Reports: Torres deal agreed

Liverpool's move to sign Fernando Torres is being reported
across the press this morning as having been successful. Reports vary as to the
amount of the fee, and as to whether or not Luis Garcia is actually included in
the deal, but all reports seem to tie in with reports in the Spanish media that
the clubs had now finally agreed a fee and that Torres would arrive on
Merseyside next week.

Luis Garcia is likely to join Atletico one way or another,
either as part of that deal or under a separate deal if reports are to be
believed. He's already said on Spanish TV this week that he'd like to go back
to Spain one day, and if he does he'd like to join Atletico.

One condition Atletico are said to have over the deal is
that Torres himself has to announce publicly that he wants to move to Anfield,
the Spanish club worried about the fallout they will get from fans if it's felt
they forced the player's hand. It still isn't clear if Liverpool have met the
release fee in the player's contract, in which case Atletico would be obliged
to allow Torres to talk to Liverpool anyway.

A player previously linked with Liverpool has had his future resolved
this morning – Darren Bent has joined Spurs. Liverpool had shown interest in
the player but were never likely to pay anything like the £17m demanded from
Charlton for the player. On the other hand Charlton had accepted an offer for
that amount from West Ham, but Bent refused to join them. Spurs have paid
£15.5m for the player, with extra conditions that could bring the total fee up
to £16.5m.

Charlton's chairman Richard Murray told the club's website: "I'd
like to place on the record my appreciation for Darren's efforts on behalf of
the club over the past two seasons.  He's
been a model professional during his time at Charlton. He has been a pleasure
to work with and has always represented the club magnificently, both at domestic
and international level."

He went on: "Realistically, it was always going to be
difficult to hang on to a player of his quality following relegation, but we
feel we have negotiated the best deal possible for the club and, after a
payment to Ipswich, it's a sum of money that will cushion the effects of
relegation for the club."

The Charlton website reports that the sum of money Ipswich
get is 20 percent, £2.58m.