Keane: Fee agreed, medical passed.

Liverpool FC have now confirmed their agreement to sell Robbie Keane back to Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs sold the Irish international forward to Liverpool in August for a fee of £19m, in a deal that could have risen to £20.3m had his time at the club worked out. Clearly it didn’t work out, and after weeks of speculation he finally got his wish to return to his old side.

Liverpool had already agreed for Keane to travel south to undergo a medical for Spurs, but made it clear that at that stage they had still not agreed the deal with Harry Redknapp’s side.

At around 4pm, with an hour to go until the transfer window was due to close, the club made a simple announcement: “Liverpool Football Club have reached agreement with Tottenham Hotspur for the sale of Robbie Keane.”

At 4.35pm it was reported that Keane had finally passed his medical, clearing the way for him to sign for Spurs before the 5pm deadline. It seems personal terms must have been agreed already.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp had made his desire to sign Keane public in interviews recently, much to the annoyance of Liverpool. This followed on from public complaints from Spurs about Liverpool’s conduct in pursuing the forward in the summer. A Keane representative is believed to have been discussing Keane’s desire to return to White Hart Lane as much as two months ago.

Redknapp told Sky Sports News this afternoon how glad he was to see the 28-year-old go back to White Hart Lane: “I am absolutely thrilled and delighted that Robbie Keane is back and is at Tottenham once again. He is a terrific player and can make all the difference. He will be a great signing for us once again.”

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  1. I’ve clicked on and off this article in disbelief. Not because I didn’t believe Keane had gone but my shock at the return of Lord Lucan, in the guise of Jim, has finally returned. Glad to have you back, even without the background as to why you went missing. Long live the king.

    My reading was always that Rafa wanted Keane but he wanted Barry more and didn’t want to spend all his budget on one player. Parry and probably Gillett went one way, Hicks went whichever way played at the time. Now he’s jumped ship to be firmly on Rafa’s side to preserve his (waning) status with the club and its fans.

    Like Jim says, the ownership of the club is a complete mess and a cancerous disease we need rid off. While the price of dollar to pound may be beneficial to those Americans with money, the problem is unless they’re cash rich they can’t get their hands on any. That appears to be the case with Gillett, and Hicks seems unable to meet all his financial commitments.

    So, if they can’t afford to run the club in these tough economic and financial times and based on the terrible mis-leading PR of their takeover, they both need to go.

    In the meantime, I hope Rafa keeps going, the fans get behind the team and Jim keeps writing his articles and doesn’t disappear until the summer break!

  2. Hello Jim. Great to read an article from you again. Good to hear from you.

    I must say that this is all very strange. I simply cannot believe that for objective footballing reasons only the decision to sell Keane has been made. If we are in the midst of a title challenge then surely it makes more footballing sense to retain Keane for the sake of the squad, especially if a replacement cannot be sought?

    There may well be some truth to the claims you made in the previous article about Rafa not wanting Keane 1st and foremost. In many ways it’s a bit like Rafa churlishly making a point by selling him at the very 1st opportunity!

    I must say, the overall situation regarding LFC simply sickens and scares me. What our future lies I just do not know. Hicks, seemingly, is intent on waiting untilt he final minute to make as much money as possible, not unreasonable from a business perspective at all, but in terms of the club that is extremely worrying. Gillett – well, I’m pretty sure he is one of the biggest cocks around. I read the article in the echo about what transpired between him and Jay Mckenna – division and the last comment about Rafa underlying just how much he doesn’t like Rafa.

    One final point and I don’t think it to be the case, but is there any chance we needed to sell Keane for financial reasons?

  3. “Reports the club’s powerbrokers were due to meet again on Monday were wide of the mark, with Hicks returning to the United States almost as soon as the Chelsea game finished.”
    From Telegraph Online today.

    If this is true it gives some idea of the paralysis at the heart of the club. How on earth can Liverpool function effectively with behaviour like this from a director and major shareholder ? Don’t forget this is a man who is trying to raise finance whilst still retaining a stake in the club. Its a wonder the team is doing so well in such circumstances. What the club needs is stabilty, stabilty and more stabilty. Some chance.

