Gillett to visit Anfield as tensions increase

Liverpool co-chairman George Gillett will be at Anfield on Saturday, sharing the director’s box with at least one member of his fellow owner Tom Hicks’ family, as Liverpool prepare to face Manchester United in the league. Whether they’ll sit next to each other for the match remains to be seen, but even if they do it shouldn’t be taken as a sign that the feuds of 2008 are over.

It’s hard to keep count of the feuds related to Liverpool FC now, all of which will bring laughter to most fans of Saturday’s opponents, who are close to catching Liverpool’s long standing record of league titles.

Hicks and Gillett made it clear in public earlier this year that their working relationship was over, Gillett using the word “untenable” to describe it. Gillett claimed in the summer that they’d now started to get on with each other again – given their lack of appearances together it seems more that they’ve decided not to speak to each other rather than argue. Whatever their individual plans are, it seems that they did finally realise that if they weren’t going to be able to separate as business partners, their business was going to be hurt by their public spats.

We’ve then got the feud between Rick Parry and Tom Hicks. Hicks sent Parry the letter that hit the headlines, asking the CEO to resign. Many of the points listed as reasons to resign were valid points, and in any other company Parry would either have gone or be under close scrutiny to fix the issues. But LFC don’t have one man making decisions, and Parry has Gillett on his side. It’s a mystery just quite how a club like LFC is expected to function successfully when one exact half of the ownership wants rid of the CEO and the other half is refusing to let him go.

The situation with manager Rafa Benítez has – or had – many similarities. Rafa was reluctant to show it in public, to be seen to be taking sides, but was believed pretty supportive of Hicks at one stage. This was back when Hicks said he was all set to buy Gillett out. Hicks didn’t buy Gillett out, and Gillett and Rafa have far from a trusting and stable relationship. Just as Hicks would have sacked Parry had he been in control last spring, it’s understood that Gillett’s feelings towards Rafa mean the Spaniard would need a new job straight away if the Canadiens owner ever got the power.

Parry and Rafa may have each got their preferred owner, a different one each, but there’s no love lost between each other. It’s not hard to imagine where the stories of failed transfer bids due to phones not being switched on came from. Rafa was frustrated by Parry’s approach to transfers, and told the owners so. Although they’ve been seen smiling with each other and have even issued statements denying any conflict with each other, they are still known to be far from happy with each other. Regardless of any issues each might have with the owners, it’s clearly not good for the club that the two top Liverpool-based men at the club struggle to work together. It’s unlikely any other organisation would tolerate this kind of relationship in their staff of that level, but for LFC nothing will happen due to the 50-50 voting system and the lack of trust between each voter.

David Moores is in the background and except to criticise the owners (‘them fellas’) and back his friend Parry is unwilling to really get involved. That’s the public side at least. He’s not believed to be quite so reserved in private. If that’s the case, it can only be assumed his decision to keep his head down is to ensure he keeps his place on the team bus and (subject to availability) gets tickets for the directors’ box for every game. Every day that he wastes his position, sitting back without acting in any way to try and find a resolution, it makes his decision to ditch Dubai for the extra £8m in US dollars more and more sickening. One person who could at least try to end the feuds, instead he sits back letting the club suffer more and more.

Although he can’t be blamed for the timing of extracts hitting the back pages, Jamie Carragher’s autobiography is now adding potential for another feud to be played out in public. Carra knows that Rafa has been far from angelic during this whole saga, as do many other players no doubt, and he’s mentioned this in his book. It depends on how Rafa takes the comments, but it does seem that Carra’s criticism was relatively constructive. If Rafa chooses to turn it into a public feud then it puts more ammunition in the hands of his enemies, or critics, who are already unhappy at the regular leaks of his alleged threats to leave the club and his dealings with the press.

Rafa himself is the cause of many feuds amongst fans, which are more serious than they would normally be. He’s already being compared with Gerard Houllier, his predecessor, who everyone agreed (eventually) was allowed to stay in the job far too long. At the same time there are other sets of supporters who feel that any decision to get rid of Rafa now would set us back to the beginning of another five-year plan. Grey areas are ignored as supporters pick their sides – our own supporters, arguing far too angrily with each other.

