Reports: Dossena set for Reds, Lee delighted to join

With Rafa Benítez having already lined-up one new full-back in Swiss right-back Philipp Degen, the Liverpool boss is now linked with another in Italian left-back Andrea Dossena.

26-year-old Dossena made his one-and-only international appearance for the World Champions in a friendly against South Africa last October, getting the assist for Lucarelli’s only goal of the game. Italy coach Roberto Donadoni still hasn’t named his squad for the Euro 2008 finals and is giving little away as to who might be in it, but the Udinese number 8 will consider himself a possibility.

Andrea Dossena (No 8) celebrates scoringTottenham have been linked with the Udinese defender too, but are no longer believed to be interested. The fee quoted in reports linking him with Spurs was £8m. Reports in the Italian press claim a deal with Liverpool is close, saying Liverpool have already agreed personal terms with the player’s agent, Federico Pastorello, and are now talking to Udinese about the fee.

Udinese director general Pietro Leonardi played down the links yesterday: “We have always said that we will not change the team. For Dossena to Liverpool there is nothing concrete, he has a contract with us until 2012 and the rest is speculation.”

Dossena has been with Udinese since 2006, and has had two red cards so far in this Italian season, which ends tomorrow. Udinese visit AC Milan who are hoping for three points and favours elsewhere to get them a Champions League qualifying spot. Udinese will finish in at least seventh place and have already qualified for the UEFA Cup.

With Liverpool set to release John Arne Riise, and Fabio Aurelio’s Anfield career so far suffering numerous injury-related interruptions the need for a quality left-back isn’t in doubt. Emiliano Insua is still considered one for the future, but can expect more involvement next season than this.

Despite Scott Carson’s recent complaints about feeling trapped at Anfield because of the fee Liverpool are asking for him, fellow reserve goalkeeper David Martin has just signed a new contract, keeping him at the club for two more years from now. Signed from MK Dons in 2006, Martin, 22, knows that getting to the front of the queue currently headed by Pepe Reina will be a tall task. He’s yet to make a first-team appearance but he’s been on the bench nineteen times in his two years at the club.

Carson, also 22, said earlier this week that the £10m fee Liverpool have reportedly put on his head is too high: “It’s too much. It’s stupid money really. You pay £10million for a goalkeeper who is 27, 28 and the finished article. To be honest, I’m far from the finished article. I have got another five years of learning. I don’t think Liverpool are stupid. They know what I’m worth. They would have recouped what they paid for me in loan fees over the last couple of years.” Liverpool paid £1m for him in 2005, Villa are believed to have paid £2m for his services just for this season’s loan.

Carson clearly feels it’s time to call an end to his Anfield days, and doesn’t particularly mind where he goes: “So hopefully, they can help me out and if there is a sniff of going somewhere, then hopefully they will respect my wishes and help me that way. I would like to get settled but it’s not up to me. Whether it’s Villa or anyone else, it’s up to them to try to sort it out. I haven’t got a clue what’s happening. I haven’t even spoken to Liverpool.”

A compromise is likely to be reached eventually; whatever Carson’s true value is he would be an expensive reserve goalkeeper. And he doesn’t want to be a reserve goalkeeper: “I want to play football. I have played football for the last two seasons and I don’t think I will be content with sitting on the bench. I still don’t know what’s around the corner. I have got a couple of weeks now to think about what’s going to happen. As it stands, I go back to Liverpool but I want to be playing first-team football. Liverpool have got a great keeper in Pepe Reina and he’s going to take a lot of shifting.”

Carson seems to be as much a victim of the uncertainty that is hovering over Anfield as anyone else: “It might be the time for me to move on but I don’t know Rafa’s thoughts and I don’t know if anyone is going to agree a fee with Liverpool. It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks.”

One positive piece of news this week came in the small, some would say (or sing) rotund, shape of Sammy Lee. The former Reds midfield star was confirmed as the new assistant to Rafa this week and made his first appearance at Melwood in his new role, on the last day of training.

