Tonight at half time – Go and Go Now!

Sons of Shankly / Spirit of ShanklySince DIC made their statement yesterday everything you hear suggests Liverpool’s supporters want, en masse, to make their feelings known about what they want the current owners to do. Go, and go now. It’s clear that tonight’s game against West Ham is a terrific opportunity. So let’s do this:

15 minutes of solid protest from the minute the half time whistle goes. Wherever you are in the ground, make your voice heard.

Every single one of you has to share the responsibility to join in. Don’t wait for others to take the lead, don’t feel self conscious. Get involved, get rowdy. Let’s stand together.

Those of you who feel that it’s hard to get the message out, those of you who feel it’s hard to educate people, well have another go now, be emphatic:

  • They said they wouldn’t do a Glazer and buy the club with its own money. They have. We’ll be paying off 30m a year for them to own our club.
  • They said there would be a spade in the ground within 60 days of taking over. Still no start date for the stadium. And they still haven’t secured the money to buy it.
  • They said they’d back our traditions and way of doing things. They offered the manager’s job to Jurgen Klinsmann and then discussed it publicly
  • They haven’t spent a penny of their own money – all the signings are on the never never. When does the never never end?
  • For this investment of theirs to work they need us to finish fourth year in, year out and get the stadium built. Success for Kop Holdings and success for LFC are not the same thing.

If you feel people need educating, people in your work, your school, your boozer, your house, print that out and give it to them. Talk to them. Tell them why you are so angry, tell them why we need change. No one is saying DIC will be perfect but it’ll be fresh start, a chance to move this football club which we all love forward.

Hicks and Gillett dragged this club through the mud and have wasted a year of our time. It ends now. They should go now.

Tonight. Half time. Tell Hicks and Gillett exactly that.

Spirit of Shankly.

3 thoughts on “Tonight at half time – Go and Go Now!”

  1. this is the home phone number for tom hicks can you please let people know it so as they can put hicks in the picture as to peoples opinion of him 0012143736808

  2. email the dallas stars and montreal candiens and let fly. find their emails if possible and tell them directly. they are playing hardball over the sale of our club and will finally do it once they are satisfied they have made enough. it proves we are nothing to them. moores and parry need to be publicy sacked once DIC get in

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