And of course the supporters are turning on the club. Tired of the lack of action in getting this mess resolved, the seemingly complacent approach over the summer to getting LFC moving again, SOS are marching at the weekend. It’s a protest against Hicks and Gillett; it’s a protest against the mess in general. Some want to protest more than others, some want Moores and Parry included. It’s inevitable that LFC supporters protesting against the regime in charge of their own club will cause some damage to the club itself – it has to if it’s to cause any harm to those being protested against. It’s not deliberate, but the protests bring negative attention to LFC as much as to Hicks and Gillett. But leaving the owners, and Dubai, to sort this out themselves hasn’t worked. SOS are doing what they think is best for the club. It’s disgraceful that LFC is in such a mess that SOS have no other way of speeding up the move towards a resolution. It’s disgraceful that LFC – according to reports – have to worry about the safety of their owner in the face of their own fans.

How much more fighting and feuding do we have to endure before we get a resolution to the mess? How much more damage will be done by the time the winner gets to raise his flag to celebrate his victory?

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  1. Having read your previous posts, you by enlarge appeared to side with TH. You know seem to be having a go at all sides as having to take some responsibility. This may be true, but you have to identify the main culprit for stopping Liverpool progressing and explain why. This person in my view and many fans is TH. He is the stumbling block preventing Dubai gaining control and whom the majority of fans wish to see in charge. Stop playing devils advocate and get off that fence.

  2. @Jim – Where have you been? Are you back for good?

    ‘Mess’ sums it up. But where do we go from here?

    We’ve long said the 50/50 boardroom relationship is unworkable. We’ve vilified Hicks mainly, Gillett and Parry and Moores to differing degrees and reasons, yet they all remain a year later. And so does the turmoil.

    So, back to my original question, where do we go from here?

    This weekend Newcastle fans will express their disgust with their owner. He’s not listening. Poor Houghton will get it in the neck. Because Ashley won’t move, unless he gets big bucks. Meanwhile Man City will be elated, and no doubt wearing Arab headgear, celebrating their new monied owners. The Blues would do well to remember that all that glitters is not always gold…….although many billion pounds suggest otherwise! Both situations show that regardless of what goes on on the pitch, it’s the boardroom that matters. Call it ‘Trickle Down Economics’ if you like.

    Carra’s book does more than tell us about Rafa’s ‘grey’ situation. Carra’s book tells us that the players are affected by boardroom shenanigans. And, more importantly, that the current owners lied about putting debt on the club ie they put debt on the club when they said they wouldn’t. They lied! [@ Jim, I seem to remember you disagreed with this assessment]

    The resignations of Keegan and Curbishley (at West Ham) were all based on the same thing a ‘breakdown of trust and confidence’ in the board. In other words they were lied to and couldn’t work with them anymore.

    The Liverpool fans, the club, the players, the footballing world and those living and waiting for regeneration in the local area all share the same thing: a ‘breakdown in trust and confidence’ in Hicks and Gillett. It’s time for them to go. Any time soon will do.

  3. Like I have aways said before and I will say it again,
    have the “yanks” in your area and they in charge of whatever they are involved in … you can expect a total mess !!!

  4. Good article Jim. A fair summation of the mess we’re in at the moment. It’s rare to find any decent and literate comment on the internet forums. Look forward to hearing more from you.

    I would like to add one point though concerning Moores and Parry and criticism which they have received as a result of selling to Hick & Gillett. Does anyone remember at the time that Moores had reached an agreement with DIC that the journalist Mihir Bose obtained and published an investment report drafted by DIC advisors essentially advising that LFC would be a good investment to build growth in and sell at a profit in 3-5 years time? I remember thinking at the time that this is not what we needed and this tarnished the bid from DIC perhaps irreparably. I understood from press reports that this was the reason that the bid was rejected and not because Moores wanted extra money. Given his steady, if not successful period of ownership labeling him as self interested and money grabbing is, I feel, out of character and wrong. I remember being relived when Moores accepted an improved bid from Gillett which included Hicks. My relief was based on the rhetoric and background of Hicks and Gillett. They were both sports club owners with a background of investing in those teams. Of course with hindsight that has proved to be wrong and though I don’t believe that they bought the club with the intention of selling fro a profit in the short term which is what the leaked report suggested DIC planned, I do feel that the level of investment required has surprised Hicks and Gillett and they clearly do not have enough money to compete or to deliver on promises and as a result have disagreed on how to continue; causing splits and in fighting which needs to be resolved soon. The only way to resolve the now worry position that they have placed LFC in is for them to sell and I hope slowly they are coming to that conclusion. It appears Gillett reached that epiphany last year, Hicks is more stubborn.

