Liverpool fans to vote on ownership issue

The LFC Supporters’ Network has been formed in light of the current situation involving the ownership of the club.

They say on their website, “Recent developments at Liverpool Football Club have been both concerning and confusing to many supporters. There have been a great many contradictory stories about the present and future of the football club and the statements made and interviews given by those who are custodians of that present and future haven’t really managed to make the situation any clearer.”

They promised they would be issuing a short survey, and that’s now been posted up on a number of Liverpool FC website’s forums. Our own site doesn’t currently have a forum, but we’re sure most of our readers will be a member of at least one of the following sites:

Red and White Kop

The Liverpool Way

Talk LFC


Visit the site you use most, log in and vote in the various polls.

Questions being asked are:

Who do you think most has the best interests of the football club at heart? Tom Hicks/George Gillett or Rafael Benitez

Do you trust Tom Hicks and George Gillett? Yes/No

If Tom Hicks and George Gillett continue to behave in the manner they have since taking ownership of the football club would you seriously consider reducing your financial commitment to the football club (i.e. not buying tickets, merchandise, not subscribing to the e-season ticket)? Yes/No

The polls will close around Tuesday lunchtime.

It’s important that you use your vote on this. There’s a good chance that the results will be picked up by the media, who have been made aware of it.

The use of the media to fight this battle between owners, managers, supporters and potential owners is not “the Liverpool way”, as so many Reds have pointed out, but it’s unlikely to be resolved now without the use of the media. The sooner the future is resolved, the sooner we can get back to the old ways – hopefully – and keep private what should be kept private.

6 thoughts on “Liverpool fans to vote on ownership issue”

  1. rafa no yes RAFA needs to sell some players to get some money in. Please sell riise finnan vorinin crouch momo aurelio

  2. Rafa Benitez has Liverpool’s on field interests at heart.
    That includes short term and longer term.
    Long Live the Rafalution.

    Hicks is aptly named and from his press announcements he has absolutely NO credibility left.
    Hicks is in it for money. He doesn’t love Liverpool so lets hit him where it hurts.
    Judgement is reserved on Gillett but his public silence is at least in keeping with “The Liverpool Way”.

    My financial commitment would be reduced in every way possible if the current owners continue on their current path.
    I urge my fellow Reds supporters, especially those living in England, to keep up a concerted campaign against the owners.

  3. I beleive both the Americans shoud scoot. Rafa has Liverpool FC at heart but has no clue as to what the Premier League requires.

  4. May i also suggest that another aim of the campaign to rid ourselves of hickabilly and gutless should be:

    1) To seek assurances from David Moore that the (excessive and greedy) financial gain they received from the deal should be offered to hickabilly and gutless to help see them on their way.


    2) That Rick Parry resigns his position and publicly tells the fans what’s going on and why his 3 year search for a buyer proved so badly wrong!

    As for the anti-Rafa lines on the PL etc – this season has been effectively taken away from him and the players by these underhand charlatans – and the (unintentional) mess left behind by Moores and Parry who saw cash money first and their responsibilities to the club and fans a distant second.

  5. For all those critical of Rafa lets have a look at his achievements.

    2005 – CL Winner
    2006 – FA Cup Winner
    2007 – CL Runner Up

    And this does not take in account the other finals made as well as the improvement in the league since Houllier.

    Next we need to look at the players available at both Chelsea and Manure.

    Our only real world class players are Gerrard, Torres and Reina.

    Compare the rest of our players to that of Cheslki, Arsenal and Manure and you’ll see a huge difference in quality.

    In my opinion we need a few very good established players and by that i mean world class players who have the class to make a difference to our team.

    Kewell, Kuyt, Voronin, Crouch, Riise are not good enough imo.

    We need the likes of Imbrahimovic, Villa, Eto, Alves, Robinho, etc to make a difference.

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