mind would be foolish enough to invest a 100Mil in LFC to become a minority sharesholder with Hicks and Gillet, who could voted you down on any and all proposals. I would want far more that that for my money. Let’s face it, all the Directors are simply dups of the 2 owners, they cannot be their own men.
    The owners have taken a once respected, well run, succesful club and turned it into a laughing stock and a shadow of its former self.
    The only solution for the club is for Messrs Hicks and Gillett to realise that they have neither the money or the skills to run a Premier League Club and to sell it for a fair price.
    They couldt sack the Manager but, that would be a waste of money as there are no men of equal talent available, they can frustrate the Manager so he resigns but, that too is a waste of money as any incoming Manager would want his own team and not Rafa’s, more reduncancy money, a new Manager would also want funds to buy players and with the present status, which Manager would be foolish. enough to take on the job with the present owners.
    H&G should not sell the top players or let the Manager go, as this only reduces the value of the Asset, which is the opposit of their prime directive, that is to make a huge profit.

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