    One dim shinning light in the debacle (excluding Torres) has been the change in approach by DIC. Whereas it now appears that any bid would come directly from the Dubai family and not DIC meaning that the club could be run as a sports club with loving owners again, which if successful will also be profitable (much like his Goldophin stable) and not like a 3-5 year investment plan.

    Here’s hoping.

  5. Jim,

    Nice to have you back. I wish that your first post would have addressed the stadium. Fans have one way to exercise power over the putative owners of “their” club, and that is to not give them money. I have not spent a cent on Liverpool since the shameful events of last December, and I will not until both Hicks and Gillett are gone. I am losing interest in the Premier League in general and Liverpool in specific, something I never thought would happen. There is a sickness at the heart of the English game, and that is lust for money without concern for that money’s effect on the game, which is indeed the thing that fans care about. I’m afraid the English game is dying a quick death, and something new, something which no supporters, only the money men want, is replacing it. I’m so sick of hearing about the financial power of the Premier League.

    Finally, I disagree with your attempt to assign portions of blame to all parties. Rafa does not deserve it. Carra’s criticisms were childlike in their naivete. When you are running with sharks and idiots, you must adjust your tactics accordingly. Viva Rafa! He is the one person who keeps my affection of the club strongest in this time when all the other club figures have shown themselves to be either fools or rapacious con men.

  6. Ian,

    Your description of that investment prospectus is inaccurate. Jim has written voluminous posts on it before (and you can always go to Mihir Bose’s blog too) to jog your memory.

    Moores is almost certainly guilty of double dealing. Do not forget that Kop Holdings was incorporated in late December, a time when DIC and Liverpool were in the advanced stages of negotiations. Why would Gillett have wasted his time if he was not being “tipped off” by either Moores, or Parry at the behest of Moores? I really can’t believe how poorly the fools Moores and Parry were advised by JPMorgan (I think). That they so undervalued the club would lead a cynic to think that some nefarious activities were involved.

    Moores bears the ultimate responsibility. Whatever his intentions, his chairmanship of the club was a disaster when seen in the longer term perspective. Martin Edwards, though despised by the United fans, reacted to the changing environment in expanding OT and commercializing the “Brand,” thus laying the foundation for Manure’s continued stranglehold of English football in this decade.

  7. Cory, thank for your comment. I can’t disagree with you regarding Mooore’s/Parry business strategy and certainly haven’t looked beyond the inital press reports regarding the investment prospectus. Clearly the decision to sell to Hicks and Gillet has proved to be a dangerously flawed decision. I suppose however I am inclined to give Moore’s the benefit of the doubt regarding his ultimate intentions for LFC as opposed to his own personal gain whatever the speculation regarding the actual thought process of the sale and the eventual mess that has resulted.

    I agree with your point regarding the lack of business accumen shown by Parry and Moores regarding the commercial aspects of money making. But on the otherhand, and perhaps naively, one of the endearing charastics of LFC is that it is (was) a club with a soul (which is now being tested) whereas Man U would have sold their soul to the devil (excuse the pun). In the 1990s when the gap in income developed I felt that Liverpool maintained some of the “family” feel and weren’t out to bleed the supporter dry (relative to Man U) pricing out the suporter, a new kit every 6 months and the dilution of the real supporters in favour of Asian markets and ridiculous trips pre-season. Of course this is now all standard practice but I can empathise with an unwillingness to embrace some such activities by Moores.

  8. We can argue until the cows come about the past, the problem is now and the future. If H & G are not willing to sell their shares at less than an exorbitant price then our dear club is in serious trouble. It will not take much for the rot to set in and there signs that it already has.
    For the first time in my long life I can feel myself losing interest in the club. Sheikh Mohammed/DIC have stated frequently that the only football club they are interested in is Liverpool and that is good enough for me, they are our best if not only hope.
    It will be interesting to see how much hostilty H&G are willing tolerate – how can they possibly say that they have the best interests of the club and the fans at heart. Lets give them sheer hell.

  9. put it this way boys and girls! if hicks an gillet dont leave soon, we might as well start kissing good bye to our league chances once and for all, then followed by champions league qualification. the threat posed from man city is huge and dont forget teams like aston villa and tottenham who are slowly becoming stronger. clearly the clowns have no money and are living on borrowed money and time. i as a supporter feel in despair as moores and parry sold the great soul of liverpool to the devil. DIC were the number one choice from the beginning, and once they had shook hands parry and co should not have hesitated. despite the reports coming out that they would have sold within a six year period, which was a really a smoke screen created by the americans. moores and parry were offered a nice little extra by the americans, and both fell for it. in rafa we trust, dic sos

  10. Jim I have been reading your articles on here for a while now. On the ownership side of things you have always tried to give an impartial objective view for all parties involved but it has always been clear that you firmly believed in the Hicks corner. You cant be condemned for that just like I have made my feelings against both Americans known for the reasons i saw fit you obviously for your reasons believed a soley Hicks led regime was the answer to the safeguarding and development of LFCs future.

