Stadium downgraded, or just different?

Earlier today Rick Parry told the Liverpool Echo that the club had chosen to abandon the futuristic plans for a new stadium unveiled with much hype in the summer. In that interview he even used the word “downgraded” to describe the change of plan.

The same interview was later added to the Liverpool FC website – with one subtle difference. As spotted by some Liverpool supporters, the word “downgraded” was made a little more positive, and changed to “different”.

Now who decided to do that?

Parry said “We are now considering two schemes but the stadium will be a 70,000 seater.

“The new stadium will be a significant improvement on the original plans and a slightly downgraded / different version of the new ones.

“And it will be a massive improvement on where we were 12 months ago, if not quite as dramatic as the plans unveiled in the summer.

“The single tier Kop remains fundamental to the design and we are not expecting any delays – it should be on schedule for 2011.”

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4 thoughts on “Stadium downgraded, or just different?”

  1. Im really disgusted with everything going on at LFC

    What is Rick parry still doing as chief executive of the club , the guy knows nothing about getting deals done
    e.g we still have carlsberg as our main sponsors

    compare that to the the other top 3 clubs

    Also i really do believe that the Americans should sell the company to DIC , who at least have the money to make qualitysigings and take the club further

    We are in serious danger of going backwards as a club

  2. I feel very upset at the way our club is being run. What is scary is the fact that we are accumulating debt. These monkeys will not sell the club until it is impossible for them to run. Then it may become so unattractive because of the debts that nobody may want to buy it. I wish they sell of the club tomorrow and get the hell out of England.

    I hate all of the deception and they haven’t even come out to reassure the fans about anything. Now i understand what Rafa was talking about. He is the only good thing the club has besides the players and the fans. I now wish that we hadn’t got a new owner at all instead of all this nonsense.

  3. Disgusting with every things that are happening at club at this time. Each day we are hearing negative news about our club and they are making a lot of demage to the supporters. I think that these Americans where not the right persons to take in their hands the club.

  4. Where as I will always try my best to be as positive about my beloved LFC as possible, I like many other fans are starting to get worried – VERY worried..!
    I noticed just after the takeover that Mr Hicks did nearly ALL the talking, now he is strangely very quiet..?
    Is it being left to his jovial little sidekick Mr Gillet to do all the calming down.? (Calm before the storm maybe.?)
    I was upset at Rafa for bringing any problems into the open-this is NOT the Liverpool way.. BUT, was he trying to tell us (or warn us.!) that there is more to this than meets the eye..?
    Ive never run a club like Liverpool (or any other for that matter) and I do not know (like many of us reds) the true complexities of doing so.. So I cannot jump on the Rick Parry hate campaign.. I do (as an observer of the human race) question his sincerity..! Is he now only a puppet for the americans.? He seemed a lot more vocal when David Moores was in charge..?
    Just one last thing, lets not be too hasty in our judgements just yet (after all there is sod all we can do if it goes tits up) lets remember it wasnt long ago we were laughing at Manure and they spent more than us (net) last summer..!
    I do seriously question our marketing strategy and on-line facilities though.. basically we are RUBBISH at having goods available for fans.. This is a massive money spinning area, but we are USELESS at it.. Last chrimbo I tried tto get 15 things on-line with no joy, but travelled 165 miles to anfield and got the lot.. this year the same… If I am having this problem, then I know (having spoken to the staff at LFC) MANY others are having the same problem.. all since Adidas took over I may add..

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