Result: Liverpool 2 Man U 1

Barclays Premier League – Result – Saturday September 13th

Liverpool 2 Manchester United 1

Reaction to follow…


Liverpool: 25 Reina, 17 Arbeloa, 37 Skrtel, 23 Carragher, 12 Aurelio, 15 Benayoun (8 Gerrard, 68), 14 Alonso, 20 Mascherano (4 Hyypia, 87), 11 Riera (19 Babel, 71), 18 Kuyt, 7 Keane
Unused subs: 1 Cavalieri, 2 Dossena, 9 Torres, 24 Ngog
Goals: Brown 27 (og), Babel 77

Man Utd: 1 Van der Sar, 6 Brown, 5 Ferdinand, 15 Vidic, 3 Evra, 10 Rooney, 18 Scholes (4 Hargreaves, 66), 16 Carrick (11 Giggs, 46), 8 Anderson (17 Nani, 78), 32 Tevez, 9 Berbatov
Subs: 29 Kuszczak, 23 Evans, 22 O’Shea, 24 Fletcher
Booked: Tevez 21, Nani 81, Vidic 78
Sent off: Vidic 90
Goal: Tevez 3 

Referee: Howard Webb

Attendance: 44,192

Stats (BBC): Liverpool – Manchester United
Possession: 62% – 38%
Shots on target: 10 – 3
Shots off target: 4 – 4
Corners: 5 – 4
Fouls: 10 – 18

League table at end of game:

    P GD Pts
1 Liverpool 4 3 10
2 Chelsea 3 5 7
3 Man City 3 4 6
4 Arsenal 3 3 6
5 West Ham 3 1 6
6 Middlesbrough 3 1 6
7 Aston Villa 3 1 4
8 Bolton 3 1 4
9 Man Utd 3 0 4
10 Blackburn 3 -2 4
11 Newcastle 3 -2 4
12 Hull 3 -4 4
13 Wigan 3 3 3
14 Fulham 2 0 3
15 Stoke 3 -2 3
16 Portsmouth 3 -2 3
17 Everton 3 -3 3
18 Sunderland 3 -3 3
19 Tottenham 3 -2 1
20 West Brom 3 -2 1

15 thoughts on “Result: Liverpool 2 Man U 1”

  1. Great to win ugly, even better to win like we did today.

    Great to see us finally get our own goal, not an own goal, against United.

    Great to see us getting a win without Torres and Gerrard (almost).

    Rafa deserves the plaudits for winning (, as much as he didn’t deserve all the bile for us drawing against Villa)

    Masch was the man of the match for me.

    Gillet and his gang the villans.

    walk on!!!

  2. Midlands, agree with all of that and they all deserve the credit.

    I could be way off, but my gut feeling is that SAMMY LEE had alot to do with it as well.

  3. Over the moon with the result, we played some awesome football. Riera had Brown in his lil pocket, made him suffer his entire stay on the pitch. Arbeloa and Aurelio looked the part today, and I was really happy to see them play some great football themselves. Kuyt should have had at leats 2 goals if not a hat-trick, and Keane was unlucky too.

    All and all, great result, and it should give us the momentum to keep going forward and make sure we correct all those sick mistakes we had in the previous seasons.

    Edward – agree, Sammy Lee did look like having a hand in it, so happy to have him back!!


  4. Great game, good stuff form our boys.

    The difference..we wanted to win today, we had the hunger and we were first to every ball. It wasnt perfect but desire definatlety and effort saw us through.

    Kuyt could have and probably should have scored late on and masch was definately asleep early on, however Riera looked the buisness and its amazing what a bit of width can do. We ran rings around them in the second half.

    Yossi for me was again a bit wasteful and just doesnt look right in a Liverpool shirt. This however the only negative point.

    Well done to you the team and well done Rafa, for once we were full of fight and wanted the win. Keep it up, our best is yet to come.