  4. Before my rant – I would like to welcome Jim back. Nice to hear from you again.

    Robbie Keane has been treated appallingly in this whole saga and I salute the way he has kept his intregrity.

    This club is a shambles. We now treat our employees disgracefully in my view. What ever happened to the liverpool way?? Using Keane as a pawn in the power struggle was a low act by anyones standards. He was an innocent party and deserves better.

    As for financial reasons for selling – see the quote from the Guardian

    So far only about £10m has changed hands between Liverpool and Spurs. There are strong rumours in the financial world that only £5m came from Liverpool’s reserves. The rest, it is said, was borrowed money, coming from a specialist football-loans company.

    That would mean that not only would Liverpool have to take the £10m balance of payments out of Benítez’s future budget, but they would also have to furnish the debt service on the loans.

    Liverpool’s American co-owner, George Gillett, said at a conference last year that Liverpool had “no covenants” on their £350m senior loan with RBS and Wachovia. That situation would enable further borrowing for transfer activity.

    That all meant that the most sensible outcome regarding Keane would have been for Tottenham to cancel the two tranches of the fee due on the first transfer, and take him back. And, lo, Keane returned to Tottenham yesterday

  5. @ LFC

    No loans after the window shuts for us. We’ve got to go with what we have.

    @ Stephen

    There’s no doubt we’re in an almighty mess with fissure running throughout the club. We’re increasingly becoming the example of a modern day club – owners attempting to buy our soles for profit – but it again demonstrates how well Rafa’s done to keep us at least in contention.

    For all Robbie’s strengths – and we’ll see them for Spurs soon enough – it can’t be said that he didn’t get a chance although he can rightly say he did not get a sustained opportunity. The outcome, with him going back to spurs, was the right one for him, the club and no doubt our bank balance. The sooner the summer comes and we finally get some closure on this Moores/Parry-led fiasco the better. Let’s hope, however, we’re not talking about ‘better the devil you know, when it does happen.

  6. Welcome home Jim.

    I cannot believe we have sold Keane. Half of me says its because we are broke, the other half says its stubborn Benitez making a point.

    Whatever it is its a MASSIVE mistake. I am fuming. The way the man was treated was unforgivable. Whenever he played he played for the badge on his heart and he gave his all. To expect him to be half as good as he was last season with all the pressure, press and nonsense from the manager was ludicrus.

    Torres isnt anywhere near fully fit and as we know is prone to hamstring injuries, which are very likely to reoccur.

    If he is injured again we are relying on the far from prolific Kuyt and the frankly poor Ngog.

    Benitez we are supposed to be fighting for the title with little cover up front. Is he stupid???

    Life has just become a little harder for us all.

    And god forbid we need a win on the last game of the season to win the title, cos guess what its against spurs and believe me Mr Keane would love to put a few in the back of our net to prove a point to Benitez.

    Well done sir, another great transfer debarkle.

  7. I am so so angry.

    Just read the comments by John Aldrige on the BBC website and ive got to agree as i said above. We now do not have enought cover up front to win the title.

    Its a complete and utter disregard for the club and its supporters by the manager.

    Defend him all you want. The team selection and their performance on Sunday was spot on, but injuries do occur and i hate to say it, but Torres is prone.

    Bad, bad managment and frankly a joke in the transfer market.

    Rafa what have you done!!!!!

  8. @ Cantos I m so angry to. I do not think the Keane problem is coming from Rafa alone (No Money), and what do think Aldo would say he was the man pressing on Perry for keane to come to LFC, and was ent he the man that gave Gerrard away when he said that keane will be sold in Jan.

    I would strongly think that Perry himself is making loads of money out of Lfc to be honest starting with the sale of the club god knows why he wanted Gillette at all costs and maybe that is why the boardroom is split, loads and loads of people are paid commission under the table in this sport and that is why everyone wants his say when it comes to choosing who they buy.

    And the Keane issue could be one of those, I don’t think Rafa sold him just because he did not like him I am sure there are other matters which we will never know.

  9. Yeah i do agree malta, but its still plain idiotic when we ware fighting for the title. After all its Rafa that keeps banging on about strength in depth and the plus side of having a big squad.