    But reading your article above I am under the impression you are no longer convinced by what Hicks has to say. I get the impression you might be opening to the fact that a Dubai / Sheik owned club may now be the only way that Hicks and Gilettes failed promises can be realised.

    Your comment below hints to me that although you are angry with Moores for initially ditching DICs original bid for an extra measily $8 million, that you would also like to see him finally help reslove the issue, and for the first time I think you may see the best way forward as the Americans selling up. I could be wrong and reading too far between the lines but for the first time in one of your articles I get the sense that you are no longer quiet so assured by Hicks.

    “Every day that he wastes his position, sitting back without acting in any way to try and find a resolution, it makes his decision to ditch Dubai for the extra £8m in US dollars more and more sickening. One person who could at least try to end the feuds, instead he sits back letting the club suffer more and more”

    What convinces me further against the yanks, and I really dont need anymore convincing is what Carragher has come out and said. To me what he has said represents the voices in the dressing room that dare not speak up. So we have a club that the fans want the owners out, the players want the owners out and the manager wants at least one of the owners and CEO out. That is not a realistic viable working situation.

    The fans arent going anywhere, the players and the managers not going anywhere so the only option for this club to move on is if the owners sell up now while the opportunity is still there.

  11. Guys … I’m *issed too but lets not blame the yanks for everything …

    1. Moores sold to the yanks for a few million more then DIC bid
    2. Rafa has spent over 100 million since the yanks arrived, approx. half that has been spent wisely …. half hasn’t!
    3. Carragher admits in his book, Rafa caused a lot of the bad feeling with the owners

    I agree, the yanks are no-longer in a position to take LFC forward and with the credit crunch/recession to be an issue for another couple of years, we need someone who can take this club forward and quickly!
    This is Rafa’s 5th season, we also need improvement on the pitch, we have averaged 4th since rafa has been with us, this is approx. equalled by the previous 2 managers.
    We have some very well paid players, players that should be doing better …

    This is time for us, the 12th man, to demand more all around!

    As a fan for over 40 years, I feel we have the right to expect better and its narrowminded to place all the blame on the yanks, they have only just got here and have handed rafa more money then moores could!
    Our problems are throughout the club as a whole … so

    1. New owners (Give Yanks letter of notice – give them till Dec 2008 to sell LFC and if they don’t we will start to boycott the club)
    2. Demand Rafa keeps his mouth shut and starts to buy quality and he has had the money, but likes to buy lots of squad players … 1 world class player a year and by now we would have a team of pure quality.
    3. We need to get back to the old days, we always talk about our history but the passion is not there as it was …. lets get back to lifting our players and showing them whats expected!
    4. Less negative on these sites, our history counts for nothing when all we do is moan!

    Action speaks louder then words

    Reikirebel 🙂
    Walk on

  12. Thanks for the article Jim,

    I have to say we are in one helluva mess. I really think Carra hasn’t helped this situation either, at the beginning of a season and just before THE biggest game of the season, he’s releasing exerts to the Daily Mail slating Benitez and the owners. It’s not very tactful at all and it’s very disappointing in my opinion. Even though he may be right, potentially causing unrest for his own financial gain is a bit of a sham.

    As Jofrad said, at the moment the Sheikh really is our only hope of stability. The only thing that is certain is this 50-50 ownership cannot last, someone has to give.

  13. Carra’s got it spot on and he’s taken the words right out of my mouthit may not be a pretty sight but a proper protest with the fans putting our point across properly might give us the momentum we need in this battle stalemate getting the press involed might help?

  14. No i think Rafa wont mind Carra’s out burst i think he would rather something happened out of this reverlation than it going on anymore and could forgive Carra’s comments because of how important Carra is to the club.

  15. doesn’t the club get to read a transcipt of the book before publication/serialisation?
    wasn’t this the case some time back were an autobiography was vetted by the club. so rafa and the club would have been aware of carra’s comments.

  16. As vice-captain, if Carra wanted to say something, he should have said it behind closed doors. Not serialising it in The Daily Mail, that afterall is not ‘The Liverpool Way’.

