Reds fans to show Rafa their support, Wednesday night

From the RTK (Reclaim The Kop) campaign (please note the newer time of 6.30pm, compared to the 7pm that you may have heard previously):

We are calling on all supporters of Liverpool FC to demonstrate their unconditional support of the Rafael Benitez this Wednesday. Rafa is far and away the most important figure at Anfield – bar none. Under his guidance the club has appeared in 2 European Cup finals in the little over 3 years that he has been manager. We currently stand well placed in the title race and remain undefeated.

Rafael Benitez also needs the full support of his employers. It is Rafa’s job not only to train and coach the players, but also to be proactive and decisive in acquiring new ones. Bill Shankly turned down the Liverpool job in the early 1950s because he was told it would not be his job to sign new players. It was only when he was promised a free reign in the selection of his squad that he agreed to become manager of Liverpool FC. Rafael Benitez deserves similar support from our current owners.

If you want to pledge your support publicly for Rafa Benitez then join us on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, outside the Sandon pub on Oakfield Road, close to The Kop. If you have any Rafa flags and banners then please bring them along. We then urge you to continue your support of Rafa during this crucial European Cup game by singing and chanting his name. We call on all Liverpool supporters to unite and publicly display their devotion to our manager.

Rafa needs us, and we owe him every ounce of love and support that we can possibly muster.

Remember: Liverpool Football Club exists not to make money – it exists to win trophies and be a source of pride for its supporters. It serves no other purpose.

Hala Rafa!

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  1. I agree that Rafa needs the wholehearted and vocal support of all Liverpool fans.

    It is sad that the Club’s new owners seem not to feel the same way. They would far more pleasure from their privileged position if they were closer to Anfield, thereby understanding the difficulties of football management – and having a clearer idea of their own role.

    Rank – in terms of owning – does not give right, Messrs Hicks and Gillet.

  2. As a watcher of LFC since 1946, I am 100% behind your support of Rafa. I f our American friends had made a really concerted effort to understand the English “Soccer” Scene, they would have have found out that the saying “The early bird catches the worm” definitely applies to possible transfer targets. Too late in making a move can mean greater expense later.

  3. Rafa is the best manager for Liverpool, simply because he is the best manager in the world. He is dedicated, cares for the club, and is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the club. So he truly has a Liverpool heart!!! Rafa, Rafael, Rafa, Rafael, Rafa, Rafael….Rafael Benitez…Those of you who will be at Anfield, promise me to sing his song all night!!!!

  4. I agree with chanting Rafa’s name during the match etc but dont forget that the US dollars are important for us to continue progress both on and off the pitch (no dollars = no Torres) so no anti American bullshit either please. Both sides have issues that need resolving but sacking Rafa is not the answer.

  5. people can see the same thing,disagree and yet both be right, Rafa is the great manager!!full support for him.

  6. theres nothing good or bad , but thinking makes it so. c’mon liverpool L’POOL ONE,FIRM,UNITED.

  7. I believe in Rafa whole heartedly.The Yanks are just interested in success without spending anymore money.Trust in Rafa, raafa…Rafael !

  8. Don’t want to turn on the owners and alientate them either if they aren’t actually planning on kicking him out (and we don’t know for sure what their thoughts are at this point). Would like to see massive support for Rafa, for sure, but support for the three of them together would be even better. Both parties need each other to achieve the success we all crave. I’m not necessarily suggesting something along the lines of “The Three Musketeers” as “The Three Little Pigs” might be more appropriate given their girth but something that allows them all to get out of this without losing face is required I think.

  9. From 3000 km i`ll chant with the kop on wednsday night. From all bulgarian liverpool supporters it`s a simple: Rafa, Rafa Benitez, Xabi Alonso, Garcia and Reyna! We trust the man and love him.

  10. I’ve posted an E-Petition on the Governments website, basically to hopefully create a headline should it reach a substantial number of hits. It’s currently under review but it should pass and be online tomorrow. I’ll post the URL then. If EVERYBODY signs then it would make quite a statement.


