Momo says thanks – and reminds fans how support counts

A touching letter from Momo Sissoko was published on the club’s official website today, as he said goodbye to Liverpool FC after two-and-a-half years.

In it he talks about Rafa’s dedication to the job, something his critics need to just stop for a moment and think about. Results aren’t going Liverpool’s way, but it’s not through want of trying on the part of the manager. He’s been undermined for the whole length of the season, in an increasing way, his efforts

He also talks about how the players feel inspired by the supporters, how their backing gets them through the toughest times. Something to remember.

Momo was saying thanks – but he was also sending a message out that was timed to perfection: No matter how much Liverpool’s recent run has hurt you, get behind the manager, get behind the players, show them your support is there through these bad times as much as it’s been there through the good.

It’s unlikely to be an accidental omission that saw him leave the owners out of his thanks. Tom Hicks and George Gillett have made life miserable for all Reds, and Momo will have seen his team-mates suffer along with his manager.

Thanks Momo – you are warmly wished good luck in your future career with Juve, you deserve a new chance where you’ll get more time on the pitch.

Dear Liverpool fans,

As soon as I arrived in Liverpool I realised how much this team meant.

Now, after two and a half years I have to say goodbye and I can’t hide the great sorrow I feel in leaving one of the best clubs in Europe.

Liverpool FC as a club, its fans, its coaches and my team-mates have together helped me to become a better player and, above all, a better person.

Liverpool FC is one of the greatest. The Liverpool fans never desert their team.

Even in the worst moments you have a strong sense that the fans are with you, supporting you as much as they can, never giving up, those fans make Liverpool even stronger. I really want to thank them for helping me to feel and to understand what football means in its purest form.

I also think Liverpool FC functions this way because of its leaders; Rafael Benitez works from dawn to dusk, and the players know they must fight for the red shirt in every second of every match.

Now I am beginning a new adventure in another big European Club in Juventus. They have also now put their faith in me.

I shall play to my best in every single match, I shall fight hard for my new shirt to the end, but when every match is finished, I know what I’ll do first – I shall ask about the results of Liverpool FC.

Everybody knows the legend “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and I shall never ever forget the experience and the team.

I want to thank everyone for the opportunity and wish everyone all the best for the future.

With my best regards,

Mohammed Sissoko

Momo is boss.

6 thoughts on “Momo says thanks – and reminds fans how support counts”

  1. Did Gerard Houllier not work as hard as Benitez? Should he still be Liverpool manager too?

    Did all the support for Sissoko make him able to pass a ball five yard?

    Some fans have such empty excuses for Rafa he seems doomed.

  2. John: I don’t think Houllier did work as hard as Rafa, but he was supported fully for the six years he was at the club. Right until the end he had the backing of his board, who never once undermined him.

    Rafa had the same backing for under three years. Then the owners came in, made promises they didn’t keep, got the hump because Rafa blew them up in public about it, and Rafa’s fourth season was wrecked.

    The issue about Momo’s mention of the power of support is that the players sense it, and it makes them perform better. Surely it’s not hard to see that constant moaning and groaning is going to work the other way? Is it a coincidence that our home form is worse than our away form? It’s not the only reason, but it’s not going to help.

    Remember Momo’s performance in the FA Cup win over West Ham in 2006? He was an important player for us, but seemed to suffer after two big injuries. That and being in competition with Xabi, Gerrard (rarely used on the right these days), Mascherano and Lucas meant he was getting less games, and less chances to get back to what he was before.

    The point is, the argument over whether Rafa is the man we want or need in charge of the team is actually a minor issue compared to the enormity of the mess our owners have made. So get behind the manager, get behind the team, let’s see them back in some form. They are capable of better, and some support might just help them in that respect.

    And do not let the owners (one in particular) think they’ve got away with what they’ve done.

  3. Well done Momo, a terrific athlete and a great lad.

    It’s just a great shame how some fans are so fickle. Yes, Rafa has made mistakes and sometimes he makes decisions we find hard to understand. And yes, he can be stubborn.

    BUT, you have to support the team lads. All this moaning and doom-mongering achieves nothing but to hurt the team and the club.

    Rafa loves Liverpool and he works day and night to sort things out. Come the end of the season, I’m sure the owners will sit down with Rafa and try to understand where things went wrong.

    But there aren’t a lot of managers who took their team to TWO CL FINALS IN 3 YEARS. Ok, we haven’t achieved what we want in the League but a few years ago we won 11 on the trot and had our biggest points total since the PL began. And we NEVER IN OUR WILDEST DREAMS thought we’d be one of the elite of Europe again….did we? (remember Houllier’s tactics against Leverkusen in the QF?)

    Get behind your manager and your team instead of moaning and asking for his sacking.

    Man Utd fans were screaming for Ferguson to be sacked till he won his first title after 7 years on the job.

    And I just CANNOT BELIEVE some fans are now comparing Rafa to Houllier. Houllier had one way of playing: defend and counter-attack through Heskey and Owen. Rafa is trying to change the foundations, bring in world-class players.

    And who do you think out there is a better manager to bring in? Mourinho? Maybe. O’Neill? Well, I was always a fan of O’Neill but what I saw from Villa at Anfield didn’t exactly inspire me – hoof the ball to Carew’s head in the area and hope for the best.

    Remember the semi-final wins against Chelsea in the Champeions League. You really think O’Neill would have out-thought Mourinho? Would he have attracted Torres, Mascherano, Alonso, Babel to Anfield? Or maybe you prefer good ol’ Harry Redknapp? Or maybe bring in Lippi or Hiddink?

    Think about it lads. Support your team.

  4. hard to say why things are aren’t going right at the moment but i do know it wont get any better by turning on rafa. He didnt become a bad manager in one month. As Jim says its the owners that have ruined the season and will do every season till they go back to america.

  5. After all the stick Momo was taking in the last few momths of his time at Liverpool for him to only have positive things to say about the club, supporters and Rafa is a huge credit to him.

    Listening to Rafa to can feel how much pain he’s in as Liverpool go through this slump in form.

    All those fans – I’m tempted to write ‘so-called’ but that would be unfair to most – who criticise Rafa need to look at his record more.

    The Trophies he’s won in the last three years is second to none.

    Yes we would like to have won the league this year, last year and many years before but you cannot underestimate the significant impact Hicks and Gillets mis-ownership and Parry’s mis-management has had on the team.

    Anyway that works in a company – big or small – will know that if your job is threatened or your immediate bosses position is unstable then the team does not pull in the right direction. Look at what happened when Ferguson made it known he was standing down?

    Rafa is our manager now and must be in the immediate future also.

    Rafa to stay however has to be our number two target however. The main target is to get Hicks and Gillet out of our club.

    Perversely any failure to qualify for next years Champions league could force the Americans out much sooner. Now I for one would sacrifice champions league football if it got those guys out of the Club. Sadly, I say with an eye on success, I think we will however.

    So, I say, thank you Momo. Good luck at Juve. And to Liverpool fans remember those past players. But please remember our future’s safe(r) in Rafa’s hands.

    Keep the faith! You’ll never walk alone!

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