  17. st chris
    it may not be the liverpool way.but do you think there are agenda’s,behind the scenes?
    someone within the club must be sanctioning all this.
    a big game always seems to bring about behind the scenes turmoil.i like others want an end to all this nonsense.i may be daft,but surely the essence of a football club should be about football.get an owner who will allow the club to flourish on the field,and allow development off the field without the supporters worldwide worrying about the future.
    ps yanks out!

  18. It’s interesting there’s no denial or even response from Hicks or Gillett to the continued press rumours and media covering concerning DIC/Sheikh. After a quiet summer it all started to grow after the announcement of stadium delay and then grew even more when Abu Dhabi bought man city.

    We have to remember it’s only three months since H & G were in open war, big time. Dic were everywhere, even in the stands with Staveley. Gillett wanted to sell, but not to hicks, never. Hicks slated Staveley and Dic and gaved the famous sky interview, Parry got slated and demanded to quit and even Moores was opening his heart. The club was in the papers every day for the wrong reasons. That’s a very short time to repair all the damage between everybody concerned. Maybe they have all (hicks gillet parry moores) agreed to keep things private and be in silence.

    However the biggest worry for me is still Tom Hicks and his will to keep hold of the club, no matter what. He’s said it time and time again that he’s not selling and is only willing to do so if he would still be the majority owner. He also said clearly that Gillett is holding the club back financially and he could get the finances sorted if he would be the sole owner. What if thats true? Is there a possibility that Gillett will eventually show his true colours and sell to hicks as Jim Boardman mentioned in some of his old posts. After all hicks can veto the sale of Gilletts shares, as he has done so already, and could maybe match dic bid.
    Where is the much talked £60m, which were reserved to start the stadium work and buy players? Our net spend in the summer was something like £18m, not much. Are they keeping that money now to be in a better position to renegotiate the loan in january? Maybe it’s no wonder that money for transfers was tight and they were not backing Rafa to buy Barry, or as Rafa mentioned only one of the owners was willing to back him (with e-mails) and discuss about the matter.
    After one year of ownership the wallets are closed or empty and all the talk of financial backing for strengthenig the team are lies. It’s a disgrace.
    Note, REIKIREBEL,,,approx. £100m spent by Rafa after the custodians? Maybe true but how much was recouped through sales (more than half of it!) and what was the net spent? Less than teams like Sunderland, to mention one, in a same period of time. So i have to disagree with you. Also half spent wisely, half hasen’t? After e-mail-owners came, Rafa has bought / wheeled & dealed, or waited Parry for: Torres, Babel, Benayoun, Lucas, Skrtel, Mascherano, Keane, Dossena, Riera, Cavalieri, Ngog and the rest are youngsters or free transfers, so i think majority would agree there’s now bad half there?
    They (so called billionares )took a loan to buy the club in the first place then had to negotiate a new loan to pay the first one back and now they need another loan, a bigger one to pay the second loan back. Amazing..

    For me the stadium situation is the strangest. It would be the only motivation and only way for those ”custodians” to make big profit out of us and increase the value of their ”asset” for future sale, if the stadium is being built. So it’s a clear number one objective for them. Are they really in a so bad financial situation, or is it just Gillett unable to commit financially or unwilling knowing he will be out of the picture, not so long? To get the stadium work started they both need to agree and give go ahead. The longer the stadium get delayed the more they lose money, when you consider the income that it would bring per season earlier. Not to mention the rising costs of everything nowadays.

    I think they both feel and think exactly the same as in january. All the rest is smokescreen. Gillett wants to sell but not to hicks. Hicks will hold on and doesn’t want to sell. Gillett will hold the club back, trying to make hicks’s situation difficult and force him to sell, the delaying of the stadium and not much money on transfers a prove of that?
    Hope im completely wrong and something is really happening behind the scenes and we could finally see the end of it.

  19. It seems very many of us were just itching for Jim to return and give us something to get our teeth into.

    Gillett’s attitude to selling is crucial, as @ Jussi said.

    Is he still refusing to sell to Hicks? Can he afford to hang in there, given the credit crunch and the impact on his personal finances? Will he seek absolute top dollar for his share or cause Hicks to compromise?

    I really have my doubts about the Mr Snoogy Doogy himself but, for those who are resistant to Hicks taking full control, he’s the King-maker.

