Liverpool Fans threaten American owners with future financial penalties

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Liverpool Fans threaten American owners with future financial penalties

Three quarters of Liverpool fans surveyed by supporters group would consider future match ticket or merchandise boycott if Hicks and Gillet remain at club

Liverpool, 23rd January 2008 – More than three in four Liverpool fans subject to a survey carried out via fanzines and fan websites would consider withdrawing their financial commitment to Liverpool FC in future should the club remain in the hands of US businessmen Tom Hicks and George Gillet.

The Liverpool Supporters Network, an alliance of fanzines and online communities put together to draw attention to the plight of Liverpool Football Club at the hands of its current owners, surveyed around 2,000 Liverpool supporters to gather their views on the current situation.  The survey revealed that should the club, currently the subject of fierce speculation over its future, remain in the hands of its present owners 76 per cent of fans would seriously consider reducing their financial commitment to the football club in terms of not buying match tickets, merchandise or subscribing to the club official website’s ‘e-season ticket’.

Fans were also asked simple questions about the stewardship of the club and in whose hands they felt that the club’s best interests would be served.  Asked ‘Who do you think most has the best interests of Liverpool Football Club at heart?’ and offered a choice of Tom Hicks and George Gillet or current team manager Rafael Benitez, 99 per cent of fans polled voted in support of Benitez.

A further question, ‘Do you trust Tom Hicks and George Gillett?’ resulted in 98 per cent of fans voting ‘No’.

Neil Atkinson, spokesperson for the Liverpool Supporters Network commented, “The results of this survey are indicative of the strength of feeling among Liverpool fans that the club is very much in the wrong hands at present.  Tom Hicks and George Gillet are not trusted by Liverpool supporters, and that three quarters of fans would consider withdrawing their financial support of the club should the present owners remain in charge demonstrates how committed Liverpool fans are to seeing the club removed from the control of the present owners.”

Further surveys of Liverpool fans will be conducted to continue to highlight supporters’ feelings on the issue.

About the Liverpool Supporters Network

The Liverpool Supporters Network is an initiative endorsed by major Liverpool websites and online communities and is in the process of polling members of these sites with a view to gauging supporter opinion on the current and future situation at the club.

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10 thoughts on “Liverpool Fans threaten American owners with future financial penalties”

  1. This is unlikely to change the Americans viewpoint. I doubt anything short of empty seats at Anfield will achieve that.

  2. This is all Parry & Moores fault. Now if those bloody yanks decided to sell Liverpool assets like Torres and Gerard there is nothing we can do to block them.

    Stupid Parry should go hang himself for causing the DIC to pull out last summer.

    I just hope DIC will come and buy those yanks out.

  3. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for some bright spark to manufacture an unofficial range of Liverpool merchandise, caps, scarves, t-shirts etc with profits going to the children’s unit at Alder Hey or the Kennedy fund. That way we could continue to deck ourselves in the Liverpool colours without lining the Yanks’ pockets, all the time making sure that the profits go to a good cause.

  4. CALLING all LFC fans. The only way these two americans will take notice is if we boycotted just one game to give them a taster of what will happen if they carry on controlling our beloved club. Talking about it will only confirm to them that we are not willing to back up our words. Also it will worry RBS bank about providing the loan. Boycotting one game could change the whole course of our club. Now is the time to really show what fan power can do. The future of our club is really in our hands if we really want it to be.

  5. They delivered a lot of promises to the fans when they took over last february, but none of them has been fulfilled. The new stadium’s construction is yet to be started, they promised that they would not put the debt onto the club, which they are planning to do now. Please DIC save our beloved club.

  6. Look, i understand fully the frustration by my fellow reds, but thats where our frustration should lie, on the pitch.
    Had we have been top of the pile right now, the yanks would have been the best thing since sliced bread.
    Shouting for Dubai to get involved again just creates more ammo for the tabloids to say we are in crisis.
    Things are not going as planned, i agree.
    WE are a big club, do not despair.
    I don’t need to remind you of our history, some of it recent, some not.

  7. One game without fans in seats won’t bother Tom Hicks. Look at how pitiful the attendance records have been for his other teams. He simply does not care and won’t do a thing for the fans.

  8. I’d like to ask all Liverpool fans within the city of Liverpool, “Do you mind us from outside your great city supporting your great club ?”.
    I’m 32 now, from Rugby in the midlands, but i do remember badgering my mum for a liverpool shirt and the pride i had wearing it. (The white one, Rushie19 86 crown paints, them were the days!)
    yes, i went through the heartache the following season when all we acheived was littlewoods runners up.
    Yes, i hid for two days after arsenal skanked us to the title, (and yes i saw a knackered John Barnes).
    Yes i was in tears for the 96…i felt they were my bretherin.
    All i ask is………Dont get like the Fukkin Mancs……A lot of us outside merseyside actually pin our weekend hopes on Liverpool doing well!!!!!!……Sounds stupid?…..I don’t care!!! LONG LIE THE REDS OF ANFIELD ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. oooopps…………I forgot……….Whilst admiring the great city of LIVERPOOL, there is another football club in the area…………………Tranmere knock it about well………

  10. Boycotting matches will pile on pressure on the owners to sell as they need the revenue to repay the loan which apparently is $30 miilion in interest alone per year.

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