LFC mention DIC deal collapse – briefly and belatedly.

Almost three hours after the news broke that DIC had pulled out of their planned move to take over Liverpool FC, the club finally made an announcement on the issue. Not much of one though. It simply read: "Liverpool Football Club has noted today's announcement by Dubai International Capital. The process of seeking new owners for the club is still underway and a decision on the future will be taken in the next few days."

Of course the only decision now, short of going cap in hand to the Dubai group, is to either accept whatever offer Gillett has made, or scrap the plans for the new stadium and for the club to stay as it is.

Meanwhile the chief stirrer of trouble in the whole investment saga has been having his say. Mihir Bose is now the BBC sports editor after leaving his job at the Telegraph. He's written many articles about the investment hopes of the club, most of which turned out to be ill-informed. His last article in his newspaper job was one where he sensationalised the contents of a so-called "confidential" document outlining DIC's preliminary plans over the proposed takeover. Speaking to Five Live, Bose all of a sudden seemed to have the ear of the Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed. He said: "Mohammed is a very angry man and that is why he has pulled out. He was given assurances by Liverpool that they would go with them but the talk of other offers has unsettled him and he has pulled out. DIC saw this as business enterprise but Gillett has told Liverpool that they are a sports franchise and they know how to run sports operations. With Gillett it won't be like an Roman Abramovich deep pockets scenario."

Bose, author of Manchester United books, has far too much to say on this issue. After having a go at the DIC deal, implying Liverpool were making a mistake to enter into it, he now seems to suggest the mistake is Liverpool not entering into it.

At least Bose speaks about it though. Liverpool need to explain in a lot more detail just what has gone on.