Hope for Hillsborough: News from Court of Human Rights

A press release from Anne Williams and Hope for Hillsborough, containing some very encouraging news from the European Court of Human Rights. At the bottom of the release are email addresses for both Anne and also Anna Jameson, for those wishing to contact them with messages of support, to order books or badges, or make donations.


Hi to everyone, as promised I said I would keep everybody updated on Kevin’s case in Europe. It is a year August 12th since I submitted the evidence to Europe. My barrister sent some really hard hitting materials under Article 2 of the Human Rights Act “The right to Life”.

Amongst the evidence there is fraudulent concealment of evidence, perverting the course of justice, suppression of evidence-enough to reopen a murder case. I was happy with the material that was sent, but there was alot more that proved the extremes the system had gone to, to cover up the real truth of what really happened to Kevin that dreadful day so I spent 4 days going through all the evidence that I had collected over the years and bundled it all together with a covering letter, asking the European courts to please add all the new information to the bundles that have already been submitted under article 2 and I also sent a bundle under article 6 of the Human Rights Act- everybody’s right to a fair trial, with the 3.15pm cut off point indicating that the truth of Hillsborough has not come out.

I have now received a letter from the European Courts saying that they have accepted the new evidence that I have sent.

My mind is at ease. They have all the evidence on Kevin and a lot more which proves the cover up on the 95 that died with Kevin.

Thank you all for your support so far. The new book “I never walked alone” is coming along nicely, it will not be finished until I have an answer/judgement from Europe. Win or lose it will be launched with my present book “When you walk through the storm”. The truth is and will continue to be in the books.

Please support the Hope for Hillsborough. All your help and orders for books badges or donations are so very much needed to assist in these legal fees and continued awareness and pressing of the case. Assistance via the said methods for ongoing maintenance of the Hope for Hillsborough group that has led me to the European Courts is desperately needed.

You have all been so kind in your emails of support and once again contact addresses follow for any further details you may require.

Justice for Kevin and all 96

Hope for Hillsborough