    He should never have gone. Rafa has alot to answer for. If we do not win it this year then i cant see him staying on.

    He is so so bad in the transfer market as well.

    Flops have come and gone from Anfield over the last 5 years, but Keane is a quality player who needed a fair chance and a good run in the team. He hardly played with Torres and then to score two good goals and get axed from the team……it stinks of the usual bad man management by Benitez where the likes of Lucas, Kuyt and Yossi always seem to be in favour. How much did he pay for Babel. He should have gone first. He is nothing special. I know he can only come ininside a player.

    And now Rafa says its not a gamble cos we got Babel and Yossi as reserve forwards to cover Torres.

    He wants shooting cos we had one of the best in Keane and he was treated badly from the start.

    Its just another of many bad errors by the boss, trying to prove he is always right.

    I pray that the board dont give in and give him full control of transfers and finances. We are already a laughing stock.

  10. It’s for the best, with the depth of our squad we were never going to be able to compete successfully on 3 fronts. The FA cup was always going to be just a distraction. Anyone rational whose being following our progress over the last 5 seasons would surely agree to this? It had to be sacrificed, I’m just glad that we made a battle of it.

    Lucas will he ever learn? lol

    I take my hat off to David Moyes. Their sole mission seems to be just to f**k our season up (small club mentality).

    Hope Gerrards okay!

    My only hope is that we don’t descend into some typically hysterical “club in crisis” frenzy. It over now and time to move on………

  11. My only worry is not that we are out but we had to play for 120 mins, I would have enjoyed it more if torres gerrard alonso riera and kuyt were rested today, i would have given priority to saturday.
    maybe most of you disagree.

  12. Its a poor show again boys.

    Gerrard injured and Torres not fit. And……no replacement. Kuyt not scored since November and Ngog never scored in Prem.

    Oh how rosie our future looks. Benitez has well and truely done us over.

    As a genuine fan i feel destroyed at losing to Everton, but more than this i feel again that the cup is just a joke to Rafa, but so does the title race. Still cant see the sense in selling Keane. We look lightweight up front, our tactics suck and as for the selection of LUCAS who again has a bad game i dispair.

    Lucas wouldnt get in my 5 year old sons team, he is rubbish, he gives us nothing and has ultimately cost us another game. Why cant Rafa see this. Sells a brilliant player in Keane and holds faith with the woeful Lucas.

    We are a joke. Benitez please go. This isnt club in crisis hysteria as someone above put it, ive been saying this for 3 years as most readers on here know.

    Why do the masses still follow Rafa with such blind faith. Just open your eyes.

    We are going nowhere fast. Same ol stuff.

  13. So Keane gone back to Spurs, I have never been impressed with him but, can’t help but wonder if he was a pawn in the political plot for the Manager to get the authority he should always have had.
    Lucas, well!, I have said before his father must be the President of Brazil to be playing for them, to me, his greatest gift is his ability to foul but, always gets caught out. I just do not see what the Manager obviously sees in him.
    LFC is becoming exposed for if any of the key players become injured there is not an adequate replacement.

  14. Guys what do you all think of Dossena last night I think he is showing some kind of improvment, first half he was very good, and to be honest he seems to have a lot of pace.

  15. I’m reserving judgement on Dossena ’til ythe end of the season.

    Clearly he has the class if he’s an Italian international, so it’s a question of him adapting. He’s a different player to Aurelio, so it’s good to have another option. Personally, I love a player that’s game for going forward with pace,strength and power, needs to work on his crossing a bit?

  16. I hate losing to the blue noses but they were a better team last night.
    Rafa seems too happy to settle for draws – guess we never learnt that mistake from when Pinnochio was in charge!
    Couldn’t agree more with the comment son Lucas and his repeated poor performance.
    Doesnea looked good on the pre-season against Tranmere but against proper opposition he doesn’t seem to cut it.
    Insua on the other hand looks like the genuine article – can’t wait for him to get back from U21 duty with the Argies

  17. Ken, at last, well said mate.

    As for Dossena, he only has 2 caps for Italy, one being against South Africa in a friendly and one as a sub against Austria, so he’s hardly a regular.