  11. George and Tom, When you come to the club you said you needed to learn about football. It is quite clear from your recent actions that you still have to learn. You said you wanted to listen to your fans and yet set up no forum to hear us, this is your chance. You said you would invest in the team. Yes we spent £50m but £26m was recouped in sales, the only reason you own the club is the previous manager bought such rubbish a player that cost us £11m was so poor he could be sold for no more than £2m. Thank your lucky stars the current manager made a profit on his unwanted players. You also said you would not burden debt on the club and yet have to restructure the debt on the club now. The new stadium design looks great but bums on seats is more important andan under performing team will not do that. Further to this you hailed Benitez as a tactical genius remember that. Either commit to the club and be there for the manager or sell to those who were o preferred buyers Dubai inernational.

  12. The support for Rafa on Wednesday is a great idea and will no doubt go a long way to making the new owners understand that Liverpool is a football club first, existing for its fans, and a business second. Rafa is the best at what he does and needs support from the owners because at the end of the day they are both aiming for the same thing. Reprimanding Rafa like a school boy is not professional and dismissing him is definitely a big backward step. The repercussions would be devastating.

  13. Ra-fa Ra-fa-el… Ra-fa Ra-fa-el … Ra-fa-el Benitez !

    All our support, respect and gratitude !

    Liverpool Supoorters Club Romania

  14. Rafa has been like a breath of fresh air after years of frustration with other less successful managers. And, in the beginning we thought that the owners proved that they would be safe guardians of Liverpool FC. Now, with their actions of treating Rafa with such disrespect, I fear that the future of Liverpool FC hangs in the balance. Do the owners back Rafa and we move forward with hopes of the Premiership and European glory, or do they drive him away and build their monument to futility of a new stadium that no one will come to because we don’t win games??? Rafa is no schoolboy to be dismissed with a pat on the head and told to sit and wait until they arrive in all of their pomp and circumstance. Rick Perry is not the one to deal with the purchase and sale of players. He couldn’t find his a*se with both hands in the transfer market. We need to know that the new owners are in this for the glory of Liverpool FC and to win . . . or they should sell up and get out!!!

  15. Hi. I just want to ask: do you have any idea how many fans around the world would love a chance to turn up on Sandon pub at 6.30 pm?

    I just ask this so that you also have in mind that many fans will be watching what kind of support Rafa recieves from the fans in weeks to come, and hoping it can make a diference. We dont have that chance to make that difference.

    I know we may not be ‘Scousers’, but many of love this club as much as you do.

    My point is, I know you will be going out on behalf of all supporters based on Liverpool (or England), but also in some way on behalf of all of the fans in the world that love this club.



  16. Rafa for LIFE!!!! if those big egos yanks do try and sack Rafa, i am sure, if called upon, REDS supporters all over the world will not mind to chips in funds to buy out those big ego bird brain yanks stake at the club and appoints a true blooded REDS to manage the funds!

    LONG LIVE RAFA! down with the yanks!!!

  17. In Rafa, we trust… This is a protest in support of our manager and to put across to the owners what the fans think. Get the Rafa songs tolling out and let him know we are behind him always !!!!

    Make sure that you join in with the pro-Rafa songs and really let these new owners know what the fans think, if they don’t listen, give them hell.

  18. Im sorry but these new owners are holding the club back. rafa has worked his butt off signing stunning new stars to da squad. i mean Torres is awesome, pure class, and Ryan Babel is dangerous up and down the wing never mind his cooly taken goals in the last few matches. kuyt is starting to look a real goal threat and Crouchy is scoring in every game he plays almost. Agger is missed yes and so is Alonso but also Mascherano and if Rafa is not backed then we are likely to lose him, and he is without doubt the greatest defensive midfielder in the premiership. there is the fact that players at the academy are looking promising like EL Zhar and Spearing but we have to have money to sign the quality that is out there and for cheap. also is the fact that we made almost as much money as we spend last summer. i cnt imagine that rafa wants much money, and the owners arnt broke. they said they knew the passion for the club. if they did theyd use money to boost the squad! LIES! In it to make money! Give us our club back!

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