Moving on.

The article that appeared here earlier referred to a situation that I now feel can be closed off and hopefully forgotten about. No need to speculate about it, you might even be thinking of the wrong person completely.

I’ve received an apology and I fully accept it, along with the explanation given.

Some of the points in this article do still stand though, and so I’ll edit them slightly and leave them in place.

I’ll remove the references to my health and my illness too, I don’t really feel comfortable going into so much detail so openly. But don’t worry, it’s  a pain to  live with, but it could be something far worse.

I don’t write on here with hit counts in mind. When it comes to the political situation at the club these days, all I try to do is find the truth.

With better health, maybe I’d have found it by now, but there is a lot of “smoke and mirrors” with what goes on at the club.

If we are going to force one or both owners out, we should force them out with the truth, particularly when one of the reasons given to force them out is their lack of truth.

If we are to force the manager out, we should be forcing him out for genuine reasons, not because of false or misleading reports of his actions.

Rick Parry has already announced his departure – I hope it was for the right reasons, I hope he wasn’t hounded out with lies.

I made a mistake in an article in terms of working out the source of some quotes. It was an attempt to find some truth, and it failed. But I think we’ve all got to keep looking for the truth. If we find we are wrong, we’ve got to hold our hands up.

People are damaging the club. In some cases I’m sure they’re doing it deliberately, with others they see the damage as a necessary evil to their plans and with others they probably don’t even realise they’re doing it.

It saddens me to see how many of us are fighting with each other. It used to be LFC v The World. What is it now? Can we not try and go back to that?

There is too much hatred in and around this club and it is slowly but surely destroying this club. A lot of people, from the highest levels downwards, need to start thinking about fixing the problems, not looking to get revenge or to score points over each other.

We will get our club back one day and we will get ourselves back on that f***ing perch. But not if we keep trying to knock each other off it! We need to work together, despite any differences, for what we all, deep down, really want.

10 thoughts on “Moving on.”

  1. I’m delighted with the win last night.

    I’d love Gerrard to come out with the following quote regarding the league “NO SURRENDER!”

    If he’s too meek to say these words then alternatively he should get a hat-trick at Old Trafford. We need to bloody their nose.

  2. Jim glad to see the issue has been resolved and you have received an apology .

    In my own mind i would probably hazard a guess at who the reporter in question was but as you say above “no need to speculate”.

    Anyone that is a regular contributor to this site would recognise that your articles are always fact based, fair and your pieces would never attempt to twist a story in a bid to get cheap hits. Hell your articles even portrayed Hicks with a fair and factual account at a time when everyone else, facts or no facts, was very ready to portray him as the villain.

    When physically well enough Jim keep the articles coming because they are are always a very enjoyable, insightful, well balanced read!!

    (Not to confuse my thoughts above – I still believe Hicks and Gilette are alls what worng with this great club and I will never support either he or Gilette while they remain in anyway connected to the club)

    “They dont care about Rafa, they dont care about fans, Liverpool Football club, its in the wrong hands”

  3. Jim,

    Keep your chin up man. You do some fantastic work on this website. Really fantastic. Everyone makes the odd mistake, but it’s clear that with you it’s just a mistake, and that you are an honest and very capable researcher and writer, and someone who cares deeply about both the truth and LFC. I am truly sorry to hear that you are having health problems and I hope and pray that whatever is troubling you gets better.

  4. The sooner we can sort out are troubles at the top the sooner we can move forward on the pitch.
    Parry ‘s decision to go is at least movement and maybe things will start to change at board level – whether it’s a change for the better in the long term remains to be seen but the status quo can’t go on.

    Sorry to hear about your health problems Jim,
    I have to say i really enjoy reading the articles on this website. They are always well informed , balanced and fair. I’d like to think that most LFC fans are are just the same. That’s what separates us from other football fans.

  5. It is both interesting and pleasing to read that the American owners price of 500Mil is now seen as too high. Not so long ago they could have got that price, now it maybe (I hope) as low as 300. My preference is that both owners sell, as they both have not shown any real signs of understanding the British Soccer Scene and their obvious lack of money has been a hinderance from day one.
    Regretfully LFC is not a family business any more but let us hope for a knowledable, sympathletic owner who wants to take the club forward and not just for the money they can earn from it.

  6. The fans didn’t get on his back after one or two poor performances and now he’s got his confidence and doing well.

    At least he’s added few zero’s to his sale price. Proving once again that Rafa’s job is not just about buying players, but selling at a profit too!!!

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