Emails put Rafa’s mind at rest for now.

Reds manager Rafael Benitez says that he has now had the chance to speak to the new owners of the club after his public request that they let him know what they've got planned for the future for Liverpool FC. It was done by email.

He said in a press conference earlier this week: "I couldn’t have more support than I’ve had here, but now we have new people taking over and it’s important I talk to the American owners. I have spoken to them once, when they first came to the club, but now I would like to see them again as soon as possible and talk about the future. As I’ve said before, I don’t just want to talk about money to spend on players, I would like to hear about the plans which will improve the club."

The new owners saw this and, so it seems, acted quickly to reassure Rafa. He told the Liverpool Echo today: "I’ve been in contact with the new owners by e-mail over the last two days and they answered very quickly. I know they will be here for the Arsenal game. I will not meet them face to face before then, but we are in contact and we can progress from this. This is important because we need to know the situation so we can continue our plans for the future."

As the last top-flight club to actually get an official website, Liverpool have certainly never been first to embrace the internet, but it's reassuring that Rafa now has this method of keeping in touch with the owners, a useful tool considering the time-differences involved.