Kenny: Prove what Liverpool means to you

Possibly the only man that all Liverpool fans would give their unconditional trust to has spoken out about the situation the club finds itself in as the season draws to a close.

Kenny Dalglish, league and cup double winnerKenny Dalglish, a legend as a player, a manager and a man says that it’s time to stop apportioning blame and time to start finding solutions.

Speaking in the club’s official weekly magazine, LFC, “King” Kenny said: “The current impasse cannot continue much longer.”

He said that the end to this season Champions’ League run would at least now allow all those involved in the ownership fight to sort out their differences: “If you are looking for a positive to extract from the negatives then maybe the absence of a final appearance in Moscow will allow all sides in the current boardroom battle to sit down and work out a solution that is best for this football club.”

Rafa Benítez has reportedly got very limited funds for transfers this summer, because the current owners are looking at ways of ending their partnership rather than strengthen it. But it’s not just about money, Kenny suggests the squabbling will put players off joining too: “Players around Europe are starting to look at where they want to play next season, and it is not fair for Rafa Benitez to try to enter negotiations with an arm behind his back. On the field we are an attractive proposition. Off it you would have reservations about coming here while there is still issues to be resolved.”

It does seem that the owners have at least agreed on a budget, albeit a small one, and with that now set the onus is on Rick Parry, in his role as CEO, to try and thrash out deals with clubs for Rafa’s targets. But Kenny is worried that might not be how it all works out: “How does Rafa get the sign-off to go after a player? Who signs it off and who negotiates the deal to a conclusion?”

DIC have let it be known for some time that they expect to be able to force a resolution by the end of May, but there are so many conflicting claims it is difficult to be certain of just what it is that is significant about May, and what gives them such confidence. George Gillett hasn’t made any indication he’s going to go back on his vow not to sell to Tom Hicks, and Tom Hicks remains firm in his stance that he’ll raise the finance to buy Gillett out, will block any sale to DIC by Gillett, and will not sell his own half to DIC. Kenny said: “I hope it is resolved sooner rather than later.” But there remains a possibility that this could drag on well into the new season, which is one reason Rafa Benítez has been pushing for negotiations to get under way as soon as possible with what funds he does have.

Both owners have spoken about their desire to see decisions made for the good of the club, and Kenny had a challenge for them – prove it: “Both Tom Hicks and George Gillett declared that Liverpool FC meant more to them than an investment for financial gain. Now is the time for them to prove it – blame for the situation we find ourselves in helps no-one.”

Kenny wants a resolution found in time for Rafa to have most of his summer signings in place by mid-July: “All that matters is that we arrive at a workable solution that lets the manager get the bulk of his new players in before pre-season starts.”

Rafa may well get that – but whether that is based on the budget handed out under a new ownership structure or the one available now remains to be seen.

Kenny also spoke separately to, and was asked what he felt the positives for LFC and the manager were from this season: “Torres is a huge positive,” he said. “In his first year, he hit over 30 goals – a magnificent return. He is finding the position that Steven Gerrard likes to play in and enjoys playing his contributions from. So that’s two pluses. I think every day that goes by, every game that goes by and every season that goes by, you learn something and I’m sure Rafa learnt a lot from this year. And next year, they’ll be looking to improve on it.”

He was also asked what he felt the club had to do in order to push as strongly for the league as they do for the Champions’ League: “They can compete in the Premier League but they are just not competing at the level they’d like to. I think they had a bad November when they drew too many games and I feel they threw away too many points against the top teams and fell too far behind.”

He was reluctant to compare the relationship between Torres and Gerrard to the one he had with Liverpool’s number nine of old, Ian Rush: “I don’t think a comparison should be made because it would give them the wrong identity. There is no point comparing Gerrard and Torres with Ian Rush and myself. Everybody’s different, they are all individuals and they form a very good partnership. The contribution both of them have made this year has been massive for Liverpool. But I don’t think it’s fair to compare them to myself and Rushy.”

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  1. If Kenny does can’t knock some sense into them then no-one can. They cant just continue to ignore people like Kenny when they come out and say that it has to be sorted out. In the end it will make them look stupid.

  2. “They can’t just continue to ignore people like Kenny when they come out and say that it has to be sorted out. In the end it will make them look stupid.”

    Tom Hicks isn’t going to take any notice of “Kenny Who ?”
    Liverpool is in extreme danger of being owned by someone who hasn’t the finances to start the stadium and will not sell out to someone who has.

  3. ” Tom Hicks isn’t going to take any notice of “Kenny Who ?”
    Liverpool is in extreme danger of being owned by someone who hasn’t the finances to start the stadium and will not sell out to someone who has. ”

    Kenny has alot of freinds in the footballing world. If Hicks started to ignore people like him the football world would eventually linch Hicks. There would be an outcry. Kenny ‘is’ a powerfull man in the world of football.

