Reds’ league fixtures announced

The league fixtures for the Premiership for 2007-2008 have been officially released this morning and Liverpool get underway with a visit to Aston Villa on August 11th. The season ends exactly nine months later on May 11th, again away, against Tottenham.

As last season, Liverpool's season will get straight into a fixture backlog with the planned first home game of the season against West Ham set to be postponed to allow Liverpool to play their Champions League qualifying games. This means Liverpool's first home game will be against Chelsea, on August 18th. The corresponding fixture is on February 9th.

Other fixtures to look for are of course the two derby games, and this season they will on October 20th for the Goodison derby and 29th March for the home derby. The other "derby" is the North West one, against Manchester United, and we play them at Anfield on December 15th and at Old Trafford on March 22nd. Of course those two games, like many others, will be moved to allow for TV coverage.

Christmas fixtures see Liverpool fans having to travel the relatively short distance to Derby on Boxing Day, and just down the road to Manchester City on December 29th. New Year's Day sees Wigan travel the short distance to Anfield.

Our fixtures are below, you can also see the full list for all clubs at, where any changes for TV coverage or otherwise will be announced.

Liverpool league fixtures 2007-08

The Premier League do not agree to having their fixtures published by small websites, instead insisting that they are in fact only to be shown by the larger organisations, like the BBC and Sky, for example.

Although I am sure the Premier League stand to gain more from our publishing the fixtures than we will, we'll adhere to their request and remove the fixtures from the site anyway. It seems such an odd rule to have, can you imagine a rock artist banning all mention of his tour dates, just in case they sold some tickets? They even got a free "plug" above to their own site.

I also believe I read some time last year that football fixtures are not actually legally able to be restricted in this way. If anybody reading this has information on this please let me know.

Here's what the Premier League's legal people have to say on the issue:

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We write on behalf of the
Football Data Co Limited which is the appointed licensee of the FA
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the Scottish Football League ("the Leagues") in respect of the
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including those in the fixture lists for this season August 2007 – May
2008 ("the Fixture Lists"), for use by third parties.

We have noticed that your website
is displaying Football Fixtures. In order to display the Fixture Lists
you must obtain the necessary licence from the Press Association.

wish to make you aware that we have a good faith belief that your
present use is an infringement of the Leagues' legal rights and that
all such unauthorised use must cease immediately. Please confirm by
return your agreement to this and give your undertaking to cease all
such infringements on any and all of your web sites. Pending your
response the Leagues' rights are fully reserved.

The Leagues
have appointed the Press Association as their official agent for the
licensing and distribution of the Fixtures List. If you have
inadvertently infringed our clients' copyright please take immediate
steps to contact the Press Association (Email
to obtain the appropriate licence. Please confirm to us by e-mail that
you are now seeking an appropriate licence. Because of the time
sensitive nature of the Fixture Lists you are required to remove them
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We thank you for your cooperation.

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