Rafa said of his new assistant: “He is a very experienced and very well respected coach in his own right and his reputation in football made him the outstanding candidate when we knew we were looking for a new member of our coaching staff. We are very pleased because he is someone who knows the club really well. He also knows about the passion of the club and about the standards that we set here so that will make it much easier for him to settle into his new role.

“But we have not brought Sammy back simply because he used to play for the club and used to work here as a coach. He will add something different to what we already have and it will be good to work with him. I already have a good relationship with him and I will be looking to build on that in the weeks and months to come.”

Sammy Lee back at MelwoodLee said of his return: “When a club the size of Liverpool comes in for you, and when a manager of the magnitude of Rafael Benitez wants you, then you cannot say no. When I found out they were interested in me I was really thrilled. After the sabbatical I have had I just wish the season was starting tomorrow, but the players have had a long, difficult and demanding season and they need to get away and get their batteries recharged.

“I have been around the Melwood training ground this morning and seen a lot of old faces but a lot of new faces as well. I have shaken hands with everyone and introduced myself. There are some great people here and I cannot wait to get working with them. It is so nice to be back.”

Of his time at the Reebok Lee said: “I was very honoured and privileged to be given the position as Bolton manager. The pride and the honour I felt to be their manager was only outweighed by the sheer disappointment that it did not go well. I have to say the Bolton fans were fantastic towards me. I have not had the chance to say that before but I want to thank them. Even when results were not going well they were very supportive towards me and, most importantly, to the players.”

Portsmouth chief executive Peter Storrie denied his club had been talking to Peter Crouch the night before: “It’s a lot of nonsense to say we were negotiating to buy him last night. We are all concentrating on the FA Cup final.” That game is this afternoon at Wembley, against Cardiff, and unfortunately Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler didn’t quite make it back to fitness in time for a place on the bench for the South Wales side.

Blackburn winger David Bentley’s name has cropped up again as a target of Rafa’s, with Jermaine Pennant’s name again on the list of likely departures. Gareth Barry’s potential arrival won’t be as a replacement for Xabi Alonso, but Martin O’Neill needs to calm down a touch first before any constructive discussions over a fee can be had.

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  1. @ MR – good post. I think we all need a bit of counselling, especially if this gets dragged on for much longer!

  2. Interesting comments from Stevie G in the NOTW.

    I remember listening to a podcast that someone here helpfully gave the link to in which Chris Bascombe was claiming that if the ownership situation wasn’t resolved soon then certain key players would start speaking out. I wonder if this is the beginning?…

    Anyway, in case you haven’t read it here is what SG said:

    “Gerrard told the News of the World: “It hurts more and more when we get to November or December every season and have to accept we’re out of the title race again.

    “Every year seems to be following the same routine. The time to act is now, not in January when we’re already too far behind.

    “The manager asks for more support in the transfer market in January, while we’re all saying to ourselves this should have happened the previous summer.

    “The manager knows where we need to strengthen and the players and fans have faith in Rafa – but he needs the backing to act on his plans.


    “When the American owners came to Liverpool they told the players and fans they wanted the same as us.

    “We all believed them when they made that promise and it’s been repeated again since, so we’re all desperate to see it happen.”

    England midfielder Gerrard – who has won the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Uefa Cup and League Cup with Liverpool – has also revealed his desperation to add a league title to his medal collection.

    “I’ve won every major honour at Liverpool except one,” added Gerrard. “It hurts more and more not only to have never won the league, but to have never really gone close.

    “That’s what we want more than anything at Anfield, but we’ll only achieve that when everyone is working together for the same goal.”

    Stevie has hit the nail on the head there really. If we don’t buy top drawer players then it will be ‘the same routine’ all over again. I do think we can get close, even with the squad of players we have at the moment, but the reality is that we need more people like Torres arriving at the club if we to get No.19. Dossena looks like a decent player, but I wonder whether the likes of him, Degen, and Barry are enough to get ahead on United and Chelsea.

  3. It could be complete bollocks but I also read on the BBC’s gossip column that George Bush could be a key figure in Hicks getting control of Liverpool. This was reported in the NOTW so I question the source, but if true, well… It doesn’t bear thinking about really does it?! That man has blood on his hands…

    Anyone read the story?

