Last chance to help make Bob “Sir”

Today sees the closing date for the petition to award English football's most successful manager a posthumous Knighthood.

Bob Paisley won three of Liverpool's five European Cups, as well as six league titles. Not a bad return from his nine years in charge of English football's most successful clubs. He built on what Bill Shankly did and brought us even more success than we could have dreamed of.

When this site first mentioned the petition the number of signatories stood at just over 900. At the time of writing today there are just short of 41,000 names on the list!

If you've not already signed then I urge you to do so today. Aides to the Prime Minister Tony Blair have hinted previously that he will take these demonstrations of mass support for a cause seriously, and although Knighthoods have never been awarded posthumously before this has a good chance of being the first time for it to happen.

The Reds current vice-captain, defender Jamie Carragher, is the type of player Bob Paisley would have been proud of, and he is one of those backing the campaign: "I was never fortunate enough to play under Bob Paisley, but everyone at Anfield knows what a great manager and a great man he was. You only have to look at his record as a manager to realise that he was up there with the best – three European Cups speaks for itself."

Even Mark Lawrenson took sime time out from his work as a pundit to add his approval to the appeal: "I think it would be fantastic – he was a brilliant manager," said the former Reds defender. "Everyone in the team I played for – the Sounesses, Hansens, Dalglishes and Rushes of this world – would be absolutely delighted if this comes about."

Visit to sign the petition. Today!