    He is overweight and slow. £8 million pounds, dont make me laugh, yet another Rafa transfer blunder.

    Waste of money….again.

  18. Good to hear Daglish’s view on things!


  19. Good to hear Hansen’s view on things!


  20. Guys this in my opinion is a very good view of the season so far, Cantos I am sure you wount agree with though, hehe

    Read on

    Defending the Gaffa – The Rafalution is on track Written by Tetteh Otuteye on February 5th, 2009

    We’ve slipped from first place with a comfortable lead to now chasing United.
    We’ve drawn too many matches.
    We’ve sold Keane and haven’t signed a replacement.
    We’ve sold Pennant and haven’t signed a replacement.
    We’ve now been knocked out of the cup by Everton.

    It’s no wonder the forums been so miserable of late!

    Many of our fans seem surprised that Rafa is human. “He’s got a chip on his shoulder” apparently. I.E: That he has gotten sensitive to constant criticism and constant inspection of every decision he makes by the media, other managers, and fans, but only when things go wrong.

    It could be argued that this is part and parcel of the job, but I don’t see Rafa’s rival manager’s – specifically Wenger’s decisions being analysed with anywhere near as much fervor as Rafa’s (and when was the last time Wenger won anything? Heck, in the last 5 years that Rafa has been around, please tell me what Arsenal have accomplished). And it’s one thing when the criticism is constructive, but the “Rafa has lost the plot”, “Rafa going crazy” etc. headlines, aren’t really conducive to not thinking people are hoping you fail. Most people reading these sorts of headlines would naturally begin to think people are out to get you. Some may call it paranoia, but when I try to put myself in Rafa’s shoes and imagine what I’d think if I read these headlines (sometimes from Liverpool fans and on Liverpool websites), I’d also start to wonder. Although some people questioned the wisdom of Rafa’s comments about Ferguson immediately, most thought it was just mindgames. Nobody thought he was going crazy until after the results turned against us following that “rant”.

    To put things back in context, here are some FACTS: Rafa has improved our team every single year. FACT: He has bridged the gap between the top clubs to now being in 2nd place within 2-3-or-5 points of UTD – ‘the Kings of Europe’, who FACT: can boast 4 of the premiership’s (perhaps even the world’s?) best strikers in Tevez, Berbatov, Ronaldo and Rooney. FACT: Prior to this year our season has been over by February. FACT: Our results against the top teams haven’t been this good for a very long time. FACT: the league table doesn’t lie, and it suggests Rafa is leading us to solid improvement, that we’re catching up to our rivals. FACT: We are involved in the title race that we all wished to be in way back in August.

    After Athens, Rafa got frustrated and said we needed to move quicker in the transfer market. People called him out for that “outburst” of frustration. Although some of us weren’t pleased with the manner of his “outburst”, there was no doubting the content of his words. He said we needed to move 2 steps forward for every step our rivals took. This year, we sit in second, above Chelsea who we have done the double on for the first time in 20 years, and very close to the leaders.

    We may not approve of Rafa’s methods, but the man must deserve some credit for our position in the table – even if it could have been better had we not had so many frustrating draws. I’d go so far as to say that paradoxically, the fact that we are in 2nd place, 2 points behind our leaders, and immensely frustrated is a testament to how well Rafa has done with us since he took over and especially this season.

    In the previous four years we’d have bitten off someone’s hand if they’d offered us our current league position, however this year we’re frustrated for having it! How funny is that?

    Like everyone else I’m frustrated that we have not capitalised on our brilliant record breaking start to the season. I’m frustrated that Keane didn’t gel into our system. I’m frustrated that Rafa loves Kuyt so damn much. I’m frustrated that there’s so much pressure on the team. I’m frustrated that Gerrard is injured (although I think Yossi can fill that job – if Rafa will let him). I’m frustrated that Lucas and Babel haven’t improved as much as we hoped they would.

    But despite all those frustrations, I look at the table and I remember what I asked for at the beginning of the season, and it would be hypocritical of me to say Rafa hasn’t delivered. Sure, by December my expectations may have inflated some, but we have to remember what we expected in August and September.

