Merseyside families to march for justice

We’ve previously added articles highlighting the murder of 18-year-old Andrew Jones, an Everton supporter who had been on a night out in Liverpool when he was attacked. This was five-and-a-half years ago, and to this the day nobody has been convicted for ending his life.

An inquest is now set for December, when the family hope to finally see some large steps taken towards justice. More details can be found on the website the family have set up –

Andrew’s family aren’t the only family living through additional pain after losing loved ones, caused by obstacles they face in their quest for justice. In Liverpool alone there are a growing number of families in this position, and as a result a group has now been set up to campaign about it – Merseyside Families for Justice.

Andrew’s dad, Andy, asked us to publish the following statement from the group, who are to hold a march and rally early next month.

Merseyside Families for Justice will hold their first March and Rally on Saturday 4th October 2008. All supporters and justice campaigners will be welcomed. It will start outside the CASA in Hope Street at 12 noon and finish at 2:00pm with a Rally outside of the Law Courts in Derby Square.

Merseyside families who have lost loved ones through acts of criminal and unwanted violence will be holding a March and Rally in the City Centre of Liverpool. They will be calling on the Government and Judiciary to implement tougher sentences for those who commit murder and acts of violence. They will also be asking for the criminal justice system to give better support to the families of the victims and show a far greater understanding of their needs and concerns.

All families and family friends and supporters who have experienced the trauma of murder are being urged to join the demonstration.

Family, friends and supports of murder victims Andrew Jones, Liam Culshaw, Ryan Dugdale, Gary Dunne, Kevin Lavelle, Stephen Croft, Lee Connerty, Julie Cunningham, Chantel Taylor and Robbie Ryan will lead the march.

One thought on “Merseyside families to march for justice”

  1. Thankyou for your work. I hope your march went well.

    Someday somebody may listen.

    As parents who have lost a child you all have my deepset sympathy.

    A few years ago I lost my son, Stephen aged 27 years, in a road accident. So believe me I can empathise with your tragedies.

    Stephen was killed when riding his motorcycle. He was in a collision with a car driven badly by a very dodery 80 year old who should never have been driving. He was fined £200 for careless driving.

    Ones life is never the same.

    Regards to you all

    Richard (Norwich)

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