Premier League still stalling on Javier move

There is still no indication from the FA Premier League about how long they'll take to mull over Liverpool's loan signing of Javier Mascherano before giving him permission to play for the club. There's also little indication about what their concerns actually are.

They released a statement last night confirming they had received all the paperwork from the clubs involved in good time. It read: "The Premier League can confirm that, in accordance with its rules, Javier Mascherano’s registration documents were received from Liverpool FC prior to the transfer window closing. While Liverpool have met the required deadline the Premier League Board, consistent with its powers in this matter, has decided to take time to satisfy itself with the proposed arrangements before the registration can be effected and the player permitted to play for Liverpool FC. The board will consider the terms of the registration as quickly as possible and notify the parties involved of its decision accordingly."

Earlier in the day FIFA had confirmed the news they had given to Liverpool on Tuesday, that they would allow Mascherano's loan move to go ahead. One reason being speculated about for the Premier League's delay is that the player's ownership isn't clear, and so some other ruling – a Premier League one – might kick in and prevent the player from appearing for the club.

Mascherano himself was delighted earlier in the day when he thought the deal was just a formality. He spoke after hearing FIFA's decision: "The club has done a lot for making this easier, they did a great presentation and that's why now I am allowed to play for Liverpool. I went through a very bad moment but now Liverpool has appeared and I want to do my work as best as possible for showing that I still have the same ambitions as when I arrived in England. Rafa Benítez gave me a lot of confidence since the first moment that I spoke with him."
Mascherano said that the call from Liverpool was totally unexpected: "Personally I even got very surprised with the chance of being transferred to Liverpool considering that I haven't been playing since December 3rd at West Ham. Now a new page starts in my career and I want to again be the player that I was some time ago and fight for a place at Liverpool. I want to give my best to this team that has done such a big effort to have me in the squad. In addition to that I want to work very hard for Liverpool and for myself win a place again in the Argentinian national team."