    Let’s hope he gives an update media interview this weekend. Some information is better than no information which is why I can’t agree with those who talk about leaks and public statements destabilising the club. Carra’ s words tell us this is/has already happened.. Let’s just get this mess sorted and soon.

  20. Give Jamie a break!
    He’s going to give it everything he’s got against United tomorrow. We only win by sticking together!

  21. Jussi the scenario you portray in your last two paragraphs is a good one for the club in the medium to long term. We are in a mess at the moment, but even if it takes a bit longer than we hope, the best outcome is the removal of both of the Americans. Much prefer GG to TH for the reasons below, unlike Jim Boardman.
    TH has tried to schmooze, bully, intimidate, discredit; DIC, Rafa, Rick Parry, Local press, Amanda Stavely GG. Pick any combination of the above, his sole strategic aim in all of his dealings has been to gain control of the club. If GG doesnt want to sell to TH (please God no ) there comes a point were they will have to sell. I would rather our club went through the current pain to be rid of the Americans, rather than TH gaining a majority holding.

  22. @ Cory. I understand your affection for Rafa, I hold it too, but in the future when things inevitably come out when they are of no consequence any more we may well find out that Rafa has not been as innocent as we would all like to think in this. Carragher, from what I have read, is quite undestandably guarded in his comments regarding this, but how do you think he “undermined” the owners? – I don’t think it was just by shouting for players at Athens. By this I mean that it is possible that he seriously considered other options in terms of his career. To a large degree I cannot blame him but I think you may well find out later rather than sooner that there were some substance to the claims of him being linked with managerial positions elsewhere. Certainly recently there is speculation that his agent may be earning his keep, so to speak. Again I wouldn’t blame Rafa…

  23. Welcome back, Jim. Nothing like laying the cards out on the proverbial table to get some thoughtful discussion going again.

    Rafa is a political animal – I have no doubt that should he decide to retire from football someday he’d be a very successful Spanish politician…but not a diplomat. His inclinations for accumulating power within the club, however, do not preclude him from being a great – a really great – manager. For all his gaffes last year, trumpeted out on the great worldwide media stage, I believe he still has the interests of the club at heart and the managerial acumen to achieve great successes.

    Assume for a moment that no ridiculous annoying distracting drama was playing itself out on a seemingly endless loop in the LFC boardroom. If there was harmony there, and players were not mentally waylaid by continuous back-page reports of who hates whom, who is trying to buy out the other, who is trying to fire the other and why after all the upheaval the stadium construction STILL has not begun, they could instead concentrate on what ostensibly this team is meant to be about: a good game of football.

    I couldn’t agree more than David Moores perpetuates the villainy he first inflicted on the club when he sold to “them fellas” by now seemingly doing nothing more than sitting on his ass and watching the interest accumulate on that extra £8m. It’s ironic that the circumstances that first forced him to sell (ie. an acknowledgment that he did not have the means to carry the club forward) have now come around again to sit in G&H’s collective lap. Surely he could make some effort to bring a reckoning to G&H that if they can’t bring LFC to financial parity with Manure/Chelsea/Arsenal, step away and let someone else be the hero. Of course, the essential flaw in my argument is that G&H care even a shred for Liverpool Football Club more than they do their own grotesque personal wealth.

    ps: prediction for Saturday’s match, 2-0 for the home team.

  24. @Julie.

    Hello Julie. Long time no speak – how are you doing?

    Ironic doesn’t even begin to touch upon the severity of the situation and the pointless procurement of two “investors” who have achieved nothing that we wanted them to achieve. That they have the temerity to still own the club in the face on thousands of people who are letting it know that they are ruining their lives, speaks volumes as to their motivation for owning the club.

    I think the sad thing is that Moores could of done exactly what the Yanks have done – what difference did their own personal wealth bring to the table? Moores could of just got a loan himself. But here’s the real kicker… That’s fine if Moores was duped into taking “these fella’s” moeny, believing that they intended not to use inhibitive loans, but he knew full what what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. The stories alsoi have it that the clubs previous accountants PKF even ADVISED Moores that they were the wrong way to go for the club. The only assumption you can come to then is that Moores fancied an extra £8million quid.

    £8 million quid – Is that going to prove the true cost of the loss of Liverpools soul?…. The answer to that is no bloody way, we are the soul of the club, and as thousands of those marching this morning will testify, that’s something they can’t take away if we don”t let them.

    P.S Julie – Haven’t seen you much on the forum – get on there!

  25. Julie, I’ve a feeling we’re going to win as well.


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