LFC new stadium plans to be officially unveiled

Liverpool FC will today officially unveil the new plans for the new stadium to replace Anfield.

Liverpool City Council will be formally presented with the revised plans from the latest design, before the club release images to the public of what has been described by many who have seen it as a hugely impressive design.

The club’s new owners set about redesigning the new stadium within the boundaries set by the existing planning permission. The capacity can’t be increased without improved transport infrastructure, the stadium is said to have to remain within the same footprint on Stanley Park as was agreed initially, and English Heritage need to be happy that the outer look of the stadium meets their requirements. So the new stadium is designed with the flexibility in place that additional capacity can be added in the future (something the previous plans didn’t have) and good use has been made of the space allowed.

The stadium is expected to include a Kop end that is one tier and much taller than the rest of the ground, which is expected to have an extremely futuristic look to the outside. At one stage the seats for parts of the ground were planned to be in a chequered layout. Executive and corporate facilities are expected to be outstanding compared to previous plans too, and including “bunker” facilities where lifts carry the guests from their luxury meeting  rooms to their seats in view of the game.

The club website will show the pictures from around 11am this morning. See www.liverpoolfc.tv/newstadium for updates and a first chance to see officially what is going to be a very unique stadium.