  4. @ Texas_Dawg:

    Interesting to see that this is the view of your local paper the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The reporter Randy Galloway said:

    “Shock me, shock even Tom Hicks, the owner who catches so much grief on not one, but two continents (actually, I think they hate Tom more in Liverpool), now actually has a team on a New York football Giants kind of postseason amazement trip”.

    I accept, only the view of one reporter, but the fact that he is acknowledging that he ‘catches so much grief’ over there made me smirk. Also funny how there’s a huge element of surprise that the team is doing well under Hick’s! 😉

    A few months ago the same paper was defending him with articles like ‘In defence of Hicks, he’s not that bad a sports owner’. I emailed that journalist and their response to me Dawg was:

    “Thanks for reading and taking the time to email.
    First things first, I was joking about the drinking thing (she mocked SoS for meeting in the Sandon) and actually loved the fact they met at a pub. I guess where the disconnect comes is in the US people just expect owners to lie and be greedy. It is expected.
    All the best,

  5. The fans have been loudly saying and singing ‘Get out of our Club’, for some time.

    Many Players, including Gerrard have said ‘get it sorted’.

    And bucket loads of ex-players have marvelled at the pantomine, negatively comparing now to the days of Peter Robinson etc, calling for them to ‘sort this mess out’.

    Even Martin O’Neil has had a go saying ‘the new liverpool is many steps removed from the old liverpool way of doing things’

    Yet, while Gillett has said he wants out but will not sell to Hicks. And DIC have said that they want to buy the club but will not pay over the odds. Mr. Hicks has not listened one bit – choosing instead to have a cosy chat with us by the fire, with Sky Sports News as his conduit. He well and truly stuck two-fingers up to chants to get out then.

    King Kenny was a magnificent marksman for our club but I’m not sure his words/demands will in itself lead to the momentum to get Hicks out or sorting out this mess.

    Pity KK couldn’t have a ball at his feet to aim at our mate Tom and knock some sense into his head or at least get him to listen to us his ‘client-base’. And then a simple ‘Adios’ from him would do.

  6. @Jofrad: “Liverpool is in extreme danger of being owned by someone who hasn’t the finances to start the stadium and will not sell out to someone who has.”

    The trouble with that theory is that without the stadium he can’t make any money. So if he’s only bothered about profit, what’s the point in holding onto a club that wouldn’t be profitable? In fact it’s possible that rather than it being the case he can’t get the stadium finance at all he just can’t get it until full permission has been granted to build it.

    But if that’s the case we should know within two more months maximum.

  7. King Kenny, has also now said what we all want “Sort this Bloody Mess Out”. How many more Players and Ex-Players need to speak out!!
    Hicks & Gillett get your Backsides around the bloody Table, and stop this merry-Go-Round.
    This is now the Ideal time to get together and talk and end this. We need to move forward and get players in for the next campain, we will not be able to convince them if all this is still going on behind the scenes. We are a Major Force on the Pitch, and a Major Farce off the Pitch. This is how Americans like Hicks and Gillett run there normal day-to-day business!!!!

  8. @ Texas-Dawg, just wondered if you think there is any justification in any of the following supporters & journalists comments over there in the US?


    “While I soooo sympathize with the Liverpool fans and am tempted to contribute to their cause, I am going to restrain myself from doing so– because if he doesn’t have Liverpool to screw up, he will have more time to screw up the Rangers.”

    “Tom Hicks can barely run his own companies and his own US-Based sports franchises, why anyone on the former Liverpool FC mgmt. staff even took this seriously is beyond me.”

    “(Fans know that in the end,” Taylor says, “it will be they themselves who will have to pay it off through increased ticket prices and other schemes.” )

    Tom Hicks, raise ticket prices? Never! Oh, wait.”

    “Hicks’s focus isn’t just on generating more revenue to buy great players. It’s about making money for him. The new Anfield stadium at Stanley Park will be a large part of that, which is why Hicks is fighting to become the sole owner of Liverpool FC.”

    “Being the crafty businessman that he is, Hicks realized that he was losing money with the Rangers. Instead of selling the team to a real baseball owner, he decided to raise ticket and concession stand prices. His wallet for high-dollar players was virtually locked.”

    “As the Rangers enter the 2008 season with second-year manager Ron Washington, Hicks of course has high hopes. But, lest we forget, first and foremost Tom Hicks is a businessman. The Texas Rangers will never compete as long as he is in control.”

    “He is only concerned with making money. He only does a little here and there to seem like he wants to win.”

    “He’s a vilified clown of an owner on two continents. Or at least he should be.”