  4. Martin – I read the story in the NOTW. I hope that Bush tells Hicks to f*** off and sling his hook. The fact that September is being mentioned is a bit better then October being mentioned.

  5. ” hope that Bush tells Hicks to f*** off….”

    Jim – Have you installed a bad langage censor or have you censored it you yoursef? If you have censored it then in future I will curb my fowl language.

  6. Terrifying isn’t it ?

    Of course.

    And “News of the World” forgot to mention that Elvis Presley, Princess Di, and a group of Martians is also planning to buy into LFC. Terrifying stuff.

  7. George W Bush and Tom Hicks, is´nt that a dream team..???? Tom F**ks the Boardroom up, and George Tools him up with all the firepower he needs…I can see no one will want to mess with us

  8. I think that George Bush now becoming part of the ownership debarkle is completly and utterly barking mad. Truth is stranger than fiction, what next LFC being bought by the US government as a base to moniter suspected terrorists from? If that where the case then we would at least have the benefit of the US defence budget. Although we might end up with an early warning air defence radar installed on the roof of the kop, and then Everton will be bought out by the Russian government and have a nuclear bunker installed under the pitch of their new stadium in Kirkby. But it would possibly make Hicks owning the club a pretty good prospect!


    By Dan Eggen
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, May 16, 2008; Page A05
    President Bush’s financial fortunes appear to have declined over the past seven years, with his family assets dropping as low as $6.5 million, according to disclosure forms released yesterday.

    Bush and his wife, Laura, were worth at least $9 million and as much as $24 million at the start of his term. The Bushes could still be worth as much as $20 million now, according to the financial documents filed with the Office of Government Ethics, which requires assets to be reported only within broad ranges.

    Vice President Cheney and his wife, Lynne, have fared better, reporting assets of at least $21 million and as much as $99 million, the forms show. The Cheneys are at least as wealthy as they were when the vice president entered office, and may have added as much as $29 million to their net worth during his tenure.

    President Bush’s biggest asset is a 1,600-acre family ranch near Crawford, Tex., which is listed as being worth between $1 million and $5 million. Most of the Bush family holdings are in real estate and a blind trust.

    Last year, Bush reported assets of a minimum of $7.5 million.

  10. what’s far more significant is that gerrard’s “give rafa money” interview was put on the official website. i dont think tom o has to many friends in the club that his company half owns.

  11. @cory: And Hicks isn’t as friendly with Bush as people like to think he is.

    On the other point about SG’s interview appearing on the official site, I was surprised late last night when I saw it there.

    I believe that all/most articles that go on the official site are vetted by Mr Parry before they appear, although of course someone must sit in for him in that role when he’s not around, and it may be only externally-written articles (e.g. Paul Tomkins’) this applies to. It’s got no name next to it either, it’s not down as being written by any of the regular .tv writes.

    It’s stretching the point a little, but of course it could be Tom Hicks who asked for it to go onto the site as a message to GG to get that offer accepted and ship out! 😉

    Rumours beginning to spread that TH has been chatting to Dubai fairly recently too.

  12. Talking about rumours, Jim, I thought I read somewhere (i can’t remember where) that someone high-profile was going to come out and say something about the ownership situation? But then hasn’t everyone???

  13. jim, do you think that someone just slipped the part of the interview in? i would think they would be fired for that. i have to say, in the british press it is often so difficult to figure out who actually conducted the interview, and where the story actually originated. your press steal from one another so vigorously.

    and point well taken on it could have been tom o who said put the article on as a way of pressuring GG. who knows- this clubs dealings is now the definition of the word “byzantine.”

  14. @midlands-red: It wasn’t Platini was it? He was in one of the papers at the weekend talking about finding a way to stop clubs using borrowed money.

  15. @cory: I just think it’s odd that anyone would risk upsetting the owners from a level below board level, as you say if they had then they’d be risking their jobs. RP can sanction it, he knows he’ll not get fired as long as he has one owner on his side! I’m not sure how it works though if the website editor is given orders from TH or GG about putting an article on, does he do as he’s told or does he have to get clearance from both?