  5. I have been an LFC supporter for 68 years and still have DVD’s of the great years however, it is sad for me to see LFC is in a mess ownership wise and the ramifications of that mess. But it nice to see that Everton have no intention of letting some snake oil salesmen buy their club as LFC have done and for that I am grateful. I find that I have one fear, that Everton will get a good new owner and Everton will build their new Stadium in Stanley Park and not LFC, did you say it cannot happen, well how would you feel right now if you were the Liverpool City Council and a real owner with real money said they wanted to build on that land and LFC could only say we don’t know when we will be able to build the stadium?

  6. Steady on Ken !
    What you’re saying is absolutely right but what has happened to Liverpool is a real warning to all clubs and there are signs that many have taken notice. I think Liverpool City Council are as fed up as the fans with Hicks and Gillet but the very real danger is that the Americans will manage to arrange some half baked refinancing and then we really up sh*t creek. Surely if we all pull together Liverpool fans have enough muscle to get rid of these unwanted shysters.

  7. So proud of the lads. Their commitment was fantastic. It was a joy to watch. The way we hunted in packs reminded me of Rafas great Valencia side, that gave us a spanking a few years back. To do this without Gerrard and Torres, is truly amazing. (So much for the myth of us being a two man team) We need to put Stoke to the sword and put utd under pressure going into the Chelsea game. Every game is only three points, but against the big boys it feels like ten! The monkey is off our back, we can push on and win this league, we have to believe! Well done lads and thanks. YNWA

  8. Thanks Jofrad, for your input.
    I would agree that the Liverpool City Council are probably as fed up with the American owners.
    I too hope that other clubs have learned from LFC disaterous lessons (Obviously City have not).
    My concern, is because the Council may well be fed up with the owners that that is presciley why they would want to deal with somebody who is honourable and would fulfill their promises, not like our two.
    I can’t bear to think that the Americans will somehow manage to get further finance.
    There was an article in an Australian Newspaper dedicated to British & Scottish Soccer that stated that RBS had informed Hicks & Gillett that they would have to repay the loan in January and would not be granted any extension of time or money. I just hope that will be the case, however, let us remember that the LFC family club of old has gone and any new buyer will treat it as a business looking for a substantial return of they investment.

  9. Are DIC back in the picture???

    What if Everton do find a new billionaire owner and get permission to build on OUR Stanley park??

    Worrying thoughts, however…

    I f we keep winning games and stay inside the top 3 in the table and have a good showing in the Champions League, then im sure we have nothing to worry about.
    This needs to be our main objective as im sure it is. The rest will sort itself out.

    If there is anyone interested in Everto then im sure they will be fully aware of the situation at LFC. We will always be the big brother on Merseyside no matter what and always a bigger and better investment to a potential buyer.

    With the global economy as it is at present, especially with the Yanks taking the brunt of it, then i have no doubt that Gillet and Hicks will soon have no choice but to sell anyway.

    we need to stay top and in the limelight. Thats the key. If the Geordies and Everton can attract intrest with their current performances then LFC wont struggle.

    The credit crunch in the USA may well be a blessing in disguise.

  10. Sep 15 2008 Liverpool Echo
    “DUBAI INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL have denied that they are in fresh talks to buy Liverpool FC – or that they are lining up a bid for Newcastle United.
    The Dubaians, who continue to be linked with a takeover bid for the Reds, were rumoured today in one report to be interested in switching their interest to St James’ Park after current owner Mike Ashley put the club up for sale.
    However, a statement said: “DIC can confirm that it is not involved in any negotiations to buy LFC and is not planning a fresh bid for LFC or any other football club.”
    The statement confirms what has been known for some time now – namely that any future interest in buying Liverpool FC from controversial American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett is now more likely to come from the ruler of Dubai – Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum – rather the the country’s investment arm DIC.
    Hicks and Gillett say they have no intention of selling.”

    So its 2 fingers to Hicks & Gillett from DIC and who can blame them . The inference is that the Sheikh is not going to be messed around by these 2 a***holes and has no intention of either bargaining with them or paying over the odds for the club. Let them quietly stew, I shall be really surprised if they manage to get the necessary refinancing in view of the credit crunch. They’re the owners from hell but they’ve met their match in Sheikh Mohammed.

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