    “But, alas, they are the Rangers. The pathetic, penny-pinching Rangers. Face it, we have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot and Elvis arriving in Stephenville via UFO and dining together on a grilled cheese shaped like Jesus than a World Series in Arlington. ”

    “And to think, Liverpool—with a quirky record of 10-2-10—started the week in sixth place of a 20-team league. Imagine the ruckus if Hicks turns their Reds into our Rangers? ”

    “(We don’t want you anymore. Make your money and move on. Now!) –

    – “Dear Liverpool, the line forms behind us. Sincerely, Dallas.”


    Absolutely no balance presented by myself I’m afraid Dawg. 🙂 None of the pro-Hicks comments have been included (there really weren’t very many!). It’s my balanced version of being you. 😉

    (by the way, i do appreciate your comments anyway) 🙂

  9. Dawg is letting us all believe that he is a worker in the world of finance. He is probably a hill billy and works on his farthers pig farm. He has probably got 19 brothers and sisters and is married to his cousin.

  10. But Dawg I have to go along with Martin you are not a bad sort, for some strange reason? Or is that just English hospitality talking on our part?

  11. Despite all his verbosity I don’t think Tom Hicks takes any notice of anyone but his bankers. Profit or no profit he will not sell his stake in our club until he absolutely has no other alternative.
    If he ignores the advice of Liverpool Police he’s not going to take any notice of Kenny Dalglish.

  12. Anthony,
    Liverpool born and bred til the age of 25. Been living in Cornwall along with a load of other Scousers for the past 33 years.

  13. I agree with Kenny because this whole sorry mess is well over due for a proper solution that ensures the future of club as for the individual who is only interested that Hicks is to busy giving us poblems in the States can get lost.

  14. Well in all the time they have owned the club the level of astonishment at what has gone on grows.

    “Absolute Personal GREED” is what Tom Hicks is all about. He doesn’t care a sh*t about the club, all he wants is the money. He will shift all promised personal debt onto the club and milk the club for anything he can get his hands on. He doesn’t care if we are in the EPL or first division. Any money he “gives” for players he will get back by selling others.

    This view is not confined to liverpool alone, just ask anyone on the other side of the pond.

  15. Martin,

    Randy Galloway is a long-time radio personality in Dallas. He has had many criticisms of Tom Hicks and many good things to say about him as well. I know they have a good relationship though. (The Rangers really are a long, sad story and always have been, Hicks or not.)

    You can find many people that don’t like Hicks and many people that do. You pick out comments from Texas Rangers fans, and I can pick out comments to the contrary from Dallas Stars fans. That’s sports. You win some you lose some.

    Anyway, I’m flying out to Detroit in a few hours for the hockey game tonight. Give me a question or two to ask and I’ll try to get you an answer. (Remember that I don’t really follow Liverpool so you would probably know some good questions to ask about transfers and other stuff that I have no clue about.)

  16. Thanks Dawg, like I said – appreciative in my criticism! 🙂

    OK, well if you get to read this before you go…

    Ask Tom to honestly answer whether there is likely to be a change in transfer budget if he takes over or (!) if DIC takeover, and whether the current apparent deficit of transfer funds is a manifestation of the lack of resolution in the ownership battle?

    If you could also try and understand the actual implications of these loans on prospective transfer funds for the upcoming seasons that would be appreciated too.

    And I guess while you’re at it if he can drop any names that Rafa is considering that would also be useful!

    I’m expecting that it’ll be difficult for you to convey any negative implications on the questions above that you are advised, so if he wants to drop a concerned Liverpool supporter a line personally should he get the time, my email address is:

    mjdlfc1982 at

    Thanks Dawg, enjoy your trip, hope The Stars win.

  17. @Martin: I just edited your post slightly to try and help you avoid too much spam. As soon as your email address is on a website you’ll get more viagra special offers and invitations to meet people to use it on than you’ll be able to handle! So your email address is there, but at least it’s less likely to be picked up by spambots.

    Saw this on the BBC website today: “Liverpool co-owner George Gillett was in London on Friday night for informal talks with Dubai International Capital, the group hoping to buy the club. (The Times)”

    I’ve not seen the Times report itself, I’ve not bought the paper (I actually got sold yesterday’s Echo by a rip-off newsagents this morning, and decided against getting The Times because I didn’t think I’d have time to read it). But however it’s worded in the paper, I believe that’s a true story.

    Don’t be surprised to see GG at the game tomorrow. And don’t be surprised if further developments come to light pretty soon. That said, don’t raise your hopes (or otherwise) either. Rafa’s hints the other day tie in with various piece of information (including GG’s visit) so even if we don’t get a solution, we might at least get some progress.