    Awful situation, however you look at it.

  16. @Jim, Cory

    The website editor will only be able to publish what the Chief Operating Officer, ie Parry, allows – which should be in accordance with the Boards wishes.

    You remember all the furore when Roy Keane went on Man Utd TV to criticise the players etc. They couldn’t stop him but the TV crew were reprimanded for airing it etc. until it was pulled. David Gill took responsibility for it.

    In this case, once the Stevie G interview was finished I suspect the alarm bells would have started ringing with the Web Editor, who would have consulted LFC Director of Communications who would have alerted Parry. The issue then would have been whether you allow it on the Website and how it’s managed if it is or isn’t.

    Stevie G would not have wanted his views surpressed so if they hadn’t carried it then he would have done it through the national press – who may have asked a few direct questions the club would rather him avoid responding to at present. Remember Stevie G’s also got his own entourage of advisors inc.agent and they would be telling him how to get his views/concerns across: aftyer all he wants nothing more (in footballing terms) than to win the league and investing early and big to secure it.

    In any case, what’s going on within the club is pure chaos and everyone knows that. On the playing-side, he knows what was promised, as does Rafa, and its time for delivery – which is what Stevie G and others are in effect saying: Get the boardroom politics sorted and soon.

    The politics of it all is fascinating, if head-spinning for us, the fans!

  17. Although the article is edited some what as the following quote by Gerrard is not included:

    “When the American owners came to Liverpool they told the players and fans they wanted the same as us.

    “We all believed them when they made that promise and it’s been repeated again since, so we’re all desperate to see it happen.”

  18. Jim – I’ve heard the Peter Hooton out of the farm say on this is Anfield that he hope Mr Hicks decides to focus all his energy’s on Baseball and Ice Hockey which I thought was quite shocking. I have also heard Les who is in charge of the Official LFC supporters club say on Radio Merseyside that he hopes Hicks slings his hook, but he still appears on the channel. In fact alot of people who are out spoken about Hicks still appear on the channel.

    PS are you starting to censor the language on this site or would you like us to mind our own language?

  19. What Stevie G means is for more money to be pumped into the Transfer pot, why shouldn´t his views be aired on .tv, he is the Club Capt and if anyone should be able to say something it is him… Steve is the one at the end of the day who runs out onto the pitch every week and gives us a 100% worth, so i feel he is entitled to voice an opinion!!!
    I hope Hicks decides to go home, and leave us well alone, we don´t want him or his Debts

  20. Wasnt Riera on loan at Man City a couple of seasons ago? And he was crap. I’d be gutted wasting money on a player like that.

  21. 999, masch couldnt get a game at west ham- reserve judgement before the hyperbole.

  22. an apreciative fan writes…..

    Dear Messrs. Hick and Gillett,

    I feel that I should call you by your first names but as we have never met, I have counselled against such an approach. Forgive me for this train of thought, but over the past 18 months, it feels like I have come to know you both so well both professionally and personally, particularly your business dealings.

    I must say that I find the criticism levelled at you, jointly and severally, to be without merit and ground. Those who criticise you should know better and I can only put it down to a lapse in short (and long) term memory. How else can you explain the lack of gratitude for the excellent progress in squad rebuilding and the hard work behind the scenes.

    You will be pleased to note that I do not subscribe to these views.

    In fact, I have found the period of your ownership to be most rewarding for my beloved football club. Unfortunately, we live in strange times that even the most philanthropic actions are dismissed out of hand.

    It never ceases to amaze me when people forget or chose to forget the positive experience and exposure that you have given. Personally, I owe much to both of you for my depth of knowledge and understanding particularly in LBO’s, the complex world of finance, hedge funds, stadium building projects, corporate governance and transparency, contract and company law, and of course the very precise world of PR.

    Forgive me, if you may, whilst I boast about my new found confidence in the above faculities as I feel like an expert!

    Due to you, I have new found friends (and foes!) and you have most definitely rekindled my interest in newspaper journalism.

