Result: Reds 2 Reading 1

Javier Mascherano’s first ever goal for Liverpool brought the Reds an equaliser, yet another for Fernando Torres gave them the lead, and in the end the three points. Liverpool survived a late penalty claim to remain three points ahead of Everton who play their match tomorrow.

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 17 Arbeloa, 23 Carragher, 37 Skrtel, 12 Aurelio, 14 Alonso, 20 Mascherano, 18 Kuyt (11 Benayoun, 80), 8 Gerrard (4 Hyypia, 90), 19 Babel (6 Riise, 83), 9 Torres
Unused subs: 30 Itandje, 15 Crouch
Booked: None
Goals: Mascherano 19, Torres 48

Reading: 1 Hahnemann, 19 Rosenior, 22 Bikey, 16 Ingimarsson, 3 Shorey, 11 Oster (30 Kebe, 72), 15 Harper, 28 Matejovsky (4 Cisse, 74), 10 Hunt, 9 Doyle, 24 Long (12 Kitson, 63)
Unused subs: 32 Federici, 5 Sonko
Long 59, Ingimarsson 65,Matejovsky 74, Bikey 79, Cisse 87
Goals: Matejovsky 5
BBC Stats: (Liverpool – Reading)
Possession: 63% – 37%
Shots on target: 8 – 3
Shots off target: 11 – 4
Corners: 7 – 2
Fouls: 7 – 22

Referee: Andre Marriner

Attendance: 43524

4 thoughts on “Result: Reds 2 Reading 1”

  1. The Monster scores!

    I hope all those so-called football experts – media commentators and ex-pros – who said he is not worth the money – learn from the error of their ways.

    Mascherano is a true world class player. Knocked by Curbishley at West Ham. Praised and played by Rafa. And now even shooting more at goal and scoring a great opener for him and us today.

    The spine of our team has real potential/chance to deliver now.  Looking forward to next weekend’s game with less trepidation.

  2. A bizarre day yesterday. Before the game there was chaos at the Annie Road end, I assume it was tailback from the SoS demo and march to the main stand car park?We lost the toss so to keep up tradition the Kop was attacked in the second half but not by the team – by the stewards!!!Arbeloa gets elbowed in the face – no action taken. Torres was subject to gbh all game – no action. Stevie’s hand gets hit by a point blank shot and the reading bench goes ape?Great first goal from the Masch. he loves playing for the reds and his enthusiasm is infectious. Stevie is up for the games more these days – see him squaring up to Bikey?ManU/Everton/Arsenal/Arsenal/Arsenal to come and we are in good nick, scoring goals and confident. Bring it on!!!

  3. This was a top class game.  Reading kept the score close by playing well not because we played badly.   I’m glad Rafa buried the hatchet with Xabi because we definitely look a lot more fluent with him in central midfield than with Lucas.   Masch again looked like a class act.  There is no doubt this formation of Xabi and Masch playing alongide each other with Stevie G having more freedom  further forward in the centre suits the players we have (and don’t have).  What we really lack at the moment is a decent right winger.  Yet again Kuyt showed that while goodhearted he is really very average.  While I’m no particularly great fan of Pennant surely he is a better option out wide that Kuyt.  I hope Rafa’s apparently unlimited faith in Kuyt doesn’t hurt us in the big games that lie ahead.      

  4. MR: Mascherano’s celebration was almost as good as his goal! We know how good he is from a defensive point of view but I feel the offensive side of his game will get better and better with time too. People say he shouldn’t be used against so called "easy" opponents, but his ability to single-handedly break up most counter attacks helps us get back on the attack again.

    John: I don’t know what happened at the Annie Road end, I was probably the last to leave the Olympia after the meeting, the march had already gone by the time I got outside. The stuff in the Kop is worrying – is it fans overstepping the mark or stewards overplaying their roles? People want to stand and bounce and join in with the singing (well, some do) and the stewards have to try and prevent certain things happening from a safety point of view. But where are the lines drawn, and why are they drawn there? Maybe some communication is needed to sort all this out.

    Torres gets knocked about every game, but he seems to pick himself up every time and carry on. He deserves more protection, but he’s not spending most of the game looking at the bench to see if they’ll substitute him like other forwards we remember. He genuinely is a class above most of our past signings (Robbie and Owen weren’t signings as such if anyone wants to include them!)

    Anfielder: Rafa’s used this formation before but it hasn’t always worked because of the front three available at the time (excluding Gerrard). Last season it worked a couple of times with Crouch furthest forward and Kuyt and Bellamy in the wider roles. It’s failed this season at one point with, if I recall correctly, Crouch out wide.

    I’m not sure how good Pennant can be in this system as compared to a standard 4-4-2, it’s a different kind of role really. It’s an excellent system for Babel – is he a winger or is he a forward? Well in this system he’s a bit of both. Babel is capable of scoring, Kuyt is when he’s got his confidence, but Pennant has scored I think just two goals since he got here, and one of them was bit of a fluke.

    Certainly that spine mentioned above of Reina, the central defenders (Skrtel looks likely to be an excellent buy but Sami’s impressed me with his staying power this season), Mascherano, Gerrard and Torres is
    winning us games. Xabi on form is better than Lucas, but Lucas is catching up steadily.

    Everton lost today too!  

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