Reds fans vote on Hicks and Gillett

Following on from the success of their first survey, which received major coverage from the media, the LFC Supporters Network issued a second survey earlier this week.

This one comes in the wake of Hicks and Gillett succeeding in getting a loan totalling £350m. The interest payments on that loan will be the responsibility of Liverpool FC and the majority of the money covers the owners’ purchase costs in adding the club to their list of franchises. The stadium won’t be built until they have secured a further loan, which will again fall on the club to pay for, believed to be at up to another £300m.

A lot of supporters want to see Hicks and Gillett out of the club, as soon as possible, but how far would each individual supporter be willing to go to try and persuade them? That’s what this survey intends to find out.

If you’ve not done so already, please try and vote. The questions are below, and then below that are three of the different LFC forums that are carrying the survey, hopefully you’re a member of one of those and you’ll cast your vote. See the LFC Supporters Network website for more forums that are carrying the survey.

Question 1: Would you be happy to see Tom Hicks and George Gillet still owning the club in the summer? Yes / No

Question 2: Are you prepared to boycott all official Liverpool FC products as well as match day refreshments and facilities until Tom Hicks and George Gillett have left the club? Yes / No

Question 3: Are you prepared to boycott any companies who currently have links with Liverpool FC such as Carlsberg and Adidas or any who institute links with Liverpool FC until Tom Hicks and George Gillett have left the club or until the companies in question cease their partnership with LFC? Yes / No

The forums:

The Liverpool Way:

This is Anfield:


8 thoughts on “Reds fans vote on Hicks and Gillett”

  1. Be careful hitting the sponsors, personally I think it risks doing far more harm than good going in that direction. This might be an important war to win by any means possible but we don’t want to put sponsors off for good, nor undermine the value of a sponsorship deal to LFC in the future.

    Otherwise, you have my support.

  2. I Think we should play it safe …. Boycotting Games and Sponsors will hurt Liverpool Pocket in the long run…. Lets see what the Owners do… especilally with brining in new players as well as sighnng Masch this week…. LFC for life

  3. Popi………play it safe…………£30million interest to apy each year………finances to build the whole stadium not stacking up……………..we can’t paly it safe we are already in severe danger!!!!!!

    Get Gillette and Hicks out as soon as we can and by any means!!!!!!

  4. brilliant idea, hurt the disgusting gluttonous yanks where they will feel it the most… BOYCOT BOYCOT

  5. If we want them out`( I surtenly do ) I`m afraid that there is no other way than a boycot. But maby we should keep in mind that this will hurt us in the end , because potential buyers sees what we are capebale of doing if we are not satisfied. Maby we will be labeled troublemakers. I don`t know , but you must always look at a case from different directions. It`s all about positives and negatives. If you strongly belive something is wrong ( like americans that lies ) , then you must fight for the cause. I think the LFC supporters will get much respect if we can force them out.

  6. Guys i think we need to look ata the big picture..

    Lets say the owners, get the new stadium built and invest in players and the clubs gets the debt.

    Lets say that due to this we win say the win or compete in the league and europe and become one of the biggest clubs in t world money wise.

    Lets say we sign better sponsers, sell more shirts in china and buy better players.

    In other words we do excatly what Man U have done.

    I am not saying i want that, but is that the price to pay if u want to compete with the likes of Man U and Chealske ,

    Wenger has spent no money because of the biulding of a stadium.

    The only people who have the money to build a new stadium and spends millions on a club are people in Oil. Arabs or Russians.

    The trouble is, when they leave, the club is not set up to pay its debts.

    At least this way uts a business model that must pay the bills and make money to reinvest. If it was not then the americans would not be interested. U cant make money from a bankrupt club..



  7. i think boycoting the whole sponsers thing is well OTT
    the situation lfc are in is not their fault and it will only harm liverpool in the long run.

  8. To Jimbo,
    What if the club didn’t win any title?
    what if the club was not eligible for Euro Championship?
    what if they have to sell our top players for instant cash, and the club have to settle for less competence player?
    and the big cycle start to spin?
    no money = no top player = no title = no money
    Do you think this pic is beautiful enough?

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