    Finally, thank you for showing the previous administration how club affairs really should be handled and also for showing those interested buyers (their names escape me at this moment) for the charlatans they really are.

    Don’t lose heart with the unkind comments/views levelled at you. Most people mean well, they are kind and forgiving at heart.

    Keep up the good work!

    Obediently yours,


  23. @ Anthony – Tarquin cam across as a WUM, but my above post is anything but!!!

    Can’t say I am taking to your new alias.

  24. @ cory.

    The big difference between Masch and Riera is that Javier was a good player before he went to west ham and rotted when he got there because he wasnt given a fair crack at the whip. This Riera is no better than Pennant and is not the free flowing/goal scoring winger Rafa should be after. Hopefully this is papertalk because i consider our former player Nunez to be better than him

  25. @Jofrad: Not sure why that’s something to celebrate though to be fair Jofrad.

    Where does this doubling of investment come from? Some of it certainly comes from buying companies and then selling them later, or parts of them later, at a huge mark-up.

    March 2005 – bought Tussauds for £800m.
    March 2007 – sold part of Tussauds for £1028m – kept 20%.

    They bought an engineering company (Doncasters) with 60-40 debt-equity, not sure how their Tussauds purchase was funded. But they sold the 80% for CASH!

    Now all of this and more proves they’re rich, but where in all this is the part where they generously give money away for fun to help put smiles on the faces of Liverpool fans?

    LFC should be worth at least £1bn in a few years, which is why they want to buy it for £400m.

    Just be careful you’re not celebrating Josemi being replaced by Kromkamp!

  26. At least they have money to invest unlike some we could mention. Raju’s posts get more and more bizarre 1st he tries to accuse Rafa of not wanting or having black players in the team now he praises our lieing owners.

  27. Anyone heard that Platitini is trying to get clubs who get into debt banned from European comptetion? He will try but fail for two reasons. Firstly the clubs who he is going to try to ban are too powerfull and could scupper his plans and secondly because we are in a free market economy it would be unlawfull to stop the clubs from doing what they have been doing.

  28. @Jim,

    I don’t think the majority of intelligent fans believe for one minute that Dubai will be angels. Indeed they are a business, but so is Liverpool.

    If Dubai bought us this summer for £400m then sold is in 7 years time for £1bn…then you would think that the club would be in a healthy state in order to be bought for £1bn. Also consider who would pay £1bn for us? Obviously a billionaire/consortium with almighty financial clout.

    At the end of the day, HIcks and Gillett want to sell us, just that Hicks wants to sell us for more of a profit than Gillett does. However, the way Hicks has gone about his running of the club is borderline criminal.

    The endgame for all parties involved will be the inevitable sale of LFC for a vast profit, but i for one would trust the management of Dubai to leave us in a more prosperous position than Mr Hicks.
    Also, Dubai have a lot of business for which they have invested and have NOT sold on. Tussauds is an example of a sell on, but that doesn’t mean they will treat LFC the same way.

    My main point is this, Hicks and Dubai both see LFC as a good money making machine, but do you really believe that Hicks can manage us better than DIC? Their record and his record are a bit like reviewing the careers of Kenny Dalglish (DIC) and Bjorne Tore Kavarme (Hicks).

  29. Fred – I thought that he was either taking the piss or that he found another post some where and was so disgusted by it he decided to share it with us all by posting it here.

  30. Who’s celebrating ? I’m just pleased that Liverpool’s potential owners have money, can handle money, can make money and are not affected by credit crunches.
    Liverpool will not be worth £1 Billion without heavy investment in the stadium and infrastructure, not to mention players.
    And most importantly don’t forget that DIC are the only show in town, small point. Oh and DIC do not have to borrow money to invest in the club, another small point.

  31. The thought crossed my mind too but then I remembered the post about a lack of black players in Rafas team and this from a supposed legally trained mind. The mind boggles.

  32. Fred, If I may submit a couple of points in my defence:

    1. I asked Jim to delete the colour player reference from my original post as that was clearly ill thought out and I realised the representation in our team (Pennant, Babel etc) as soon as I posted.

