CL draw: Reds get Arsenal

With half the draw made up of English sides it was almost impossible to expect all four of them to avoid each other in the quarter-final draw. And given the way cup semi-finals seem to go, it was almost certain that the draw would put Liverpool and Chelsea in a position to meet each other should the progress to that stage.

Chelsea and Manchester United avoided English opposition in their quarter finals, drawing Fenerbahce and Roma respectively. But before Liverpool can reach the semi-final first they’ve got to overcome the only other English side to reach the final this millennium, Arsenal.

The first leg is away for Liverpool, always the preferred option, and will be played at the emirates on Tuesday or Wednesday April 1 or 2. Then Liverpool face Arsenal in the league on the Saturday, also away on the 5th, before they face up once more for the second leg, again on the Tuesday or Wednesday, April 8 or 9.

It’s a tough task, but Liverpool are capable of managing it if they can play to their best.

If they do achieve that then they face either Chelsea or Fenerbahce. If Chelsea can overcome Fenerbahce it guarantees one English team in the final. If Liverpool make the semi-final then the tie would be played with the home leg first, on April 22nd or 23rd and the second leg away the following week, April 29th or 30th.

Full draw QF:

Arsenal v Liverpool
Roma v Manchester United
Schalke v Barcelona
Fenerbahce v Chelsea

Semi-final draw:

Arsenal or Liverpool v Fenerbahce or Chelsea
Schalke or Barcelona v Roma or Man United

6 thoughts on “CL draw: Reds get Arsenal”

  1. Interesting too that we will play Arsenal three times in one week. We haven’t had the best time against them in the  past few years, it will be very interesting to see how Benitez tackles the three games. I have confidence that not only is our squad stronger in depth than Arsenals, but also fitter. We can physically dominate all three games, we just need to hope Torres is fit, he could be the difference. Also, the ties are actually on the 2nd and 8th! For those who want to book it off.

  2. and I believe that we could. (beat arse, chels, manyoo that is).
    Over a season we may still not be able to compete but in one-off (or two-legged) games, I fancy us….it’s a pyschological thing…

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