    We are in the middle of a title race. Now is not the time to be saying our Gaffa has lost the plot. Now is not the time to be asking for a replacement. Now is not the time to be looking over his every tactical decision with a microscope. We have never liked every one of his decisions. Even on the way to Istanbul, he made decisions that had some of us pulling out our hair – but we shut up because the results were going right. Now over the last year he has done stuff that has pissed us off several times – over-rotating, some signings we didn’t like, trusting Kuyt so much, weird substitutions, late substitutions etc. etc. But if the ends justifies the means (and it certainly did when we were winning rather fortuitously in November and October), then we have to look at the league table and see that Rafa is delivering the exact thing we all asked for in September and August – A title challenge.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be frustrated. That’s natural when you lose to Everton in the cup, or draw 7 matches in 10 matches. I’m just saying that despite all that, we are still fighting for the league, and now isn’t the time to lose faith.

    Now is the time to get behind them. To try not to let our frustrations prevent us from enjoying our first real title challenge in many years. To not let our frustrations impede our progress. The team needs our support now more than ever. And although we can go on and on about where we would be now if we’d beaten Everton or if we’d not drawn so many matches, our energy may be better spent trying to lift our fellow fans’ spirits so that we can get behind the team and push them on to fight for the title between now and May. So lets save some of the analysis and navel-gazing for when the season is over, and try to be happy that we are in a title race, and try to cheer the team on to victory.

  21. Guys I just got the fright of my life I happened to be at a local pub here in Malta, when Fergie came in and set to 6 ft away from me, my god is he ugly he he, the surprise was that sky sport was on tele and at that time the flash news came on that scolari was sacked, immediately he said my god this man has no patience (I think he was referring to abramovich) he then got his blackberry and called someone and spent something like 15 minutes chatting while chatting he mention rafa something like five times I could not get much as his accent was worse then on TV.

  22. Not been too much discussion on here since the Portsmouth game. Think we are all still in shock.

    What the hell was that team selection all about, and if they were not so poor at the back we would have got done.

    I do have serious doubts as to whether Rafa seriously wants to win the league or not. His selection was crazy. The excuse that he was resting players was stupid. There is now a 2 week break for players to recover. Torres had only played 13 games to that point and so shouldnt need a rest. Thank god we have that genius, what a player. He used all the players he was so called resting anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have run out of patience with the boss. I no longer want him in charge of our club.

    If Lucas was not suspended i garauntee he would have played. Rafa does not see sense and is arrogantly trying to prove several points to everyone except the fans.

    I love my team and certain players are just not playing for the shirt. Dossena, Lucas, Babel are but a few who looked lazy and as if they could not be bothered. Babel is just awful.

    Ngog was well out of his depth again, but at least with Gerrard injured and Torres rested we had a quality 20 million pound striker to bring on and fill the role…….oh no we sold him back to where he once came as a blind protest to the board, whilst ignoring the fact that he would be needed in the title chase.

    How long does this man get…

    How many stupid decisions and lucky breaks does he get.

    Those poor fans who travelled to pompey were gutted when they saw the team. I concede it turned into a great party following the result, but they were terrible and we were lucky.



    If he changes his tactics and stops being so stupid, childish and stubborn he will regain my full support. If not i hope the board stick to their guns and either sack him or he leaves, but do not concede to this man until he does his job properly and has the thoughts of the supporter well and truely in line with his own judgement.

  23. @ Cantos I wondered where you’d gone to.

    We won because of Rafa not inspite of him.

    The starting line-up wasn’t to my liking, your liking and, in case you didn’t know, Rafa’s too. To know that you have to ask: when has Rafa not started with Kuyt?!?!

    I saw the game on Saturday and watched it again just over an hour or so ago. We started the game well, but lacked cutting edge going forward which is not surprising given the experience and lack of playing time of the guys upfront. One huge bonus was the performance of Benayoun who was a revelation, as was Aurelio playing in central midfield.

    The reason Rafa didn’t start with Torres is, as we saw against Everton, because a) he was ‘tired’ and b) the injury was ‘tiring’ and potentially on the verge of going again without rest. However, I’m no physiotherapist but I think they’ll tell you far more.