  18. Progress…….must mean key people publicly offering comments on the record. We can do without journalists getting ‘insider briefings’ but offering more questions than answers in their articles.

    Jim, you’ve previously, i think, offered the perspective that Hicks is more likely to remain than not. Is that still your view?

    Maybe we should run a book on ownership issue – ie who will own what of the club in 2 months – now the tetonic plates appear to be moving! We could then declare winner(s)……although something tells me the final outcome may not not be that clearcut:-)

  19. @midlands-red: I understand what you mean MR. In fact there’s not a lot being briefed as far as I know. In the case of the GG story for example, all that is really being briefed / leaked is that GG is in London, meeting Dubai’s people. I’d prefer it too in many ways if it was all just done and then announced. Maybe too much is being read into GG’s arrival over here, and Rafa’s hints, and the other bits and pieces, but we can’t tell just yet.

    Hicks has to raise the money. If he can then I really don’t see GG having any option but to sell to TH. So in that respect yes, Hicks is most likely to remain as owner. But if he can’t raise the money, DIC will of course be the stronger candidate. But another week’s gone by without any public sign of TH getting the money.

    I wouldn’t rule out Hicks staying on as a minority shareholder either.

  20. Tony Barrett’s view (from an interview of the This Is Anfield website)

    In recent months the efforts of Rafa and the team have become sadly overshadowed by the on-going battle for the ownership of the club. I’ve followed your coverage of these matters in the Echo and I know that it would be a difficult subject for you to talk directly about, but in general terms do you see a short-term solution to this mess or could it drag on into next season?

    “As things stand, I don’t see a short term solution because there is deadlock. Someone at the top of the club needs to give some ground though because the club is being severley damaged by the ongoing boardroom civil war.”

  21. jim,

    i wasnt sure to believe you or not when you wrote that the woeners (sic) had blocked the hiring of a new assistant for rafa. reading closely what tony barrett wrote in friday’s echo, it’s clear that that is true. it beggars belief that they would jeopardize the clubs results by punching a few pennies like that, unless it was a deliberate attempt to make rafa fail by overburdening him. it does make you question whether or not either or both would be so penny-wise and pound-foolish when it comes to other matters.

    good scoop jim.

  22. @Cory: Wasn’t my scoop Cory!

    It’s never been made clear who was doing the blocking. Also in terms of a replacement for Ayesteran, he was said to be working in Spain earlier this year (can’t remember the dates without checking) and so you’d have thought that could only happen if the gardening leave was over.

  23. @Jim. Ok thanks mate! Didn’t realise that it might get picked up on and spammed…

  24. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hahahahahahaha I nearly pissed my pants laughing at that post. Basically all that is said is what is in the press and you can put your house on the fact that there are players that Rafa wants and the press don’t know about and surprise surprise dawg doesn’t reveal any of them.

    Just a quick question for you dawg………..was elvis and hoffa at the game with you? How are they?

  25. @Fred – you’re being too harsh on Mr. Dawg. He wasn’t with Elvis and Hoffa at the game. He was with Lord Lucan!! 🙂

  26. Thank goodness Hicks didn’t reveal them to Dawg or anyone else. Considering this is a public forum do you really want Rafa’s efforts undermined?

    Maybe Dawg really is making all this up, but if he is it says more for his credibility that he didn’t name Messi or Kaka!

  27. georgia peach,

    could it be a coincidence that of tom o’s teams, the most successful, the stars, play in a league that has a salary cap, and that is by far the easiest to qualify for a playoff spot? you might think that, but i couldnt possibly say, to quote Francis Urquhart.

    also, why is it that the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB do not allow prospective owners to use LBOs to buy clubs (or prove me wrong on that as I could not find evidence to the contrary)? perhaps because these “business run” leagues know that it is a poor long-term way to run a sports team, and that it is in the league’s interest to not allow it (shame that in engerland the FA is in charge of things- see David Conn’s book The Beautiful Game to get a good appreciation of the FA’s uselessness).

  28. DAMN I’m good- that stooge Gil Lebreton wrote this recent article on the Texas Rangers’ horrific start. Lebreton is a hicks stooge anyway, but notice how all the attention is focused now on Nolan Ryan. hicks is not a total idiot i guess.

    “When it all comes down, hopefully, somebody with character and credibility, somebody with a weighty and straightforward voice — somebody named Nolan Ryan — will stand in the middle of the Rangers clubhouse and tell them like it is. It’s time for the players and the coaches to be held accountable, not merely the manager.

    If the players, as Ryan wondered, aren’t responding to Ron Washington, that sounds to me like a two-way street.

    A familiar one, as it turns out.”

  29. dawg and credibility?? not 2 words that can be in anyway associated with each other.
    dawg and bullshit sounds better.

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