Sons of Shankly meet tomorrow

The Sons Of Shankly are having their second meeting tomorrow, to be held at the Olympia on West Derby Road in advance of the match against Barnsley in the afternoon.

Details follow, taken from the new website, just launched at As you can see, it’s not just about getting Hicks and Gillett out, it’s about much more than that…

Sons Of Shankly – Liverpool Supporters Union

sos-sonsofshankly.jpgSaturday. The Olympia. Noon.

If you can get there, you should be there.

You could say you should be there to work out how we get shut of the hideous Hicks and Gillett pairing, dooming the football club to debt upon debt, mismanagement and broken promises.

You could say you should be there if you want to capture the moment when Liverpool FC’s first attempt at a Socio arrangement began. You could say you should be there if you want that attempt to work.

You could say you should be there to find out how we’re looking at sorting out cheaper travel to and from games; how we want to put pressure on the football club to take action over the ticket office; how if we use our collective strength we can force change for the better at our football club.

You could say you should be there to speak out about what’s happening to the national game as it pursues every currency under the sun until its grassroots support squeaks.

You could say you should be there to tell us what we haven’t thought of yet – ways to represent and help every Red the world over and bring the club back to the people.

There’s a lot to say. There’s one place to be:

The Olympia
99 West Derby Road
Saturday 16th February

Bring your banners, bring your colours but most of all, bring your voice.


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  1. As a Liverpool fan (born in Birkenhead), living in Barcelona and there are many of us here, I say go for it. In idea like this is really needed. SOS should demand representation on the board. Liverpool like Barça is more than just a club.

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