    2. Re today’s pen letter: perhaps you are missing the irony and cynical undertone. I have never been a Hick/Gillette apologist.

  33. St Chris,
    I cannot prove it but I don’t think DIC will sell Liverpool on, I get the feeling they’re in for the long term. Go on shoot me down all you cynics !

  34. Wooooooooooo there young Anthony I wasn’t making a point about a lack of black players I was repeating a post made earlier by someone else. Don’t tarnish me with that brush.

  35. Fred – I wasn’t tarnishing you with any brush. I understood your post exactly and was just pointing out to Raju that there was black players playing for LFC. But Raju has since pointed out that he seen the error in his post and asked Jim to remove the content.

  36. It seems to me that Liverpool are not purely an investment for Dubai. If they want to make money there are alot easier ways than football. Its one of the most difficult and grief ridden ways to make money. Look at all the bad press you receive running a football club. The Glazers and Hicks are protrayed as complete villians.

    Therefore, I believe Liverpool will be a prestige brand to promote Dubai and show it in a good light. Hence investment on and off the pitch.

    This is my take on it as I just don’t see what is in it for Dubai otherwise. £500m really is small fry to them. To Hicks it is everything he possesses and then some.

    After 18months of Hicks rule I am prepared to take my chances with Dubai. If its Josemi to Kronkamp then fair enough. At least Dubai care deeply about their image unlike Hicks and have finance channels open to them. No begging bowl required.

  37. @ST. Chris: I think Kvarme v Dalglish is too far a gap in such a comparison. DIC could turn into a Harry Kewell yet, or they could be a Torres. (I’m trying to think of a player we all complained about who turned out OK but can’t think of one now).

    I don’t think Hicks does want to sell by the way – but if the reports of the past few months turn out to be true then he’ll be forced to. If he can get the finance to stay on board, and can persuade GG to sell, he’ll stay until the club has gone up in value.

    And as for the £1bn value in years to come, it’s a good question as to who would buy us. Catastrophes excepted, I think the actual value of the club will be pretty much the same in five or six years regardless of who takes over. But whether it’s Dubai, Hicks or another consortium we’ve not thought of, eventually the club will be at pretty much the top level of its potential value. At that point I suspect the only interested investors will be those looking for a fairly steady dividend off their share of the £1bn. And it may well be that means lots of smaller investors…

    In the case of DIC, it could actually be that they transfer the club to another of their investment offshoots (there’s probably a name for the type of offshoot that’s interested in that kind of deal). In the case of Hicks Holdings, it’s hard to tell because as Hicks Holdings (as opposed to Hicks, Muse et al) Tom Hicks doesn’t seem to have sold a sports “franchise” yet. But if you look at all his businesses in the US, he’s got various different types of investment company which presumably all have different goals in terms of what they want back from their investments.

    To me the differences between the two could be far closer than many people realise, more of a Rush-Aldridge situation perhaps. Not because of anything to do with the owners themselves, but to do with how the club would function with either owner if they appointed the right people to run the club.

    I can’t see DIC, unless they completely change tack and run us as something close to a hobby, finding a great deal more money than Tom Hicks for the purposes of going back into the club.

  38. @Jofrad: DIC will borrow money to invest in the club. You’ve got to forget about what they can do and consider what they will do.

    They can end this nightmare now by offering Tom Hicks a deal that makes him consider giving up on his LFC investment. But they haven’t. They could end this nightmare (or this version of it) tomorrow morning by finding another £300m (say), but they won’t.

    If the stuff about how badly hit Hicks has been by the credit crunch is true, none of this talk matters. But if it’s wrong, then he’ll get the money for the stadium, which is one part of the investment you say is needed. The investment needed for the transport infrastructure, weighed against stadium costs, with potential european funding available, is relatively small. Investment in players is less vital to an increase in the club’s valuation than it is to us as fans. Have either Tom Hicks or DIC specified how much of a transfer budget they’ll give if they take over? And both would borrow to buy players if they wanted to add more to the transfer budget than came in from existing turnover.

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