    Keane going is the best solution for all around. I still can’t get out of my head his performance against Preston which ranks as one of the worst I’ve seen. Yes he scored a fabulous goal against Arsenal but largely he didn’t perform and certainly wasn’t showing £20m’s worth of form. For the club to largely (add-ons included) get their full money back is excellent. Hopefully it does give Babel and Ngog and Nemeth (should he come back soon) a chance to shine.

    By the way Cantos, if not Rafa who else????????

  24. @ LFC Malta

    Your line on Alex Ferguson made me laugh.

    You sure he wasn’t talking to the press to ratchet up the pressure on Rafa to quit or get the sack?!

  25. I’m through endlessly arguing the case for Rafa. The way I view things is, we’re now in a battle with United, so agree with him or not, it’s time to fall in line behind the gaffer.

    On a more positive note I thought that our second goal against Portsmouth was pure “Kuytian”. A clumsy retrieval of the ball off the defender followed by an unstoppable shot from an impossible angle. He’s a one-off!

  26. @ midlands

    Rafa could put out the under 16’s against Man City and you would be able to justify it. Please stop with the crap about Torres needing a rest etc. Do you really think the 65 odd mins he did not feature was enough for him to get his breath back or time enough for the delicate injury to strengthen up……

    Yossi did play well, Babel was worse than Keane against Preston.

    Yes i agree there is no replacement for Rafa at the mo, but he is taking the michael.

    Looking forward to the city game and the return of Lucas….not.

  27. @ Cantos

    I don’t mind ‘defending’ Rafa because his record is sound and the team has improved.

    But if I’m allowed to ‘attack’ for a moment…..

    The problem I have, i guess, is with irate fans who say things like you said:

    I have run out of patience with the boss. I no longer want him in charge of our club.

    BUT offer no alternative.

    If you’re going to carp, ok, have a go at his team selection, players bought and sold, tactics etc but i think to take it that one step further and use any ‘blip’ to poor your scorn on the manager damages his confidence, then the teams and then our results. The end of season is a good time for change but not when you’re in the hunt for the premiership, as we still are.

    By the way, days of flogging the horse until it breaks down are gone. Torres, Walcott, Giggs beforehand and many others besides have been ‘rested’ because the body can only take so much – particularly when you’re a speedster. I think it was Steve Bruce who only a few days ago apologised publicly for playing players who were right and are now out injured again. Rafa knows that he needs his key players for games against Madrid, Villa and United etc to come. Fortunately, he also knows when to bring them off the bench to win us games. You call it luck but he must be a very very lucky man because we are the most consistent PL team for scoring goals in the last 15 mins of matches!

    Get behind the team. You may get your wish on Rafa in the summer but now is certainly not the time.

  28. @ Cantos ok we know Raka makes mistakes and he is stubborn but please name who can come and give us some silverware with the same budget

  29. Like i said i cannot think of a decent available replacement at the mo. I do appologies for continually ranting but i guess frustration does take over.

    I do get behind the manager and the team every other week at Anfield, and have done for years.

    I still stick by the fact that you should always play your best 11, get the win/goals and then replace tired players.

    I also definately stick to the point that LUCAS is nowhere near good enough to play in the premiership, let alone in a red shirt.

    Just watched the Spain v England match. How good would Ramos and Xavi look in a Liverpool shirt, or mr Villa come to that.

  30. Yeah malta he is a class act.

    Are you in Malta mate. I got family who live in Sliema. Been loadsa times, there is a massive reds following out there.

    Ramos would solve a problem or two for us, but your going to be talking huge money.

  31. @ Malta, no mate my family are Welsh but my grandmothers sister used to own and run the Meadowbank hotel on the seafront at Sliema, believe its no longer there now.?

  32. @ mid sorry mate but you should visit Malta he he and yes I did read it and it made a lot of sense.

    @ Cantos I live 2 mins away from that hotel and no it been dropped about 15 years ago and something like 25 apartments were built and an apartment there now will cost you not less then € 900,000. I am an estate agent by the way. We better talk about the reds now because these guys will kill us.

    @ Jim are you still around or you went hibernating again?????

