Condolences to the Lampard family

After some earlier confusion the sad news has now been confirmed that Frank Lampard’s mother passed away today.

Condolences go from AnfieldRoad and I’m sure much of the LFC community as a whole to the family of Pat Lampard, who had been in hospital for ten days before passing away from pneumonia, aged 58.

As well as being Frank’s mother, she’s also former Reds midfielder Jamie Redknapp’s auntie, sister-in-law to Harry Redknapp, her husband is Frank Lampard Snr, of West Ham fame.

Frank Lampard had missed two league games to be with his mother from when she was first admitted to the Whipps Cross Hospital in north-east London on 14 April. But with her showing signs of improvement he took the decision to return to training, which he did on Sunday, and appear for his side at Anfield in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final.

His club Chelsea said in a statement: “The club will be offering all the support it can to Frank and his family at this time. Pat was a very familiar face to many people at Chelsea FC. Her unswerving support for her son’s career was evident at virtually every game that Frank participated in regardless of where it was being played.

“She would always be there to watch him with Frank’s dad. Pat will be deeply missed by everyone at Chelsea.”

Lampard’s agent said: “Frank and his family would like to thank all the people that have inundated them with wishes of support. Frank would also like to acknowledge and say thank you for compassion shown to him by manager Avram Grant and all staff at Chelsea FC during what has been a terribly traumatic period for him and his family.”

Reds boss Rafa Benitez joined in the condolences: “It is difficult for him, especially before these important games. He has our sympathy because for him this is very, very bad news. Some of our players are mates with him from the national team, so everyone feels the same.”

Chelsea have three vital games in succession, Tuesday’s tie at Anfield was the first, with the second leg next week still to come and a clash with Manchester United in between. But Lampard felt his appearance on Tuesday would be with his mother’s blessing: “She follows me up and down the country so, knowing her, she would’ve had a right go at me for not playing this game. So that was in the back of my mind,” he said after the game.

“We’re very similar,” he said. “Quite sensitive, quite shy. Mum’s been the one who shaped me as a person — how to treat people, manners, that kind of thing.She’s brilliant and was always there for me and my two sisters, whatever we wanted to do.”

No matter what the rivalries might be between Chelsea and Liverpool, this isn’t the time to air them.

Our thoughts are with Frank and the rest of his family in what will obviously be a devastating time for them.

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  1. Pls confirm where you heard this story – the Daily Mail, Metro have all retracted this story and it is not breaking anywhere else on the internet. Maybe you should check before your publish this for longer.

  2. its one of the saddest,things in life. when you lose your mum. the pain gets easier as time goes by, but it truly never goes away.. my condolances to you frank and all your family…..

  3. That is sad news, my father went the same way, and there was a brief moment of euphoria as he seems to get better, but when i heard that, i knew the worst was to come.

    Thank you for being so sensitive in this moment anfieldroad. It will surely touch him to know that fans out there, red or blue will be wishing him well…

    After reading hi autobiography, it was easy to see how close he was to his mum.

    Our thoughts are with you Frank.


  4. As a Chelsea fan its heartwarming and touching to see messages such as these from other football supporters – respect to Liverpool and its fans.

  5. Having lost my own mum Frank, I know you’ll be devestated. God Bless Pat Lampard, and god give you you and the family strength to recover.


  6. At this sad time remember the love and good times you shared which will be with you forever. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


  7. Hey, another Chelsea supporter here, and i just wanted to say i have genuinely gained a lot of respect for Liverpool F.C and it’s fans in the manner with which they have responded to this unfortunate event. I have seen some other sites with silly or inappropriate replies, and i’m glad to see that site’s such as anfieldroad are showing it the respect it deserves, so once again, thanks to anfieldroad and all Liverpool fans that have showed their support, no matter what happens in football i have truly gained a new found respect for you guys.

  8. Just got back from a couple of days away and as i read this story on my phone my mouth dropped.

    May she rest in peace and the Lampard family come to terms with their loss.

  9. Deepest condolences to the Lampard family you are in all of our thoughts at this difficult time.

    God Bless


  10. It is great regret that i hear of your plight, after this terribly sad news. I could never imagine how people go on after losing their mum, but for the happy, thoughtful and enduring memories they shared. It to your credit and bravery that you turned out to play on Tuesday.
    Sport can’t be important right now, but let it be said with the pride only a mum can have that your hard graft earned you a result.
    If it goes well for you again then I am sure it will be all our blessings, with such a hard season behind you, that there would no finer end than to see you dedicate your just rewards to your smashing mum. And she would be smiling, oh yes.

    My sincerest sympathies to you and your family.

  11. Respect to this site, Rafa and the true football fans who have put rivalries aside.

  12. deepest condolences to the Lampards, here’s wishing you all the best of wishes, and may this be the last of low personal traumas in yoru life. YNWA

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