  33. Just looking at our next 3 league games:

    Sunday, 22 February 2009
    Liverpool v Man City, 15:00

    Saturday, 28 February 2009
    Middlesbrough v Liverpool, 15:00

    Tuesday, 3 March 2009
    Liverpool v Sunderland, 20:00

    I’m saying nothing because I’ll jinx it. But I think every fan would feel the same about what is expected.

    I’m presuming that a new team will begin to emerge in the next few weeks comprising the players that are willing to stand up and be counted. 16 men that understand that this is Liverpool f.c. and we’re going for the league. Good to have Sammy on board to work on spirit and attitude.

  34. Im bored. No football and nothing to moan about.

    Yeah the next couple of games should give us a chance to keep up with or hopefully overtake the Scum. We need to take maximum points. Nothing else will do.

    Good news, we have little insua back, he really does look the business.

    @ midlands, i know the clue is in the name but whereabouts are you from mate?

    @ malta, are you part of the LFC supporters club out there, i understand its massive?

    @ Edward, where are you from mate?

    Would be nice to know a little about everyone……..

    Like i say im bored lol.

  35. @Cantos yea me bored to, well as regards to football here in Malta is not that followed but mostly every one here supports foreign teams mostly Italian and English teams the more followed are Liverpool, manur, arsenal, Spurs and now a little Chelsea, Milan, Juve, inter. top three would be Liverpool juve and the scums.
    we have two clubs here and the one in gozo has a replica of the Shankly gates the owner of the gozo club is a very good friend of Michael Owen in summer he sometimes comes to Malta and you could find him there, Phil Neil and Phil thomo visit the club often Thomo being one of the Honorary Presidents of the club. Visit

    There is a pub called the Scotsman were normally if a footballer from the UK is in Malta will visit this pub that is I met fergie last week.

    Well if any of you want to visit this sunny island let me know | would be happy to meet for a couple of beers here

  36. @ cantos with Steve injerd and Xabi suspended I am sure our beloved Lucas will be starting on sunday

  37. I know. Was speakin to a friend of mine whos 10 year old son has signed for Preston North End.
    He had been to a function at Preston where Carragher and Gerrard were guest speakers.

    After the speeches etc he said both lads were in good spirits and posed with everyone for photos etc. My friend said people were asking Carragher about Lucas, and that Carragher(who was very drunk) was laughing and calling Lucas, saying that he was shit and generally slagging him off. Gerrard refused to comment but was encouraging Carragher and laughing his head off.

    It goes to show what his own team mates think of him. He really is a disgrace and gives me hope that at 37 i could still play for the reds, cos i know im better than him…..

    I hope he dont play.

    I have feeling we will beat then with ease, but Bellamy will be a threat and will want to score.

  38. @ Cantos I’m from Limerick in southern Ireland, currently living in Dublin.

    I was thinking about the recent blah blah about United being untouchable. Has everyone forgotten half-time in Istanbul? The
    underdog tag suits us (SAF is playing into our hands). For once the spirit of Istanbul could prove useful.

    I doubt that we can do it though without winning the rest of our home games.

  39. From Mirror Sport today:-

    {Benitez feels the crumbling relationship between the two Americans makes it impossible for him to do his job.
    A source close to Benitez said: “It has been claimed that Rafa wants full power on transfers, contracts and the academy, but what he really wants is everyone at the club pulling in the same direction.
    “The club are missing out on transfer targets and that contracts for players and staff are not being done because things move too slowly. Rafa had transfer targets lined up in January.
    When he missed out on those because of how the club functions he realised it could not continue. He has told the owners it would be impossible for him to work another four years under these conditions.”
    Liverpool’s owners have been stunned by Benitez’s latest rejection and it seems his tenure will continue next season only if a buyer can be found for Gillett’s stake.}

    And who can blame him ? I’m sure I’m not the only life-long fan who can feel his interest in Liverpool waning because of the seemingly endless turmoil in the club. It won’t take much more effing about by H & G for our beloved club to be in free fall. If Rafa goes so will many players and whoever owns the club at the time will have to start all over again beginning with a new manager.

  40. Looks like we need to win our next 2 and then beat United at Old Trafford to stay in the race.

    Any team would miss Gerrard & Alonso.

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